The hottest toys of 2019 that will be at the top of your child’s holiday wish list

Last Updated August 2020

Every year, there are a few “it” toys that kids hope to receive, but if you wait until everyone else is shopping, the toys topping your kid’s wish list may be long gone. Here are some of our predicted hot toys this year. 

An animated baby elephant that delights

Juno’s personality evolves the longer you play with her. She’s shy and reserved out of the box, but she’ll warm up to your child before you know it. Adopt your own Juno My Baby Elephant for $77.00 on Amazon.

Baby Shark is still hip

Baby Shark’s littlest fans will be thrilled to see his reactions when they call out his name, and for only $29.22 on Amazon, we suggest getting a dancing shark for the holidays while you still can!

The coolest hatching toy we've seen

The only thing cooler than having a pet dragon pal that eats, plays interactive games, and launches plasma bursts from its mouth, is personally hatching your scaly best friend from his egg. Get one for $59.68 on Amazon.

Time for a new favorite doll?

$12.88 at Amazon

With 36 personality-packed dolls to collect, each rocking 10 cool accessories like stickers, shoes, and a few special surprises, there’s a Hairdorables doll to fit everyone’s personality. Whether you’re hoping to unbox animal lover Kat, globetrotting Skylar, baking queen Dee Dee, or one of the many other colorful cuties available, you can pick up a random Hairdorables doll from Amazon for just $12.88.

Something to get excited about

The rules are simple: two drones enter the sky, and one drone leaves — battle drones! This set includes a pair of drones that are ultra-simple to control and customize, and the first drone to take four direct infrared laser blasts will slowly sink back to earth while the winner takes a moment to show off by performing a few victory barrel rolls. Start blasting your family and friends out of the atmosphere by getting a pair of red and blue battle drones for $59.99 from Amazon. Prime members can apply a coupon at checkout for an additional $5 savings.

Works inside and outside

The coolest driving toys of 2019 aren’t content with racing across your floors, because the walls and ceiling are fair game for the Zero Gravity Laser. Simply set your car against any flat surface and point its companion LED light controller within a foot of its front bumper to watch the car defy gravity to catch up to the red beam of light. With its incredibly simple controls and how simple it is to set up the car, this a fantastic gift for kids who are fascinated with RC toys. Whether you prefer blue or red, you can get your own Zero Gravity Laser race cars for $29.88 on Amazon.

Colorful and cute

$19.99 at Amazon

This cute and colorful lemur-like creature sports a long and super-fluffy tail that lights up, plays games, keeps the beat to your favorite music, and expresses itself with more than 100 special reactions that you’ll discover as you bond with your Lil’ Gleemerz. It’s easy to find one that matches your favorite color, but we’re especially fond of Rainbeam, the kaleidoscopic styled Amazon-exclusive Lil’ Gleemerz. You can start your own adventures with Rainbeam for $19.99.

Collect them all

If you thought that Achurro the fuzzy round llama was sweet at a glance, give it a sniff — this pastel colored pal smells just like a custard doughnut! DoughMis are big, ultra-cuddly, and come bundled with up to three bonus surprises like stickers and erasers to keep collectors on their toes. You can unbox a sugary scented llama or one of its just as squishy friends from Amazon for $9.74 to $19.44, depending on which one you choose.

(Slightly) edgy fun

From Monopoly to Operation, Hasbro is known for producing some of the most iconic family games of all time, which is why it’s so refreshing to see a brand new game with a big sense of humor — it’s about trying not to step in a pile of rainbow unicorn dung. Whether or not someone gets vibrantly colored Play-Doh “poop” between their toes, everyone will have a great time watching blindfolded players take each cautious step across the play mat. You can be a party pooper, too, by grabbing the Unicorn Edition of Don’t Step In It! at Amazon for $19.99.

Just add water ...

$9.88 at Amazon

If you’re on the hunt for a truly unique doll this holiday season, it’s hard to beat the appeal of watering Blume’s plastic flower pot to watch her tall, brightly colored, and squishy hair bloom up from her container moments later. With an array of included accessories in each mini playset, swappable clothes, and 22 Blume Dolls to discover, these surprisingly innovative dolls are available at Amazon for only $9.88 each.

For kids who love to build

If LEGO building sets aren’t challenging enough for the especially bright young bulb in your life, it’s time to put their construction skills to the test with a Tumbling Hedgehog. With 172 pieces to assemble and a crash course on sound sensors, LEDs, and motors, this prickly critter will be a treat to put together for young gearheads. Once it’s assembled, the Tumbling Hedgehog absolutely lives up to its name by rolling into a ball and performing several kinds of flips on command. These darling tricks a sweet reward for perfectly putting together the little robot. You can find your own Tumbling Hedgehog for $35.95 at Amazon.

Unwrap a mystery

$9.97 at Amazon

Affordable, adorable, and a surprise in each tube, Cutetitos are a fantastic stocking stuffer. A Cutetito consists of a soft tortilla-like blanket with an endearing animal buddy inside. With 12 to unwrap in each series, kids will enjoy finding out if they’re the proud owner of a mild koalito, hot catito, or super spicy parrotito. You can buy a single serving of Cutetito for $9.97 at Amazon.

Let's go shopping

$19.99 at Amazon

These lovable little food-themed cuties are big with kids, and while we love randomly packed blind box toys, sometimes it’s nice to know exactly what you’re going to get. This playset of Shopkins Real Littles includes the bright-eyed and bubbly Chrissy Puffs doll, two foodie friends, Cindy Cereal and O.J. Kay, and Chrissy's sparkly pink shopping cart for toting around more of your Shopkins collection. You can find this breakfast-themed Shopkins set for $19.99 at Amazon.

Learning to fly

Owleez really pours on the charm, because the moment it sits in your hands, you’ll begin an exciting challenge to teach your birdy buddy how to fly. Every comforting interaction, from being fed to caring head pats, gets your Owleez one step closer to spreading its wings and taking flight around your home. Between its mood-changing eyes, recharging nest accessory, and more than 100 unique sounds and actions, there’s so much to appreciate about these durable little cuties. You can adopt your own white or pink Owleez from Amazon for $48.82.

A new twist on a classic surprise

No matter which mystery puppy and kitten is inside, it’s great to watch excited kids decide whether they’re going to groom their fur into a special style, brush it all off, or keep their new pet extra-fuzzy. There are many fur-covered pets to discover, and there are seven accessories in each shampoo bottle shaped playset, including a mini-bottle, hat, and other pieces for extra dress-up fun. See which furry cat or dog you’ll find a L.O.L. Surprise! Bottle for $12.99 at Amazon.

Be a unicorn veterinarian

Oh, dear... poor Rainglow isn’t feeling too well, but young doctors will enjoy making her all better by treating her with a magic bandage, thermometer, and special dream cream until she’s up on her hooves once again. Rainglow’s light-up horn, expressive face, and perky “healthy mode” make taking care of her a bunch of fun, no matter how many times she gets under the weather. You can give little vets their own Rainglow patient for just $59.99 at Amazon.

Lifelike-swimming Barbie

Between her sparkling light-up tail, realistic swimming motion, and glimmering holographic fins, Barbie Sparkle Lights Mermaid is fun both in and out of the water. This pink-haired beauty is ready to make bath time and trips to the pool extra-magical, and you can pick her up for $19.99 at Amazon.

Perfect for babies

It’s best to introduce babies to the alphabet as soon as possible, and this bright-orange otter goes a long way to help make learning letters and new words entertaining. Whether they’re pressing each letter button to learn their first words, or spinning the toy’s roller ball to activate catchy songs and phrases, toddlers will stay glued to the A to Z Otter for hours on end. You can get your own educational otter for $19.99 at Amazon, and if it’s a hit with your child, there are four other Linkimals in the series that sing, talk, and interact with each other to help keep playtime exciting.

For the LEGO lover

Kids trust LEGO to provide premium building toys that will actively test their creativity, but this new line of LEGO Hidden Side toy sets will push any child’s imagination to the max. Take this Wrecked Shrimp Boat for instance: the break-away ship, creepy rock formations, and hungry crocodile are spooky enough, but when viewed through its companion app, the scene comes alive with augmented reality (AR) ghosts and ghouls to keep kids engaged with their LEGOs for even longer. You can set off for your own ghostly voyage for $29.99 via Amazon.

Artistic kids will love this

Crayola’s latest and greatest art set makes it easy to create colorful sprinkle art with minimal mess. Simply trace over your favorite coloring book pages with some glue, close the shaker, and you’ll decorate your artwork with each shake. The best part? Just tilt the shaker to pour all of the unused sprinkles back into its container before switching colors, and you’ve got the cleanest glue-and-sprinkles based craft gift on the planet! Get creative with your own Crayola Sprinkle Art Shaker for $19.99, alongside some unicorn pictures and additional sprinkle colors for as low as $3.99 at Amazon.

The cutest Lion King toy out there

If you thought that your kids enjoyed The Lion King in the theater earlier this year, just wait until they get to play with Simba himself. Little Simba features more than 100 motion and sound combinations, so whether he’s being fed grubs on a stick, participating in a silly roaring contest, or saying lines direct from the movie like “Hakuna Matata,” children can always look forward to a new reaction from their lion buddy. You can bring home a little bit of movie magic with Mighty Roar Simba this holiday season for $99.99 at Amazon.

May the force be with you

Hasbro launched its super shiny series of premium Star Wars figures with an excellent choice for the all-new Carbonized Collection, as the Sith Trooper’s intimidating cherry-red armor translated perfectly from the big screen. You can pick up this highly articulated Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker villain toy while it’s still available for $24.99 at Amazon.