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September 14, 2022  |  Shoes

Sandal season isn't over yet. Here are the 12 best pairs of stylish Vionic sandals

Fall is right around the corner, but there’s still time to rock your sandals and plenty of time to buy a new pair if you’re looking for an upgrade. Vionic is a top shoe brand focused on providing superior comfort above all else.

There are several sandal designs and colors to choose from that make them a no-brainer for anyone looking for a solid balance of style and foot support.

In this article: Vionic Amber Sandals, Vionic Tide II Sandals and Vionic Pippa Sandals.

Size and fit

As with any shoes, you want to ensure you’re wearing the correct size and that they fit you well. If unsure of your sandal size, you can consult a sizing chart where sizes correspond to your foot length. However, even if you know the size you should wear, you must consider the fit.

Not all sandals in your size will fit you comfortably, so you should consider the shape of your foot. For example, if you have a wide foot, it’s best to consider getting wide-width sandals, as regular-width sandals may feel uncomfortable after a while.


Durability is directly related to a sandal’s build quality. Vionic uses high-quality materials in every component to make sandals that provide comfort on every step and are built to last.

  • The outsole is made of rubber, and the best sandals have textured patterns for improved traction.
  • The midsole should be flexible and packed with ethylene vinyl acetate foam for cushioning, which is crucial for providing comfort while standing and responsiveness on strides.
  • The upper is the part that makes contact with the top of your foot. Uppers come in various styles, but the most durable ones are made of leather or natural cork and have a secure closure. 

Arch support

For a sandal to provide good arch support, it needs to have a design that contours to the shape of your foot. Vionic sandals often have a footbed that hugs the natural curves of your feet, giving you a more comfortable fit for walking and increased arch support.

Style, design and color

Vionic sandals are engineered with orthotic footbeds to provide long-lasting comfort and relieve pain caused by common foot issues. However, you’re the one who will be wearing them, so don’t overlook the style, design and color. The different styles and designs of Vionic sandals depend on the type of upper, ornaments, details and heel length. 

Most Vionic sandals are stylish enough to complement a casual outfit. Those with thicker heels often provide more stability and all-day comfort, while slides with thin heels are more versatile. Most Vionic sandals are available in at least 10 colors, so get ones you find appealing and that you can pair with most of your outfits

Best Vionic Sandals

Vionic Amber Sandals

These leather uppers have decorative accents, four adjustable hook-and-loop straps and a deep heel cup for a comfortable fit. They have a biomechanical orthotic footbed, a flexible rubber outsole and a soft ethylene vinyl acetate midsole.

Sold by Amazon

Vionic Tide II Sandals

These supportive sandals are made with durable leather and use innovative three-zone comfort biomechanics for enhanced stability, superior arch support and forefoot cushioning. They promote a natural foot alignment and are excellent for plantar fasciitis relief.

Sold by Amazon

Vionic Pippa Sandals

These sandals have a stylish leather knot detail and come in rose gold and black. They are versatile enough to wear with summer dresses, offer excellent orthotic support for long-lasting comfort and have a durable rubber outsole for superior grip.

Sold by Amazon

Vionic Hightide Sandals

These sandals are available in 15 different colors and styles, are made with novelty leather and have a textile upper. They have a flexible medium-density footbed and a soft-woven toe post with a foam-lined strap for a secure fit.

Sold by Amazon

Vionic Rest Bella Sandals

These sandals have a stylish look, a rubber outsole with a tread pattern for superior traction and a microfiber footbed that hugs the foot’s natural curves for all-day comfort. Plus, they’re available in several colors, styles and widths.

Sold by Amazon

Vionic Tide Casandra Sandals

These sandals have a perforated detailed upper for a sophisticated look and come in 16 unique colors and styles for a diverse wardrobe. The patterned tread on the outsole provides excellent traction, and the EVA midsole efficiently absorbs impact. 

Sold by Amazon

Vinoic Kirra Rest Backstrap Sandals

If you’re looking for stylish sandals that are suitable for casual everyday wear, these won’t disappoint. They have a triangular leather upper, a buckle closure and an American Podiatric Medical Association official seal.

Sold by Amazon

Vionic Tide Sequins Sandals

These sandals have three-zone comfort with orthotic insoles for superior comfort and arch support. The flexible midsole provides excellent responsiveness on every step, and the upper has a sparkly design that shines under direct light.

Sold by Amazon

Vionic Shore Slide Sandals

These sandals prioritize comfort and have a stylish design, making them an excellent complementary piece to any summer outfit. They use tri-planar technology and a biomechanical orthotic footbed for effective foot realignment and soreness relief. 

Sold by Amazon

Vionic Rest Lisbeth Backstrap Sandals

These sandals have fabric-lined leather straps, elegant metallic details and excellent arch support. They promote stability and natural foot alignment and are great for relieving pain caused by plantar fasciitis and flat feet.

Sold by Amazon

Vionic Marvina Sandals

These aren’t as stylish as other Vionic sandals, but they’re versatile slides with a podiatrist-designed orthotic footbed and good arch support. The sole is made with durable leather, and the outsole has a rubber textured pattern for improved traction.

Sold by Amazon


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