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November 29, 2022

100 gifts fandom fanatics are putting on their list this year

If you're buying for someone who's into a particular fandom, you can't go wrong buying them a gift from their favorite show, video game, or movie franchise. The question is, which fandom gifts are worth buying? 


We've researched to find a selection of 100+ gifts from fandoms such as Naruto, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Minecraft, and Game of Thrones. We've separated them into sections so you can easily navigate to the relevant ones to find the perfect gift for the fan in your life. 


In this article: Funko Pop Town: Dumbledore with Hogwarts, Game of Thrones Music Box, and LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Harry Potter gifts

Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

The pieces might not move on their own and take each other out in dramatic ways, but this wizard chess set is an officially licensed Harry Potter game and looks gorgeous. It's perfect for Harry Potter fans who also play chess or want to learn.

Sold by Amazon

Funko Pop Town: Dumbledore with Hogwarts 22% OFF

This set not only contains a Funko Pop Dumbledore figure but also comes with a replica of the Hogwarts castle. It's beautifully made with excellent attention to detail. It's perfect for people who already collect Funko Pop toys or could become the start of a collection. Sold by Amazon

Other top Harry Potter gifts

Disney gifts 

Ravensburger Disney Villainous 50% OFF

Perfect for fans of Disney and board games, this strategy game lets people play as one of six villains, each with their own sinister goals. It's suitable for ages 10 and up and can be played by two to four people.

Sold by Amazon

Disney Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker 28% OFF

This adorable waffle maker crafts waffles in the shape of Mickey Mouse's face — plus there's a Minnie Mouse version. It cooks waffles evenly and effectively, with a nonstick plate so they slide right out when they're done. Sold by Amazon

Other top Disney gifts 

Pokemon gifts

Pokemon Scarlet 

Pokemon Scarlet is one of the latest pairs of Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch, along with Pokemon Violet. Players journey through the Paldea Region as a Pokemon trainer, catching wild Pokemon, leveling them up, and battling them.

Sold by Amazon

Pokemon Plush Starter Three-Pack

This set of three plush Pokemon toys features the original first-generation starters: Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. Each one measures 8 inches tall and is extremely soft and squishy. They're officially licensed and suitable for kids aged 2 and over, as well as Pokemon-loving adults.

Sold by Amazon

Other top Pokemon gifts 

Animal Crossing gifts

YuDanae Plush Bell Bag

Animal Crossing fans are well-acquainted with these bags that hold bells — the currency of the Animal Crossing world. This soft plush bag is not only cute but versatile, working as a makeup bag, washbag, or simply for general storage or display.

Sold by Amazon

Animal Crossing Sorry I Can't I Have To Water My Flowers T-shirt

Anyone who has ever bailed on a social event to play Animal Crossing is sure to get a kick out of this T-shirt. It comes in youth, men's, and women's sizes, including plus sizes. Sold by Amazon

Other top Animal Crossing gifts 

BTS gifts 

LALC K-Pop Bangtan Boys Insulated Tumbler 23% OFF

Any BTS fan would be happy to receive this insulated tumbler that keeps drinks cool for up to 12 hours and hot for up to 8 hours. It comes in black, purple, and white versions.

Sold by Amazon

Memelight BTS “I Purple You” Night Light 

While it might not make sense to the uninitiated, "I purple you" is a well-known phrase for BTS fans, coined by V during a fan club event. This light makes a cool piece of bedroom decor and doubles as a night light.

Sold by Amazon

Other top BTS gifts 

  • Seven members of the popular K-pop group feature on these BTS socks.
  • This BTS gift package contains a whole host of BTS merch. 23% OFF
  • BTS Uno is a special edition of this fun, fast-paced card game.

SpongeBob SquarePants gifts

SpongeBob SquarePants Got a Problem T-shirt

This is the perfect T-shirt for adults and teenagers who still watch SpongeBob and aren't afraid to say so. It comes in a wide range of sizes and five colors: heather gray, baby blue, kelly green, orange, and lemon.

Sold by Amazon

Aquarius SpongeBob SquarePants Puzzle

If you're buying for someone who loves puzzles, this 1,000-piece jigsaw is an ideal gift. It's glare-free and the pieces fit precisely, so it looks great when it's done, so it's a great jigsaw puzzle to display. Sold by Amazon

Other top SpongeBob SquarePants gifts

Game of Thrones gifts 

Game of Thrones Sculpted Dragon Egg Candles

These three candles have the look and feel of the petrified dragon eggs owned by Daenerys Targaryen. Carefully painted and highly detailed, these candles look great on a shelf alongside other Game of Thrones collectibles.

Sold by Amazon

Game of Thrones Music Box

Crank the handle on this charming wooden music box and it plays the Game of Thrones theme song. Intricate carvings decorate the outside of the box with iconography from the show.

Sold by Amazon

Other top Game of Thrones gifts 

Star Trek gifts

Star Trek 3D Lamp

This lamp creates an optical illusion that makes it appear as though a schematic for the Starship Enterprise is defying gravity. Its LED lighting can be one of seven colors and is powered by three AA batteries or a USB cable.

Sold by Amazon

Star Trek Bluetooth Speaker 13% OFF

This detailed replica of the Enterprise as it appeared in Star Trek: The Next Generation features LED lights, sounds from the show, and a Bluetooth speaker. At 12 inches in length, it makes for a fantastic and functional display piece.

Sold by Amazon

Other top Star Trek gifts

Lord of the Rings gifts

Lord of the Rings Chess Set

With 32 sculpted pieces and a board themed after the imagery from the franchise, this chess set is a must for any Lord of the Rings fan who enjoys strategy games. Two bags to keep the pieces organized are included.

Sold by Amazon

Lord of the Rings Film Cell

Presented in a frame with a mini movie poster and certification number, this piece includes an actual film cell from The Fellowship of the Ring. Each one features a still from a scene carefully chosen to do the film justice.

Sold by Amazon

Other top Lord of the Rings gifts

Friends gifts

Friends Socks

From iconic quotes to the cast’s favorite coffee shop hangout’s logo, these Friends socks are great for any fan of the classic NBC series. With six pairs in a package, there are nearly enough socks included for an entire week.

Sold by Amazon

Friends Trivial Pursuit 36% OFF

Put their knowledge of the show to the test with this Friends-themed Trivial Pursuit game. It includes 600 questions related to the show and it all fits into a small, wedge-shaped container for games on the go.

Sold by Amazon

Other top Friends gifts

  • Your favorite Friends fanatic can take comfort viewing to a whole new level with this Friends hoodie featuring an illustration of the cast.
  • While they may not have an apartment as trendy as the ones on the show, they can bring a little of Rachel and Monica’s energy into the room with this pack of two kitchen towels featuring the Central Perk logo and theme song lyrics. 25% OFF

Naruto gifts 

Naruto Hoodie

Your favorite anime fan can stay warm and look great doing it with this hoodie that looks just like the uniforms worn in Naruto. With a front zipper, generous pockets, and colors accurate to the show, this hoodie is also great for cosplay.

Sold by Amazon

Naruto Ramen Bowl 25% OFF

Aspiring warriors can fill this ramen bowl with their favorite soup or rice dish and slurp away in style. It comes with a pair of wood chopsticks that can be neatly tucked into a hole in the bowl’s lip for storage, presentation, or display.

Sold by Amazon

Other top Naruto gifts 

Stranger Things gifts 

Stranger Things blanket 11% OFF

Hawkins residents can keep warm while binge-watching their favorite retro series with this plush blanket. Stranger Things fans will instantly recognize Joyce Beyers’ Christmas lights and alphabet wall.

Sold by Amazon

Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down 30%OFF

From the lifecycle of a demogorgon to the main cast’s stats and attributes, this book is chock full of behind-the-scenes information about the show’s characters, creatures, and locations. It's also thoughtfully presented in a well-worn cover that makes it appear as though it was checked out of the Hawkins library.

Sold by Amazon

Other top Stranger Things gifts 

My Hero Academia gifts 

My Hero Academia Monopoly

Featuring characters, items, iconography, and scenarios from the series, this twist on the classic Monopoly game gets anime fans in on the fun. It includes six sculpted game pieces and can be played with two to six players.

Sold by Amazon

My Hero Academia wallet

This faux leather wallet is adorned with characters from the show and features pockets for credit cards, cash, and a cellphone. A snap closure keeps everything inside safe and secure.

Sold by Amazon

Other top My Hero Academia gifts

Star Wars gifts

Bandai Hobby Star Wars X-Wing Fighter

This faithful recreation of the iconic X-wing fighter will delight any fans of the original Star Wars trilogy. The cockpit and foils move, and it even comes with parts of the trench run from Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope to relive the exciting finale.

Sold by Amazon

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 6% OFF

LEGO offers a few different versions of the unforgettable ship first seen piloted by Han Solo. This model is more modest in scope than others, catering to kids ages 9 and up with 1,300 pieces and five minifigs inspired by the original trilogy.

Sold by Amazon

Funko Pop Star Wars Luke Training with Yoda

There are countless Star Wars-themed Funko collectible toys, but this is among the more memorable, taking inspiration from a powerful scene in Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back. It depicts a weary and frustrated Luke Skywalker carrying Jedi master Yoda through the marsh of Dagobah.

Sold by Amazon

Other top Star Wars gifts

  • This Star Wars Encyclopedia chronicles the history during the Age of Republic and Age of Rebellion. 52% OFF
  • This detailed and stunning Darth Vader Statue in a menacing posture looks excellent on any shelf.
  • Children five and up will have a blast playing with the adorable remote control D-O droid from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. 58% OFF
  • Serious fans will love these stylish lightsaber rings to wield on their fingers.

Marvel gifts

Funko Pop Avengers: Endgame Iron Man

Capture one of the most powerful scenes in the entire MCU Infinity Saga with this Iron Man Funko toy. It depicts a bloodied Tony Stark wielding the Infinity Stones in his nano gauntlet moments before a triumphant and fateful snap. 

Sold by Amazon

Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power 44% OFF

This popular board games series puts you in control of some of pop culture’s greatest foes. In this Marvel edition, fans can play as Thanos, Hela, Killmonger, Taskmaster, or Ultron, each with their own unique story and powers.

Sold by Amazon

Marvel Comics Oversized Fleece Throw 17% OFF

While this blanket may be a bit busy for some, anyone who loves Marvel will surely enjoy the detail of the many comic book covers that make up this cozy throw. It’s also practical: the throw is 54 inches by 72 inches in size and easy to wash in the machine.

Sold by Amazon

Other top Marvel gifts

  • This fun Marvel-themed chess set features heroes on one side and villains on the other.
  • This comprehensive Marvel encyclopedia details over 1,000 characters for the diehard fan. 50% OFF
  • This to-go shaker bottle sports images of their favorite superhero, such as Spider-Man and Iron Man. 6% OFF
  • This Funko strategy game features adorable collectible toys, including Black Panther.
  • Young Marvel fans will enjoy this fast-paced card game. 20% OFF

Fortnite gifts

Fortnite Monopoly 5% OFF

Fortnite takes over the popular game in this version that is geared toward younger players with a smaller board and some fun twists.

Sold by Amazon

NERF Fortnite SR Blaster 18% OFF

Inspired by the blaster used in the video game, this NERF replica includes a detachable scope and eight darts to take out your opponents. Instead of tokens, there are 27 character cards.

Sold by Amazon

Other top Fortnite gifts

  • This set of 12 action figures inspired by the game includes stamps to collect. 
  • They’ll have fun with this remote control Baller vehicle with agility mobility. 15% OFF
  • This colorful and cozy llama throw blanket is sure to delight. 

Minecraft gifts

Minecraft Toys Transforming Sword 27% OFF

A large, inventive version of the important pixelated item in the game, this Minecraft toy doubles as both a pickaxe and a sword. A quick and easy motion switches shapes, allowing younger builders the tools to work and play.

Sold by Amazon

LEGO Minecraft The Pig House 19% OFF

Those who like to build in the virtual world can do so in the real one with this Minecraft-inspired LEGO set. This smaller set is ideal for young fans and includes Alex, two pigs, and, of course, a creeper. This interactive set opens, closes, and collapses at the push of a button.

Sold by Amazon

Other top Minecraft gifts

Batman gifts

Northwest Comfy Throw Blanket with Sleeves 11% OFF

For those who might enjoy looking like Batman and feeling cozy at the same time, check out this clever and cozy blanket. It boasts the iconic original outfit and long, wide sleeves for ultimate relaxation.

Sold by Amazon

Funko Pop Batman (1989)

Celebrating the beloved Tim Burton cinematic imagining of the caped crusader, this collectible Batman toy features the memorable suit worn by Michael Keaton in the 1989 film. 

Sold by Amazon

Other top Batman gifts

  • This detailed, die-cast Bat-Signal is perfect for serious Batman fans. 20% OFF
  • This cocktail book showcases the best drinks from Gotham City. 18% OFF
  • This clever, Batman-styled keychain will make them feel like they have the keys to the Batmobile. 38% OFF

Supernatural gifts

CE Craft-Scented Candle

This gift for the Supernatural fan blends both humor and practicality. With a clever allusion to the show on the jar, the candle is made of clean-burning and sustainable soy, offering a refreshing aroma of bergamot, mahogany, and musk.

Sold by Amazon

John Winchester’s Journal Replica 5% OFF

For the dedicated fan, this replica journal provides pages of detailed notes for the serious Supernatural follower to pour over. This officially licensed journal includes 40 empty-lined pages to take on adventures and record thoughts and observations.

Sold by Amazon

Other top Supernatural gifts

  • This Dean collectible toy in Funko form is a must-have for any fan. 
  • A five-pack of funny socks to keep their feet cozy. 

Rick and Morty gifts

Funko Rick and Morty Pickle

Of the many outlandish characters to ever grace the show, one that stands out is surely Pickle Rick. Capture all the madness from that episode with this action figure that includes removable pieces to wreak havoc on all who stand in the way.

Sold by Amazon

Hot Sauce Challenge Set

For dedicated and daring fans of the show comes this set of six hot sauces to use judiciously. Each bottle comes with a different character on the front: Morty graces the mildest sauce, naturally, while Mr. Meseeks looks scared and confused on the jalapeno sauce.

Sold by Amazon

Other top Rick and Morty gifts

  • This character-driven cooperative card game is sure to be a hit. 18% OFF
  • These amusing Rick and Morty slides are perfect for lounging around. 

Contributing authors: Lauren Corona, Derek Walborn, and Anthony Marcusa 

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