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January 25, 2023  |  Camping & Outdoors

Feb. 2 is Groundhog Day. Will you need these things to combat 6 more weeks of winter?

Groundhog Day is on Feb. 2 and tradition claims that the weather on this day will determine whether winter lasts longer or if an early spring is in the cards. 

While a groundhog seeing its shadow might not really dictate the weather over the next six weeks, in many parts of the United States, you can expect wintry weather well into March. These products will help see you through the last stretch of winter. 

In this article: Timberland Magic Gloves with Touchscreen Technology, Sealskinz Waterproof Cold-Weather Roll-Cuff Beanie and Instant Milk Frother.

What is Groundhog Day? 

Groundhog Day is a tradition celebrated on Feb. 2 each year in the U.S. and Canada. It's said that if a groundhog comes out of its burrow on this day and sees its own shadow because the skies are clear, winter will last for another 6 weeks. However, if it doesn't see its own shadow because the day is overcast, spring will come early. 

In some towns, tens of thousands of people gather to witness Groundhog Day ceremonies. The one held at Gobbler's Knob in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, is the best-attended ceremony, with roughly 40,000 people in attendance. 

There's no evidence to suggest a correlation between the weather on Groundhog Day and the weather over the subsequent six weeks. 

Where does the Groundhog Day tradition come from? 

The first Groundhog Day traditions come from the Pennsylvania Dutch, who emigrated to the U.S. from German-speaking parts of Europe. It's likely that Groundhog Day was influenced by earlier German traditions. In Germany, Feb. 2 was known as Badger Day, and it was posited that if a badger saw its own shadow on this day, there would be four more weeks of winter. 

Feb. 2 also marks the Catholic feast day of Candlemas. There are older-still sayings from various parts of the world, including France and England, which state that if Candlemas is sunny, winter will last another four weeks. 

What do you need to combat more weeks of winter? 

Whether or not a groundhog sees its own shadow on Feb. 2 won't really influence the next six weeks of weather. However, wintry weather can last until mid-March and beyond in many places, so it pays to make sure you have everything you need to endure more harsh conditions. What you need for winter depends on where you live and what your preferences are, but can be divided into broad categories. 

  • Clothing: If you still find yourself in need of more winter clothing, there are enough cold weeks left to justify making a purchase rather than waiting until next winter. Sweaters, gloves, and beanies are just a few of the cold-weather garments you might need. 
  • Practical items: They might not be particularly exciting, but there are plenty of practical items that help you through winter. These include windshield covers and hot water bottles
  • Fun items: Winter can be great fun, as well. Consider items that you can play with in the snow, such as sleds and snow tubes or winter sports equipment. You might also want to buy special treats to get you through winter, such as fancy hot chocolate mixes. 

Best products to get you through winter

Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer

With more wintry weather ahead, you'll need to keep on top of moisturizing your hands to combat dry skin that can lead to unpleasant cracking and soreness. This intensive hand cream heals already chapped or cracked hands and helps prevent these issues. 

Sold by Ulta Beauty

H2Ogo 48-Inch Icequake Snow Tube

Embrace the fun that snowy conditions bring with this 48-inch snow tube that's large enough for adults to enjoy and can hold up to 198 pounds. The underside of the tube is made from "UltraSlick" PVC, letting you slide farther and faster. 

Sold by Target

Timberland Magic Gloves with Touchscreen Technology

If you're sick of having to take a glove off every time you want to use your phone while out and about, you need gloves that are touch screen compatible. These ones are made from super soft acrylic that's warm yet breathable. The thumb and index finger have touch screen technology for easier use of devices. 

Sold by Amazon

Sealskinz Waterproof Cold-Weather Roll-Cuff Beanie

Beanies are great for cold weather, but some don't do enough to protect you from the elements. This one has an extra layer of insulation to keep your head warm. The waterproof membrane keeps you dry but is still breathable, so you won't feel excessively warm. 

Sold by Amazon

CRZ Yoga Thermal Fleece-Lined Leggings

With their soft and cozy fleece lining, these are some of the warmest leggings around. They're great for layering under pants for extra warmth when it's very cold out, or you can wear them on their own or with skirts or shorts. 

Sold by Amazon

Yaktrax Hiking and Walking Traction Cleats

Sliding around on icy sidewalks quickly loses its charm, even among the most ardent snow lovers. Cleats make a huge difference to traction, so you can walk around in icy conditions without worrying about slipping. They easily fit over regular footwear. 

Sold by Amazon

Instant Milk Frother

For some people, hot drinks are the key to getting through winter with a smile on their faces. This device quickly heats or froths milk, so you can easily make hot chocolates, chai lattes or specialty coffees, such as cappuccinos or flat whites. 

Sold by Amazon and Target

Easycosy Hot Water Bottle

This long, slim hot water bottle is perfect for draping over your shoulder, wrapping around your stomach or snuggling up to in bed. It's perfect for helping keep you warm through a long winter without causing your energy bills to spike. 

Sold by Amazon

Casaluna Chunky-Knit Bed Blanket

Not only does this blanket look great, but it also adds an extra layer of warmth to your bed. You can stay cozy while you sleep, even when the nights are cold. It comes in a range of hues, including warm brown, rose and gray. 

Sold by Target

SubZero Arctic Defense Maxx Windshield Cover

This heavy-duty windshield cover helps keep the ice off your car so that you don't need to get the de-icer out before every journey. It's easy to fit and attaches to cars in a way that doesn't damage the doors. 

Sold by Target


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