Wrap gifts like a pro

Last Updated August 2020

For many, wrapping gifts can be the most annoying part of the holidays.

Some families get downright competitive, and you don't want to be the one who doesn't do the job up to snuff.

So we've put together some suggestions on how to wrap gifts like a pro. Because, this year, the presents you give are going to be the best under the tree.

These suggestions can help you have a unique look, wrap your presents better, or help you save supplies. Basically, there's something in here for everyone.

Diagonal trick

Extend the life of your wrapping paper roll

Cut wrapping paper into a square or rectangle, then quickly wrap your box by bringing together the four corners and taping down.

Eco wrapping

A green wrapping option — and we aren’t talking about the color

Reuse things you have at home, like comic pages or brown grocery bags. Tie with butcher’s twine or any string laying around.

Pringles can

A quick fix for small baked goods

If you want to bake cookies or small cupcakes for neighbors or holiday party hosts, simply wrap a pringles can with holiday paper.

Triangle box

No box or wrapping paper required

For small items, use thick paper or cardstock to create a pyramid shape that will contain the gift. Punch holes at the top to tie together.

Double-sided tape

For a clean, professional look

Create perfectly clean lines on all your wrapped gifts by using double-sided tape — this way, you can attach it to the inside of the wrap, unseen.

Ornamental decor

Jazz up your gifts (with a second gift)

Make your gift wrap memorable by attaching an ornament in lieu of a gift tag. Choose something special, memorable, or simple.

Stamp it

A perfectly personalized wrap 

Take plain or boring paper — like those brown paper bags you’re repurposing — and stamp with any pattern and ink color of your choosing.

Glitter ribbon

Don’t bother with bows

Bling your boxes by pouring glitter (or confetti, for less mess) onto double-sided tape; this adds more flair than the typical bow.

A touch of greenery

Spruce up your box

A quick way to make your gift more festive is to tie on a fresh plant sprig or pinecone — they’re abundant at this time of year.