We’re social creatures by nature. It’s natural to miss small things like meeting with friends for coffee or heading to a party at a moment’s notice. With social distancing in place due to coronavirus, you might feel your social muscles are flexing outside your comfort zone. While it’s easy to connect and check in with friends and family through technology, it’s equally important to conduct a personal inventory right now.
There are a lot of cool subscription services out there that you may not know about. Maybe you’ve heard about wine clubs and meal deliveries, but did you know you can also get fresh dog food, coffee, and even medicine delivered to your door? Here’s a roundup of our favorite subscriptions for everything from necessities to entertainment, education, and more. 
Nearly anything and everything you want to cook can be made in a "set it and forget it" Instant Pot. The convenience of having one appliance that can serve as a slow cooker, an electric pressure cooker, a rice cooker, a steamer, a yogurt maker, a browning pan, and more is undeniable. 
We’re healthiest when we move. Experts recommend that adults engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity each day, and many of us accomplish this by leaving our houses and heading for the gym. That’s not as easy as it once was, though. Social distancing measures continue to close down businesses and common spaces, which makes the home workout a great option for both individual and public health. 
Humans are inherently social. We have a need to connect with and, more importantly, comfort each other. When you have good news, you want to share it; when you have bad news, you need support. This desire to be social is one of the reasons why we are so strong — there's strength in numbers. However, we are temporarily living in a world with necessary restrictions that have been dubbed "social distancing."
With school closures, self quarantining, and social distancing due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), there's no denying that we're living in strange times. But one of the most remarkable aspects of the human spirit is its ability to adapt, to make the unfamiliar not only comfortable but fun. 
As more and more people flock to live in big cities, the average living space continues to shrink in populated areas. You’d be hard-pressed to find a rental unit in NYC or San Francisco with any laundry-specific built-ins. Lucky are the ones with laundry rooms in their buildings, but more often, people have to trudge to the laundromat to wash their soiled clothes.