If you dig through all big-ticket deals, you’ll uncover some beautiful sales on beauty staples. Looking for best need not be expensive, and Amazon Prime Day helps you out on that front with some deep discounts on top-rated cosmetics and beauty aids.
There’s something for everyone on Amazon — and that includes your parents. While your folks might not be into technology, Amazon has a whole host of devices that they’ll love (and you won’t mind setting up for them). Here are the deals we couldn’t resist for our own parents.
Gaming isn’t for everyone. The newest Xbox or Playstation is better suited for hardcore gamers that have a lot of skill and interest in competing at a high level. But the Nintendo Switch levels the playing field.
You don’t know how important having a quality washing machine is until you’ve lived without one. So we understand if there’s people out there searching to upgrade their laundry experience. They might not have anticipated it, but Amazon is offering a worthwhile deal for Prime Day and we suggest you jump on it if your current washer is lacking.
Amazon Prime Day kicked off early this morning with amazing deals on Amazon’s own devices — Echo, Kindle, and Fire. In fact, these are the lowest prices we’ve seen, so we are psyched to tell you about them so you can decide which ones you want to get.