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Updated September 2021
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OXO Muddler
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Trusted Brand
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This steel muddler is designed with all of the quality you'd expect from an OXO kitchen product.


Nonslip grip handle allows you to use more force when muddling. Nylon head is strong but gentle on glass. Long pointed teeth effectively release juices and oils from fruits and herbs. Long handle allows you to muddle comfortably in most glasses or shakers.


Traces of fruit and spices can get stuck in the deep grooves between the teeth.

Best Bang for the Buck
Barvivo Professional Drink Muddler
Professional Drink Muddler
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Efficient and Comfortable
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All the quality and efficiency of a professional bar muddler at a fraction of the cost.


Made from rust-proof stainless steel. The smooth, rounded end is comfortable to hold. The grooves between the teeth are shallow and easy to clean. This muddler is perfect for crushing fruit, but the teeth are gentle enough to ground spices and herbs for cooking. Has the look and feel of a much more expensive muddler.


When fully submerged in water, some water may leak inside of the muddler. It's easy to shake the water out.

Top Shelf Bar Supply Extra-Long Cocktail Muddler
Top Shelf Bar Supply
Extra-Long Cocktail Muddler
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Long Design
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Choose this well-made muddler if you need a model for use in tall pitchers, glasses, and other barware.


The sturdy ergonomic build provides excellent leverage. 12-inch length is ideal for use in tall glasses and pitchers. Doesn't have teeth or points on the bottom that could damage some ingredients. Can be cleaned in dishwasher.


Somewhat awkward to use in small or short glasses.

HQY Cocktail Muddler
Cocktail Muddler
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Most Stylish
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An aesthetically pleasing and compact design. The perfect choice for use in shorter glasses.


The compact 8-inch size is perfect for use in shorter glasses. The black and stainless steel design is sleek and modern. Muddler is dishwasher safe. The wide bottom with pointed teeth effectively muddles fruits with ease. Muddler feels solid without being too heavy.


Smooth stainless steel is slightly harder to grip.

Twine Old Kentucky Home Muddler
Old Kentucky Home Muddler
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Simple Yet Solid
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Don't let the simple design fool you. This wooden muddler is strong and highly effective.


Each of these handmade acacia wood muddlers has a unique, rustic look. Muddler feels heavy and durable with a smooth finish. The shape of the handle fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Comes with a quality canvas storage bag.


Muddler must be cleaned immediately after use to prevent liquid and scent from seeping into the wood.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best muddlers

If you really want to recreate the cocktails you enjoy at your favorite bar or restaurant, it all starts with having the right equipment for your home bar. You probably already have a cocktail shaker, jigger, ice tongs, and proper glasses, but if you love caipirinhas, mojitos, and Old Fashioneds, you’ll definitely need a muddler, too.

A muddler is a pestle that’s used specifically for preparing cocktails. Its long, cylindrical shape can easily reach to the bottom of a cocktail shaker or mixing glass, allowing you to crush fruit and herbs with sugar and other ingredients to help them release their juices and/or oils. For example, when you’re making a mojito, you need a muddler to crush the limes and mint leaves to get the right flavor for your cocktail.

With so many muddlers to choose from, finding the right option for your home bar can be a challenge. Our buying guide has all the information you need to choose the best muddler for your bar cart.

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If you add ice to a cocktail shaker before you muddle, you’ll wind up crushing the ice and diluting the overall flavor of your cocktail.

Key considerations


Muddlers are typically made of wood, plastic, or steel. Each material has its pros and cons, so choosing one is mostly a matter of personal preference and budget.

Wood: These muddlers are the most common and traditional options. Most resemble a mini-baseball bat and have a flat end, though you can find some that are cylindrical, like a rolling pin. Wood muddlers are incredibly durable and work efficiently to crush fruit and other cocktail ingredients. You can even use a wooden muddler to crack ice cubes.

Because wood is a porous, natural material, it can harbor stains and bacteria very easily, so it must be cleaned thoroughly after each use. Wooden muddlers aren’t dishwasher safe, so you have to take the time to hand-wash them. You must also dry a wooden muddle thoroughly, or it can crack or warp over time. Avoid varnished wooden muddlers, because the varnish coating can erode over time and leach into your cocktails.

Plastic: These muddlers are typically lower maintenance than wooden ones because you can usually clean them in the dishwasher. And they aren’t as likely to develop mold, bacteria, or stains. Plastic muddlers are more affordable than wood or stainless steel options, but they aren’t as durable. They also have a tendency to slip in your hand, especially when wet.

Stainless steel: These muddlers are also lower maintenance than wood models because most can be cleaned in the dishwasher. They also aren’t likely to develop mold, bacteria, or stains. Stainless steel muddlers are more durable than plastic models and usually work more quickly to crush ingredients. Stainless steel muddlers cost more than wooden or plastic ones.


Length: A muddler should be long enough to reach into the bottom of a cocktail shaker or mixing glass. Cocktail shakers are typically 6 to 7 inches tall, so a muddler that’s a minimum of 9.5 inches is your best bet, giving you a large enough portion of the muddler to grip when you’re crushing ingredients. If you want to muddle ingredients in shorter glasses, you can opt for one that’s around 7 or 8 inches long.

Width: For the best results, opt for a muddler with a fairly wide head, so you’re able to crush a larger amount of the ingredients and work more quickly. Muddlers with a head that’s at least 1.5 inches in diameter can help you crush all the juice and oil from fruits, herbs, and other ingredients as quickly as possible.

Weight: A muddler should have a decent amount of weight to it, so you don’t have to use as much arm or hand strength to muddle your cocktails. But you don’t want the muddler to be too heavy or your arm may get tired. Opt for one that weighs approximately 5 to 6 ounces for the best results.



You’ll get the best results if you choose a muddler with a smooth surface. If it’s rough or porous, it’s more likely to soak up the juice or oils from the fruits and herbs when you’re muddling, which can dilute the flavor of your cocktails.

Textured head

Many muddlers have a smooth head, but some have a textured head. The texture is used to crush citrus pith and herbs more effectively and extract all the juice and oil. Some users find that a muddler with a textured head makes bitter cocktails, though, because it cuts into ingredients too deeply. You may want to experiment with both types of muddlers to see which one produces cocktails with the best flavor.


It’s a good idea to choose a muddler with a distinct handle. In most cases, that usually means that the muddler body has some type of tapered shape or indentation that makes it easier to hold the muddler comfortably while you’re working. If your muddler is completely cylindrical, your hand can get tired when you use it for longer periods.

Nonslip grip: Wooden muddlers usually have a slight texture, which provides a solid grip when you’re muddling. Plastic and stainless steel muddlers tend to be fairly smooth, which means they can get slippery, especially when wet. Look for a model with a rubberized non-slip grip that keeps the muddler steady in your hand.

Storage bag

Some muddlers come with a storage bag that you can keep it in when it’s not in use. A bag can help to keep it clean and free of damage when it’s in a drawer with other kitchen tools.


Bar set: Cresimo Cocktail Bar Set
If a muddler isn’t the only bar tool you need, a bar set can be an affordable way to get a bunch of tools that make preparing cocktails easier. One of our favorites is this 12-piece, stainless steel set from Cresimo because it contains durable tools with a nice weight and even includes recipes and a stand to hold the tools against the wall to save space.

Cocktail shaker: Franmara Cocktail Shaker
A cocktail shaker is essential for making delicious cocktails at home because it allows you to mix all your muddled ingredients perfectly with your chosen spirits. We love this 24-ounce shaker because it’s large enough to make two cocktails at once and is made of high-quality 18/10 stainless steel.

Highball drinking glasses: Paksh Novelty Italian Highball Glasses
For muddled cocktails that are served in larger quantities, you’ll need a good set of highball glasses. These six 13-ounce glasses from Paksh Novelty are a favorite because of their sleek, modern design.

Muddler prices

Muddlers vary in price based on their material and size. Most models range from $4 to $35.

Inexpensive: The most affordable muddlers are usually made of plastic or varnished wood. They typically have a smooth head and don’t come with a storage bag. You can expect to pay between $4 and $15 for these.

Mid-range: These muddlers are typically made of stainless steel. They can have a smooth or textured head and may come with a storage bag. These generally cost between $7 and $30.

Expensive: The most expensive muddlers are usually made of solid, unvarnished wood. They often have a textured head and may come with a storage bag. You’ll typically pay between $9 and $35 for these.


  • Muddle in a shaker or glass. For most cocktails, you should place the ingredients that you want to muddle in the bottom of a cocktail shaker or mixing glass. However, some cocktails like an Old Fashioned or caipirinha can be muddled right in the serving glass.
  • Muddle first. Muddle ingredients in your cocktail shaker or another container before adding the ice and liquid ingredients.
  • Avoid muddling in plastic. Don’t muddle in a cocktail shaker or mixing cup with a plastic bottom because it could crack easily if you exert enough pressure.
  • Muddle correctly. Get a good grip on your muddler and rotate the handle as you press firmly down on your ingredients. It usually takes four to six rotations to muddle the ingredients fully.
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If you’re muddling different types of ingredients, start with those that require more time to muddle, such as citrus fruits and berries. Don’t add delicate items like mint leaves until you’re nearly finished with the hardier ingredients.


Q. Can’t I just muddle my cocktail ingredients with a spoon?
In a pinch, you can use a wooden spoon or ladle to muddle ingredients for your cocktails. However, if you regularly entertain and prepare cocktails at home, it’s a good idea to invest in a muddler because you’ll get much better results. A muddler is specifically designed to extract as much juice and/or oils from fruits, herbs, and other ingredients as possible and allows you to work more quickly.

Q. What cocktails require the use of a muddler to make?
While there are plenty of cocktail recipes that call for muddling, there are several popular beverages that require a muddler to prepare. If you enjoy mojitos, caipirinhas, caipiroskas, mint juleps, or Old Fashioneds, you’ll definitely need a muddler.

Q. What type of muddler is the most versatile?
In general, a stainless steel muddler offers the most versatility. It’s heavy enough to muddle harder ingredients like spices, but it also allows for more gentle muddling of delicate herbs like mint. It’s also easy to clean because it’s dishwasher safe and durable enough to last for years.

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