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April 12, 2021  |  Miscellaneous

Best ideas for a very 2020 Mother's Day

Whether you're cooped up with the whole family or stuck far apart during this challenging time, we've got ideas to help you celebrate moms near or far. Help make her Mother’s Day a little brighter. Help her reduce her stress levels, even just a little. 

It's a special day just for mom, but don't let that stop you from showering the mother of your children or the person who raised you with love each and every single day. 

Here are our tips for making the best of Mother's Day 2020.

Advice from moms

We chatted with two BestReviews moms to find out what they really want for Mother's Day this year. They said that all moms really want right now is a helping hand — and maybe think about doing this on more than just one day of the year. Moms with kids at home don't want anything fancy. A bit of help around the house is the best gift of all. Our staff moms suggested these helpful gestures for a genuinely thoughtful celebration:

Take charge of meal planning

Moms wear a lot of hats. They're caregivers, organizers, and planners. Taking care of the family menu doesn't just involve cooking. It requires planning meals, shopping, budgeting, and accounting for various tastebuds. Meal planning is even tougher right now because of limited shopping hours, reduced availability of certain ingredient, and the potential for drastically reduced food budgets. 

Want to help the mom in your household? Taking care of meal planning is one of the best ways to do so. Let her put her feet up while you and the kids figure out the weekly menu and do the shopping. 

Take over cleanup duties

Get the whole family involved in Mother's Day festivities by organizing a deep clean of the house. Let mom relax and watch Netflix or read all day while you and the kids scrub every nook and cranny until the house is sparkling clean. It's not quite a spa vacation, but it's pretty close. 

Support local business

Many small businesses are hurting right now, especially restaurants, as doors close and dining rooms shutter. Why not buy your mom a gift card to a favorite hair or nail salon for when things reopen? Phone up local businesses like cafés, bakeries, or clothing boutiques to find out whether they offer gift cards. It's a treat for your mom and a way to support local businesses all in one. 

If you're searching for something more immediate that your mom can take advantage of right away, put away the pots and pans and enjoy a family dinner from her favorite take-out or delivery spot — and everyone else does the post-meal cleanup, of course!

Some businesses might even deliver goods that can be gifted. Plenty of flower shops are still open for home deliveries, and now that it's spring, many garden centers offer delivery or curtsied pickup for a variety of products. 

Give the gift of relaxation

These days, regulating stress levels is tougher than usual — but a little pampering still goes a long way. Give the gift of self-care by gifting your mom luxurious items for chilling out. Here are a few ideas for supporting your mom's rest and relaxation.

The perfect soak

A face mask is an inexpensive but soothing item that pairs perfectly with a bubble bath soak. Moisturizing face masks can hydrate skin, while a citrus-scented bubble bath can create a totally relaxing bathtime experience. 

Post-shower coziness 

Replace mom's old ratty robe with a brand new bathrobe from Parachute. The ultra-plush robe has roomy pockets and is available in four colors, including a lovely blush tone. Candles are another option for evoking a Hygge-like feel. These fruity-scented candles from Diptyque smell like berries and roses. Your mom can light them while she enjoys a good book and a bottle of sparkling wine. 

Help with meal prep

If you're not a whiz in the kitchen and can't offer up much help in terms of meal planning, consider gifting mom an appliance that speeds up and simplifies meal prep. A rice cooker prepares the perfect pot of grains every time without the need to babysit a pot on the stove. 

If rice is not your family's carb of choice, opt for a bread maker instead. While lots of people are getting into bread making during the pandemic, not all moms have the desire (or extra time) to fiddle with the kneading and rising involved in baking fluffy loaves. A breadmaker transforms this involved process into a super simple, hands-off experience.

Send love from afar

Do you live away from your mom? You could send her any of the above gift suggestions by mail, but if you're itching for face-to-face contact and want to make her feel special, consider setting up a virtual celebration for Mother's Day. Setup a Zoom video call and conspire with dad and at-home siblings to organize a virtual brunch or wine and cheese. A simpler alternative is to simply spend the day with mom by calling her up via FaceTime (or any other video call platform). Hang out with her all day as you both go through your regular routines, keeping each other company. You'll both go to bed with a smile on your face, feeling a little less lonely than before. 

Virtual hangouts might also involve watching your joint-fave Netflix series or recent cinematic release using the Netflix Party Chrome extension. Laugh and cry together as you enjoy the latest rom-com or serious drama and each snack on a freshly popped bowl of popcorn in your own homes. It's possible to be together while being physically apart!


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