25 things I bought on Amazon that I use literally every single day

Last Updated August 2020

I have a confession to make… I’ve placed 7 Amazon orders in the last week alone. Nothing beats the convenience of placing an order from my phone and seeing it on my doorstep the next day.

Unfortunately, buying whatever looks fun on an impulse results in a LOT of returns. That’s why I’m sharing all of my all-time favorite Amazon products that I use every. single. day. 

I hope you love these products as much as I do! Just so you know, we participate in an affiliate program and may make a commission if you purchase through the links in this article.

There is nothing more embarrassing than pitting out in the middle of an important meeting - but I thought it was unavoidable! My skin hates the fragrances and additives found in normal deodorants, so antiperspirants were always a no-go, but “natural” deodorant never did a good enough job. My friend recommended that I try SweatBlock wipes, and I’ve never looked back!

Mac and cheese? Pulled pork? Veggie stew? It doesn't matter what's for dinner, I can cook it in my Instant Pot in less than an hour!

Did you know you can also cook cheesecake and other desserts in this crazy contraption?

The absolute first thing I do every morning is break out my Passion Planner and set my intentions for the day. There is something extremely motivating about establishing actions and tasks to help me reach my most important goals.

I have a hard time justifying dropping $1,500 on a laptop since all I use it for is daily browsing and Netflix in bed, but I also want something actually decent! I was so excited to find an actual MacBook for less than $700 so I can enjoy Apple quality on my Asus budget.

Don’t try to tell me your daily cup of joe isn’t followed by a swift trip to the john. Nothing helps clear your system better than using a Squatty Potty for an assist. Who doesn’t strive for a properly aligned colon for easier and more complete elimination? 

I can't be the only one who loves to belt it out in the shower (or at the beach, or basically anywhere and everywhere if I'm being honest). My latest obsessions is my Bose Bluetooth speaker. It's got super crisp, high quality sound, bluetooth hookup, and it's waterproof so I can take it anywhere!

Nothing screams luxury like a rainfall shower head. For the longest time I had only experienced them in hotels - it didn’t even occur to me that I could have one at home. The SparkPod shower head was easy enough for me to install on my own (without breaking anything!), and has great, consistent pressure.

I'm sure it has NOTHING to do with the 10 cups of coffee a day that I drink, but I don't always get the best sleep. Since buying a weighted blanket, I've noticed a huge improvement in both the quality and duration of my sleep!

Health starts from the feet up, and I can’t tell you how much my whole body feels after wearing YogaToes. Toe separators help space your toes to their natural position, improving the alignment of your feet and lower body. They feel weird when you first start using them, but I slip them on whenever I am watching TV.

When I'm on the go, a smoothie is often the easiest option for breakfast. This blender comes with personal to-go cups perfect for a protein shake, and ALSO comes with a full-size countertop pitcher for soups, salsa, jams, and hummus.

I have not one, but two work laptops, so it was a struggle to find a high-quality backpack that doesn’t break the bank or my back. This Mancro backpack is big and sturdy enough to lug around two computers all day, but has a slim, stylish profile and ergonomic design.

I've got friends and family all across the country - in fact, my parents and one of my closest friends live about 2,000 miles away! I keep this digital photo frame on my desk to remind myself just how loved I am, knowing that I am always close on the minds of my loved ones too.

I can’t be the only one who can’t for the life of me remember what password I used for what. My What The F*ck Is My Password tracker saves me every f*cking day.

I love my Netflix, but I hate high internet bills. That’s why I love my NETGEAR modem/router! It keeps my internet running super fast, without getting gouged by monthly rental fees by my internet company.

Okay, okay, I do read too. I love my Kindle Paperwhite for reading on my commute (I take the train, I wouldn’t recommend it if you drive ;) I also had a Kindle Fire, but I prefer the Paperwhite’s easy-on-the-eyes display and simplicity.

Love pain and crying? Nothing makes you feel so bad to feel so good like a foam roller. I’ve had knee problems for a decade, and foam rolling my legs and calves every evening before bed helps me wake up pain-free.

Do I even have to explain why I love my AirPods enough to use them every day? I think it's kind of a given. Crisp sound, wireless, 24 hour battery life... nuff said.

I absolutely hate cleaning the stove, so this spill stopper cover saves my life every single time I make dinner. This lid fits on the pots and pans you already own, and prevents boil overs and spills. 

This is another nifty gadget I use to keep my least favorite house chore - cleaning - as easy and efficient as possible. I use my dish squeegee to clear food off plates, bowls, and pans without having to touch anything wet or nasty. 

Is it weird that this knife set literally changed my life? I never realized how awful a dull knife set was until I actually upgraded to something high quality. My dad has been using this knife set for years and swears by them, so I finally took the plunge a few months ago and couldn't be happier!

I’m not a neat freak by any stretch of the imagination, but there is something so zen about a meticulously organized underwear drawer. This organizer makes keeping tidy drawers effortless!

We have free unlimited coffee in the office, but before I even make it out the door I have to have my pre-coffee-coffee. I’ve had my Hamilton Beach coffee maker for almost 3 years, and it is one of my most-used purchases ever. It’s always set on a timer, so I have fresh, hot coffee waiting for me before I even make it out of bed

Did you know Amazon has its own brand of coffee? I get the 100% Arabica Colombian coffee which is smooth and aromatic. And at $6 per 12-ounce bag, the price is unbeatable (especially for a coffee addict like me!)

I’m starting to think I have a caffeine problem…

My MEIGIX travel coffee mug is perfect to take on my commute for several reasons. I use it to take hot coffee with me on my commute to work, and cold water on my commute home. Its insulation is perfect for both heat and cold, and it has a leak-proof, locking lid that hasn’t spilled once in the months that I’ve been using it.

These hilarious butt-print shower curtains brighten my morning and make my morning shower that much better. Think I’m kidding? My mom wishes I was…

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