Best gifts for your significant other

Last Updated July 2020

Show your other half just how much they mean to you this holiday season with a gift that they will not only be thrilled to open, but will find surprisingly useful throughout the coming year.

Give them a trendy brand

Not quite sure what to get for the special woman in your life? The gold-tone cuff of the bracelet in this set matches the hardware on the watch for a pull-together look, designed by MVMT,  an innovative and modern watchmaker.

Say it with words

Putting your love into words can be hard, especially spoken aloud. This journal has simple prompts to address each and every way you appreciate your significant other, in big ways and the small ones they might not even be aware of.

Help them navigate

$49.99 at Amazon

Not paired up with the best driver? Stop nagging them about it and let Alexa guide them safely to their destination instead. 

Gift them aromatherapy

Having a calm environment at home is one of the best things you can provide each other. This essential oil diffuser not only looks great, but also emits a pleasant vibe throughout the space its placed in. Pair it with some essential oils, and you’ll give your partner a way to experiment with all sorts of mood-setting scents.

Embrace them in warmth

$145.00 at Nordstrom

This is the softest robe we’ve found — and we search far and wide for all things cozy. It’s a great gift to give because your S.O. likely wouldn’t spend this much on their loungewear. But they’re worth it and they will likely wear it daily.

Ease their pain

$50 to $100 at Amazon

If your sweetie doesn’t need more stuff, a gift card is a great idea — especially to a spa. Whether a facial might make them feel extra pretty or they need to take a timeout for full-body massage, anyone can find a spa treatment they will love.

Lighten their load

If they commute or are in need of a backpack for long-distance travels, this will have them carrying all their essentials in comfort and style. This bag is water-resistant so it’s good for any climate. (Because there’s nothing worse than having a soaked backpack after waiting for the bus in the rain.) It comes in a variety of styles, so you’re sure to find something that catches the eye of your significant other.

Make them breakfast

$24.99 at Dick's Sporting Goods

Love to tailgate or camp together? Does your honey love to cook for you, or do you like to whip up a hot breakfast to share? If yes, you need this in your life as much as one another.

Relive cherished memories

Sure, printed photos are old-school, but it’s so much nicer to cozy up together to reflect on your memories with a physical photo album that also looks nice on a coffee table than straining to see all the details on your Instagram feed.

Capture new favorite moments

You have the photo album? Now you need a fun camera to take snapshots of the two of you out and about, having game night with friends, your culinary creations, etc. Sure, you can use your phone camera or a fancy DSLR, but there’s something much more fun about instant cameras.

Let them shine

from $149.00 at Macy's

These classic sunglasses work for anyone, and are likely to be a daily accessory. We’ve tested them on long road trips and love how well the polarized lenses hold up against the sun’s rays. 

Custom scents to draw you closer

Did you know that fragrances smell different on each person once on their skin? This set has several subtle, clean scents that allow the wearer to layer and customize the fragrance they prefer.

A place for every timepiece

$159.00 at Sak's Fifth Avenue

If watches are your loved one’s accessory of choice but they already have a few randomly placed on their nightstand or dresser, give them a place to keep them organized and protected. We like that this doubles as a travel case that locks up for added security.