Taking care of our fur babies is obviously a top priority, and that means regular vet check-ups. But the average vet visit can cost more than $50 just to walk through the door and up to $300 or more for emergency situations.

When my vet stacks on flea prevention, heartworm meds, ear cleaner, and medicated shampoo, it feels more like I'm being sold as a sucker at a car dealership. Luckily, you can save some serious cash by buying the exact same pet products online. Below you’ll find a list of pet must-haves that I will definitely never buy at my vet’s office again. 

Keep your fur baby flea and tick free

Flea and tick treatment from the vet can cost anywhere from $100-$150, but did you know you can treat fleas and ticks at home for less than $70? Fleas and ticks are not only irritating for your pet, but they can lead to potentially harmful diseases too. I love how easy this applicator tube is to use and I love knowing my dog is flea and tick free. 

Buying dog shampoo at the vet is just like buying our own shampoo from the salon, overpriced and unnecessary. You can still get high quality medicated shampoos without the high prices. Some vets will charge nearly $50 for medicated shampoo, but you can soothe your itchy dog for only $20 when you buy online. 

If your dog or cat has raw irritated skin from over-scratching or an accident, you can pay up to $120 for treatment at the vet’s office. Yikes! But, depending on the severity of the wound, you can heal small cuts and irritated skin at home for less than $20 with this incredible Antimicrobial spray.

I'm pretty sure my dog has had an ear infection since he was in his mother's womb. For years, every time I went to the vet they would recommend send-out lab tests ($300) and custom-made antibiotics to the specific strains of bacteria they found ($50 more). 

Then, two months (and $350) later, the infection would return! Zymox literally changed our lives! It works better than our custom prescriptions did, and is only $22. As soon as I notice my dog shaking his head I start using Zymox twice daily, and the symptoms are gone within a few days.

Listen, I know as well as anyone that chubby dogs are the absolute cutest, but the fact is that it’s simply not healthy for your canine companion to be overweight. If it’s time to put your dog on a diet, you could end up paying $100 or more for weight management dog food at the vet. Luckily, you can get high-quality, vet-recommended diet foods for $76 or less online. 

My dog is afraid of thunder. And fireworks. And cats. And men in hats. And the sound of bacon sizzling (no, I'm serious!!!)

Iinstead of spending well over $50 at the vet, I LOVE these peanut butter-flavored anxiety chews which are only about $30 online. My little guy loves these things and they’ve been significantly helpful with his "quirks". 

I want my dog to live forever, and supporting liver health is one of the best ways to keep my dog safe from potential liver issues. Denamarin is linked to both liver and brain health, so it's a no-brainer for me! It not only costs way less to buy online, but keeping the pup healthy keeps me out of the vet's office!

If you're a lifetime dog owner like me, you've had a butt-scooter at some point. There is nothing worse than watching your dog drag its butt across your favorite rug. And not only are worms annoying and disgusting - they are also dangerous to their health. 

Deworming medications from the vet can cost $20 or more (plus a $50 visit), but this 8-in-1 treatment is less than $10. It’s totally effective and can be mixed right into their food. 

Every single annual checkup I go to, my vet aggressively recommends preventative heartworm medication. And with good reason! Heartworms can cause lifelong damage to your pet, and treating heartworm can run you a bill of up to $1,000.

But did you know you can get heartworm medication for your pet online, for a fraction of the cost? This medication is by prescription only, so you will have to call your vet - but you will save big bucks buying online!

If your dog suffers from diabetes, you could find yourself paying roughly $200 a month for medication from the vet’s office. Instead, you could get a prescription for Vetsulin, which is less than $60 when you fill it online. Seriously -- call your vet right now!!

I'm one of "THOSE" people who will let any dog slobber all over my face. But sometimes the breath on my pup can be off-putting to say the least. My dog absolutely loves these chicken-flavored dental chews. And I love that they’re all-natural and cost less than $10 online.

Did you know that hip surgery can cost upwards of $5,000? I hope my best friend (and my wallet) never have to go through something like that. So for his sake, I love these Glucosamine soft chews that support healthy hip and joint function. The best part? They’re WAY cheaper than the glucosamine my vet tries to pawn off on me.

My dog makes me smile every day, so it’s only fair that I do what I can to take care of his smile too. Depending on whether or not your vet uses anesthesia for teeth cleaning, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $1,000 for sparkling white teeth. To prevent this kind of expense, I use this handy dental care kit at home, which was only $7.

Diabetes is no joke, and you definitely need your vet’s help to keep your dog as healthy as possible. But, they could use your help too. This glucose monitoring system makes tracking your pet’s blood glucose levels at home super easy. This way you can provide your vet with accurate and up-to-date information on every visit. I truly can’t believe this thing only costs $60.

Old boys still need walkies. This harness is perfect for older dogs who need a little extra help getting up the stairs, onto the couch, or into the car. I love that it lifts from the back and front to keep your dog as comfortable as possible. You'd pay twice the price for this sort of mobility tool at the vet!

Of course, no one wants to think about the day when our fur babies inevitably leave us. But, when they do pass away items like this photo frame urn help us cling onto their memory. Even a basic urn purchased through your vet can come in at $50- $150.

It’s both incredibly hard and frankly, a little bit funny to see your dog wear the cone of shame. But what’s not funny is the cost of these things. From your vet, you might pay $50 or more for the plastic cone. Instead, you can get this soft comfy cone for less than $30 online. 

For anxious dogs, you can find a variety of clothing that works to keep them calm in high-stress situations. I love putting this Thundershirt on my pup whenever he has to go in the car or stay home alone. This particular shirt sells for less than $50 online, but similar products are marked up significantly in most veterinary clinics. 

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