Is it worth it? Sous vides (VIDEO)

Last Updated October 2019
Is it worth it? Sous vides (VIDEO)

A sous vide is a pricy kitchen gadget that allows you to heat water with an incredible amount of control. While most sous vide recipes will take a long time to cook, these devices are easy to use and allow you to mix the flavors of several ingredients.

Unlike boiling a pot of water, using a sous vide allows you to keep all of the water in a container at one temperature.

Ingredients are placed in a plastic bag, along with any spices or flavors.

We tested out the ChefSteps Joule sous vide and made steak and eggs benedict. This model requires the use of an app, which may frustrate some users. However,  we found the app easy to use and appreciated that it allowed for temperature adjustments down to the decimal point.

Sous vides are versatile and easy to use, and they allow you to easily add flavor to whatever dish you are making.

We think the ChefSteps Joule is worth its advanced features at the price of $199. However, there are less expensive sous vides that may be better suited to beginners.


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