Where do HBS grads move to after graduating?
196 - 245
146 - 195
96 - 145
46 - 95
0 - 45
The above data is as of three months post graduation, based on a graduating class of 913 students. The numbers are self-reported by students, and the percentages are rounded to the nearest whole number so the totals may not equal 100%.

The HBS graduating class of 2014 consists of 913 students. HBS received 8,963 applications for the class, with an acceptance rate of 13% and a yield rate of 89%. The median GMAT score for the incoming class was a 730 out of a possible 800, with a range for 550 to 780. Altogether, the class represents 60 different countries and 138 different undergraduate institutions. Approximately 40% of the class is made of up women, and 34% of the class is international.

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HBS consistently tops the rankings of the top business schools in the world. While primarily recognized for its focus on general management, strategy, and finance, the school has recently shifted its curriculum to emphasize entrepreneurial management. The school is famous for pioneering the "case method," a style of teaching based on the Socratic method where students learn by presenting their own interpretations of a case to the rest of the class instead of through a lecture format.