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September 23, 2022  |  Office

Which bulletin board is best for your home office?

Among the most useful items you can have for a home office is a good bulletin board. They help you stay organized and let you keep key pieces of information separated from the rest of your work.  No matter what board you choose, make sure you have the space to install it and double-check that it includes any mounting gear you might need to avoid an extra cost down the line.

In this article: Besso Bulletin Board, HBlife Bulletin Board Tiles and U Brands Bulletin Board.

Bulletin board materials

Bulletin boards are typically made of cork, though some use felt. Felt isn’t friendly to sticky notes, but it does accept Velcro-backed objects. Felt also has a unique look that some prefer. If you only plan on using pushpins, you can pick the type of bulletin board you like the look of more.

Some boards are only half cork or felt with the other half being a whiteboard. These are excellent for those who like to make notes or brainstorm without wasting paper. Many whiteboard halves are also magnetic, so you can still pin things to them.

Bulletin board size and shape

Bulletin boards come in all manner of sizes and some interesting shapes.

  • Size: The size you need should be a combination of how much space you think you need, your wall’s limitations and how it affects the look of your home office. For the first point, always assume you need more than you think; it’s better to have more space and not need it than not enough. For the second and third points, don’t just buy the biggest one that fits your wall. If it’s too big, it can cause your office to look smaller. If it’s too little, it stands out in an aesthetically displeasing way.
  • Shape: As mentioned, most bulletin boards are square or rectangular. There are also some more artistic boards, such as ones made of multiple small hexagons or long, thin bars you can situate as you please.

Bulletin board extras

Some bulletin boards include a set of pushpins to get you started. Some sets might include 10, while others include 50 or more. Boards that are half whiteboard can include a wider range of extras. The best include a tray that clips to the bottom of the whiteboard half for storing dry-erase markers and erasers. A set of markers and an eraser to fill said tray are also commonly included as well as magnets if the board can hold them.

Bulletin board cost

Small and simple boards typically cost $10-$50. Better quality and larger boards plus those with extras can cost up to $100. Huge boards meant for shared spaces can cost several hundred dollars.

Best bulletin boards

Besso Bulletin Board

This split board is half cork and half whiteboard. It comes in four sizes ranging from 18 by 24 inches to 48 by 36 inches. It includes pushpins, markers and an eraser.

Sold by Amazon

Emfogo Bulletin Board Two-Pack

These boards break the mold by being hung on a string for a rustic touch, plus you can use one for your office and one for organizing your personal life. They are 16 by 11 inches and include 20 pushpins.

Sold by Amazon

Febsnow Bulletin Board

This small board is also hung by a rope, but it also includes two different mounting systems: one using rings and another using pointed braces. It comes in three sizes and with white, black or wooden borders.

Sold by Amazon

Flying Childhood Bulletin Board Tiles

Each tile in this set of four measures 2 by 13 inches, and the front is made of felt, which comes in five colors. It includes 40 pushpins and damage-free hanging stickies.

Sold by Amazon

GoTiling Bulletin Board Strips

This set of eight felt-covered tiles measures 2 by 13 inches per tile. They come in brown, black, dark gray and a mix of eight colors. They are adhesive-backed for hanging and come with 40 pushpins.

Sold by Amazon

HBlife Bulletin Board Tiles

This set comes in three sizes, all of which use hexagonal tiles that have an adhesive backing for a hassle-free installation. It includes 50 pushpins that are also functioning clothespins for an extra organization option.

Sold by Amazon

Jelinek Bulletin Board

This board uses a lovely faux-wood design rather than the natural look of cork, plus it has a fiberboard backing for extra durability and to tightly secure your pushpins. It is 20 by 15 inches and includes four Command Strips.

Sold by Amazon

Lockways Bulletin Board

This board comes in four sizes with the two smaller sizes being sold individually or in pairs. The border can be black or aluminum to best mesh with most paint jobs. It includes mounting gear and 10 pushpins.

Sold by Amazon

Odome Bulletin Board Tiles

Each square tile in this set of six measures 1 foot by 1 foot and has an adhesive backing for easy setup. The tiles are also half an inch thick — just long enough for a pushpin to be fully pressed in without hitting the wall.

Sold by Amazon

Quartet Bulletin Board

This board is perfect for people whose home office is just a desk in the corner of a room, as its two sizes are just right for matching small and large desks. The border resembles a picture frame for a more refined look.

Sold by Amazon

U Brands Bulletin Board

Whatever size you need, this brand likely has it between its six available. The smallest is 14 by 14 inches, while the largest is 70 by 37 inches. You can also choose have a wooden border, a black border or no border at all.

Sold by Amazon

Viz-Pro Bulletin Board

This felt-covered board comes in four striking colors — red, blue, burgundy and light gray — split between four sizes. There’s also a three-board value package. Mounting gear is included.

Sold by Amazon

Xboard Bulletin Board

This board comes in two forms: one that’s all cork and one with a whiteboard calendar and a slice of cork. The all-cork board comes in four sizes and is bordered by aluminum, while the calendar board comes in five sizes.

Sold by Amazon


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