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September 29, 2022  |  Camping & Outdoors

These collapsible tables are a tailgating essential

Unless you travel with your favorite teams and set up tailgating shop in an RV, chances are you need some table space. To fit all the tables you need in your car — along with your cooking gear and coolers stuffed with food and drinks — you need to think small. Collapsible tables can break down into a fraction of their size, but when set up, they still have the stability required to limit the risk of accidents. They come in more than one form and break down in various ways so you can get exactly what you need.

In this article: Best Choice Products Folding Table, Ningbolangma Portable Camping Table and XL Series Square Folding Card Table.


Collapsible tables come in two forms: large rectangular tables and small square tables. Typically, tailgating requires a mix of the two.

  • Rectangular tables are usually used to hold your cooking essentials, those being a mix of your food and the gear needed to prepare them. They’re also used to lay out the things necessary for your group to plate up and put on the finishing touches, such as utensils, burger toppings and plates.
  • Square tables are usually used to hold plates and drinks or for something to play games on, such as cards and dominoes. These usually hold no more than three plates if you squish in tight, but there are larger ones; these are usually called card tables. Depending on how many people are in your group and what you’re cooking, you may need only one or several.

Collapsing ability

Collapsible tables break down in a variety of ways. Most rectangular tables have legs that fold and click into place underneath the table. Rectangular tables that fold in half are also available if you’re short on trunk space. However, make sure these are firmly set up so that they don't fold when you don’t want them to. 

Square tables typically fold in one of three ways. The two most common ways are folding the table down into a tube that gets stashed in a storage bag or folding the table into the shape of a briefcase. Briefcase tables also have a handle for easy transport. The third way is telescoping.


Some collapsible tables come with extra storage solutions to maximize the limited space you’re sure to have while tailgating. The most basic form of this is just a mesh net that attaches to the legs. More complex solutions include built-in storage boxes, sleeves and even tables with mesh cupholders.


Small and basic collapsible tables typically cost $20-$50. Larger and more complex tables can cost up to $100. The best and biggest tables can cost up to $150.

Best rectangular collapsible tables

Best Choice Products Folding Table

This table folds down the center and has a handle for easy transport. It has nonslip feet and frame locks, plus it can hold up to 300 pounds. It comes in 4-, 6- and 8-foot lengths, and all of them are 30 inches deep.

Sold by Amazon

Cosco Products Folding Table

This table folds its legs underneath it and has leg locks to keep them from unfolding or collapsing. It uses a sturdy powder-coated steel frame and comes with a vinyl or resin surface. It’s 20 inches by 48 inches.

Sold by Amazon

FiveJoy Folding Camping Table

This table folds in half and has legs of an adjustable height. The table is 24 inches by 47 inches when unfolded, and the heights are 22, 24 and 28 inches. It has a lifetime warranty but shouldn’t be used in the rain.

Sold by Amazon

KingCamp Folding Table

This bamboo table adds some style to your setup and folds down to fit inside a slim bag. It comes in nine forms, some of which include mesh under-table storage. Most forms also have adjustable heights.

Sold by Amazon

Leadallway Folding Camping Table

This table is 22 inches by 47 inches with a height of 27 inches, but when disassembled and folded down, it fits inside a bag measuring 27.6 inches by 10.2 inches by 6.3 inches. It has a large storage box underneath that can save plenty of space.

Sold by Amazon

Lifetime Camping and Utility Folding Table

This is an excellent budget table that’s packed with features nonetheless. It has four height settings of 22, 24, 29 and 36 inches with a tabletop surface measuring 24 inches by 48 inches.

Sold by Amazon

Best square collapsible tables

Audoyon Folding Camping Table

This table includes a roomy storage bag underneath that has a large main compartment and slots on the side for stashing phones. It is also rustproof and measures 12.3 inches by 16.2 inches with a height of 13.7 inches.

Sold by Amazon

Coleman Outdoor Folding Table

This table is aluminum to make it as light as possible without sacrificing durability. Additionally, it collapses down into a storage bag for travel. 

Sold by Amazon

iClimb Ultralight Compact Camping Table

This table is just enough for two people to share, which makes it perfect for two tailgaters traveling in a small sedan. It comes in four colors and two sizes. The small is 13.58 inches by 16.1 inches and 11.4 inches high, and the large is 22 inches by 15.94 inches and 14.96 inches high.

Sold by Amazon

Nice C Folding Table

This table comes in three sizes, but they all fold down tightly into a briefcase form for travel and include an attachable mesh net for underneath. The small is 25.8 inches by 23.7 inches by 21.3 inches — perfect for an eating table. The medium and large sizes are better used as rectangular cooking and preparation tables.

Sold by Amazon

Ningbolangma Portable Camping Table

If you have four people needing seats and limited space, this table has you covered. The tabletop has just enough space for four plates, and it has four mesh cupholders, so there’s no risk of spills. It also has a shelf below for stashing more snacks.

Sold by Amazon

XL Series Square Folding Card Table

This table is hard to beat if you’re tailgating with a total of four people. Its 38-inch by 38-inch size and 29.5-inch height are perfect for eating comfortably and playing some cards while you wait for kickoff. It comes in five colors.

Sold by Amazon


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