Luxury gifts

Last Updated August 2020

No one wants to spend their money on a gift just for it to turn out to be junk. But there are also people out there who won’t settle for anything less than the absolute best.

If cost is no consideration, these are the gifts you should consider. They’re at the absolute top-of-the-line and will satisfy even the toughest to please.

For the person who just wants socks

$295 on Saks Fifth Avenue

The well-dressed man on your list will need some handsome socks to complete his wardrobe. These Italian-made cotton socks sport an array of handsome patterns, and the 12 pairs come nicely packaged in a gift-worthy box with individual compartments to keep them nicely organized.

For the top-notch home chef

The Vitamix is the best blender on the market, hands down. Gift this top-of-the-line appliance to the home chef in your life — not only is it a powerful blender with a large capacity, but it can also heat soup, grind nuts and coffee, and knead dough. The Vitamix can do many things, and it does all of them well. This is likely to become the recipient’s most-used kitchen device.

For the person who's always baking

Anyone who loves to bake should own a KitchenAid mixer. Though it’s a not-so-insignificant investment, this is a versatile and attractive appliance that any home baker will cherish for years to come. This effective device will increase efficiency and will also produce better baked goods; plus, the recipient is likely to bake you something delicious as a thank-you for the generous gift. 

For the audiophile

$399 at Amazon

The Sonos Move provides unbeatable sound in a portable speaker for the music-lover in your life. Amazon’s Alexa is built-in, so you can use voice control when at home on WiFi; when on the go, it can stream via Bluetooth. Not only does this small, waterproof speaker have an impressive soundscape, but it can also tune to the acoustics of whatever space it’s in. A great gift for those who like to listen at home, at a tailgate, at the pool, or anywhere else.

For the Netflix binge watcher

$6,997.99 at Amazon

If you’re buying a gift for someone who loves to host movie nights, who throws sports viewing parties, or who likes to binge series on Netflix and simply enjoys an immersive viewing experience, consider going over the top with an 8K Ultra HD Smart TV. This flatscreen offers the best screen resolution currently available, and it’s engineered for clarity in any lighting during any scene. 

For the person who loves to capture the moment

Any advanced photographer, whether amateur or professional, would appreciate this DSLR camera with its exceptional image quality and impressive feature set. It captures stills and 4K video with clarity, its wide ISO range allows for stunning low-light photography, and the continuous shooting capability allows the user to track a moving subject with detailed photographs. 

For the person with an impeccable skincare routine

$180 at Violet Grey

Those on your list who prioritize self-care will love this luxurious, moisturizing cream — especially if it’s something they might not invest in for themselves but that they’re sure to incorporate into their skincare routine. This nutrient-rich lotion promises to leave skin vibrant, glowing, and ageless.

For the person with perfectly styled hair

For the person who never seems to have a hair out of place, the Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler will streamline their morning routine. The Coanda air styling tool can curl, wave, smooth, and dry hair with no heat — so it’s not only convenient, but it also promotes hair’s long term health. No matter their hair type or how they style it, anyone on your list with a perfectly styled ’do will appreciate the drying and styling capacity of this compact tool.