Walmart rolls out smart-home deal

Last Updated July 2020

With Amazon Prime Day over, Walmart is trying to get in on the summer-blowout action. Specifically, Walmart is running sales on Google products, which aren’t available from Amazon.

If you’re looking to add a voice assistant to your home and don’t want the Alexa technology, we recommend the Google Home Mini. It has significant overlap with Echo devices in terms of what apps it can run and is on sale from Walmart for just $34. That price is lower than usual and worth jumping on while it’s available.

Walmart is sweetening the pot by offering bundle deals, too. So if you buy a Nest thermostat or Nest doorbell you also get a free Google Home Mini. In one swoop, you can turn your home into a smart home.

Once you’ve embraced any other Google products for your home, adding the Home Mini should be a no-brainer. It allows you to check the weather, play music or call your friends by the control of your voice. The full-sized Home has a better speaker, but is otherwise a similar product. At $34, it’s definitely worth grabbing the smaller, budget option as long as you don’t demand top-notch sound quality.

The Amazon Echo is the more powerful machine when it comes to smart-home capabilities, and we expect Amazon to continue offering sales prices on it for the near-ish future, but if you’re looking for something simple or a basic entry-point into the voice-assistant world, it’s hard to beat a Google Home Mini for that low of a cost.