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August 20, 2022  |  Home

How to patch an air mattress hole

With proper care, an air mattress can last eight years or longer. However, even if you are extremely cautious, you can still accidentally puncture your air mattress. Since a quality model can cost over $100, it is wise to learn how to make a repair.

Repairing an air mattress is not as difficult as you think. Often, the toughest part is finding the leak. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to patch a hole in an air mattress.

Different types of air mattresses

Air mattresses are available in all the sizes you would expect to find in a regular mattress. For instance, you can get anything from a twin to a California king. Additionally, you can find special-purpose models such as car airbeds, camping air mattresses, air mattresses with inflatable pillows, and more.

When shopping, the thickness of the mattress is an important feature to keep in mind, as a raised air mattress provides a better night’s sleep. It can also make it feel less like you are lying on the floor. If you’d like to take your sleeping experience up a notch, consider using a mattress topper.

How to care for an air mattress

An air mattress is a durable item. However, it is still vulnerable to leaks and punctures. The following tips can help you get the longest life out of your air mattress.

  • Don’t over-inflate. Over-inflating an air mattress puts additional stress on the seams, which may make it fail prematurely.
  • Don’t jump on your air mattress. Though an air mattress supports your body weight while sleeping, it can not handle sudden pressure increases that occur from jumping on it.
  • Follow weight restrictions. Overloading your air mattress places stress on the seams.
  • Deflate when not in use. Whenever you are not using your air mattress, deflate it and store it in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight.
  • Protect your air mattress. If it is being used for camping, clear the area of all debris and use a tarp for protection.
  • No belts or jewelry. Do not wear any sharp items while lying on your air mattress.

How to patch a hole in an air mattress

How to locate a hole in an air mattress

Before patching that hole in your air mattress, you need to find it. If you do not know the secret, this can be more trouble than repairing the leak. While there are many online hacks ranging from covering your air mattress in baby powder to submerging it in a swimming pool, the best method is to use a little soapy water in a spray bottle. 

  1. Listen to the air mattress to get the general area of the leak.
  2. Spray that area and watch for bubbles to appear.
  3. Wherever there are bubbles, there’s a leak.

How to repair an air mattress

To patch a hole in an air mattress, you will need a repair kit. Don’t worry; these items are readily available and affordable.

  1. After locating the leak, mark it with painter’s tape or a permanent marker (if the mark won’t bother you).
  2. Clean, de-grease, and dry the area you will be patching. If the hole is in the flocking, you will need to take very fine sandpaper and carefully remove the flocking. Do not sand the air mattress — just remove the flocking.
  3. Apply liquid PVC repair glue to the leak according to the product’s instructions. If it is just a pinhole, this is all you need to do. If it is a larger hole, apply a patch. Round patches stay on better than any other shape because they have no corners to get caught on other objects.

What you need to buy to patch a hole in an air mattress

Airhead Vinyl Repair Kit

Airhead Vinyl Repair Kit

This durable repair option includes vinyl repair adhesive and four 2-inch patches. It is easy to use and rated to be strong enough for commercial repairs.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

PVC Stitch Liquid PVC Patch

PVC Stitch Liquid PVC Patch

After applying this liquid patch, your air mattress will be ready to use in as little as 2 hours. However, it is best to wait a full 24 hours for maximum adhesion to occur.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

CWB Connelly Self-Adhesive PVC Repair Kit

CWB Connelly Self-Adhesive PVC Repair Kit

If you desire a hassle-free repair, this set of six pre-glued patches features a simple peel-and-stick application. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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