Best Amazon product deals for Prime Day

Last Updated July 2020

Amazon Prime Day kicked off early this morning with amazing deals on Amazon’s own devices — Echo, Kindle, and Fire. In fact, these are the lowest prices we’ve seen, so we are psyched to tell you about them so you can decide which ones you want to get.

From having thousands of books at your fingertips with a Kindle, to being about to tell Alexa what you need (ask her to play your favorite songs, buy cleaning supplies, order food, and more), Amazon’s devices make a lot of everyday hassles easier.

A simpler life is priceless, so take advantage of the deals on our favorites here:

Amazon Echo

Right now, you can get a second-generation Echo for $30 less than usual. It costs just $69.99, so for just seven Alexander Hamiltons, you can connect and engage with Alexa about your every whim and question. What the weather’s like? What am I doing next Thursday at noon? Could I hear my favorite Rick Astley song, please?

But the Echo is far from whimsical. Using this seven-speaker device, you can make calls, set appointments, and manipulate all of those energy-saving smart devices that run your home. The Echo comes in several smart colors, and it takes up very little space – but you’ll appreciate its presence in your life, and you won’t ever want to go back once you try it.

Echo Dot

For just $29.99 (regular price $49.99), you can engage with Alexa in all the ways that matter most. We’re talking about the second-generation Echo dot, which has seven built-in mics just like the Echo does. But the Dot is much smaller – kind of like a hockey puck – for ultimate portability, and its Bluetooth speaker is good but not as large as that of the Echo. It also only comes in two colors: black and white. But the Dot is less than half the price of the Echo today, and it brings the best of smart assistant technology to you, wherever you are.

Echo Show

Want to save $100 on sweet Echo technology that comes with a screen? You can with the sale on the Echo Show, which today costs just $129.99. For the visually oriented, the Echo experience is all the more satisfying thanks to the color touchscreen component. So whether you want to watch CNN live, read your favorite song lyrics as the tune plays, or monitor your child’s bedroom with smart technology, the Echo Show has you covered.

Fire Stick

What if you could take your favorite TV shows and other visual media with you wherever you go? With the Fire Stick — on sale today for just $19.99 — you can. Want to watch Netflix at Grandma’s house? Say, “Alexa, launch Netflix,” and you’ll soon be deep in your favorite new series. Simply plug the Fire Stick in to access TV, WiFi, or any of your Amazon apps, videos, cloud photos, and more.

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

If you love to read and want a new e-reader for yourself or a loved one, now is a great time to nab a Kindle Paperwhite. Today, the cost is just $79.99 (down from $129.99) for this six-inch e-reader from one of the world’s best makers of digital reading tech, Kindle. With the adjustable lit screen, you can read easily in the dark of night or on a bright, sunny day. And don’t worry too much about charging your Kindle; these batteries tend to last for weeks at a time. It’s the modern-day equivalent to checking books out at the library, but you don’t even have to get out of your chair.

Ring Doorbell Pro

Who’s at the door? It doesn’t matter whether you’re home or not; you should have the ability to know. Thanks to Prime Day, you can find out for just $174.00 (down from $249.00) thanks to the sale on the Ring Doorbell Pro. Let’s say you’re on vacation and a stranger comes knocking. Using your tablet, smartphone, or PC, you can see, hear, and even converse with the stranger on your doorstep. The Ring Doorbell Pro is compatible with just about every device, and motion-activated to give you a nudge when motion is detected within range. Who says you can’t be in two places at once?

Fire Cube

The Fire TV Cube costs just $89.99 today; that’s a savings of 25%. Not too shabby considering this is a hot new device that just came out last month. This is a TV-streaming device that pairs with Echo for ultimate cord-cutting convenience. Enjoy thousands of channels, Amazon movies, websites, and all of the regular Alexa benefits with this fun new technology. It just keeps getting better — and today, the price is the lowest it’s ever been.