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October 3, 2022  |  Apparel

Halloween pajamas your kid will love

With the spooky season approaching, you might be trying to find Halloween pajamas your kid will love. Not only are kids' Halloween pajamas adorable, but they can also bring an extra layer of fun and anticipation to the big day.

Whether your child prefers things that are super spooky or cute with a Halloween twist, you'll find plenty of PJs they will love.

In this article: Little Pajamas Halloween Skeleton Pajamas, Nickelodeon Kids' “Paw Patrol” Seasonal Pajamas and Disney Over the Moon Halloween Pajamas.

Types of Halloween pajamas for kids

First, you might want to think about the types of pajamas available for kids. Most fit into one of three categories: onesies, long-sleeve and short-sleeve.

  • Onesies: One-piece pajamas are great for cool nights and for babies and little kids. They look adorable and lend themselves well to certain designs, such as skeleton costumes.
  • Long-sleeve: Since the time around Halloween is cool in most parts of the U.S., it makes sense that most seasonal pajamas are long-sleeved to keep kids warm. Long-sleeve pajamas generally also come with full-length or three-quarter length PJ pants.
  • Short-sleeve: While they're less common, you can also find some choices with short-sleeve T-shirts and shorts. They're great if you live in an area where it's still fairly mild around Halloween or if your kid often gets too hot in their sleep.

Pajama materials

Although your child might only wear these pajamas for a short time around Halloween, you shouldn't overlook the importance of their material.

  • Cotton: Cotton is a great choice if you prefer your child to wear natural materials. It is breathable to avoid overheating at night and washes well. Of course, not all cotton is of equal quality, so cheaper stuff can feel more flimsy. If you're concerned about cotton's eco-credentials, opt for organic cotton.
  • Polyester: Polyester pajamas often look like cotton ones, but the material is synthetic. It isn't as breathable as cotton and doesn't hold up as well over time, but it is wrinkle-resistant. You can also find cotton-polyester blends to give you the best bits of both materials.
  • Fleece: You can find some Halloween PJs for kids made from microfiber fleece material. It feels extremely soft and cozy, but some kids find it excessively warm to sleep in.

Halloween pajama designs

The main draw of Halloween pajamas is the design. They might not be as elaborate as Halloween costumes for kids, but you can find all kinds of spooky-cute designs that are Halloween-themed but kid-friendly.

  • Skeletons: Skeletons are extremely common on kids' pajamas. Some have bone designs, turning the wearer into a skeleton, while others feature human, dinosaur or animal skeletons in action.
  • Jack-o'-lantern: Pumpkin and jack-o'-lantern designs are also common and great for little kids or kids who prefer the cuter side of spooky.
  • Cartoon characters: You can find pajamas with Halloween designs relating to certain cartoon shows or movie franchises. For instance, you can find Disney pajamas or Pokemon pajamas.

Kids' pajama sizing

You can find kids' pajamas in a wide range of sizes, from those that fit babies and toddlers to sizes that fit teenagers. Generally speaking, they run true to size and usually have some stretch to them, so it should be safe to get your kid's usual size. However, if you're unsure, check the sizing chart.

Best Halloween pajamas for kids

Little Pajamas Halloween Skeleton Pajamas

Consisting of a long-sleeve pajama top and long pants, these skeleton pajamas are cutely spooky and even have a glow-in-the-dark design. You can choose from a wide range of sizes from 18 months to 16.

Sold by Amazon

Nickelodeon Kids' “Paw Patrol” Seasonal Pajamas

“Paw Patrol” fans will love these PJs featuring some of their favorite characters in adorable Halloween costumes. They are officially licensed and come in sizes 2T to 5T, so they're great for toddlers and little kids.

Sold by Amazon

Disney Over the Moon Halloween Pajamas

These official Disney pajamas have a cute design with Minnie and Mickey Mouse flying in front of the moon on a broomstick. The long sleeves and pants are perfect for crisp fall weather, and they're available in sizes 4, 6, 8 and 10.

Sold by Amazon

Carter's Halloween Skeleton Top and Pant Pajama Set

Thanks to the spiders and spooky eyes peering out from the rib cage, these pajamas offer a twist on the classic Halloween skeleton design. You have a choice of 2T, 3T or 4T sizes.

Sold by Buy Buy Baby

MyFav Skeleton Pajamas

You can choose from a wide range of fun skeleton designs, including a skeleton dabbing on a skateboard, a skeleton riding a motorcycle and a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton playing basketball. These PJs have short sleeves and shorts instead of pants, so they're great for places with mild falls or for kids who sleep hot.

Sold by Amazon

The Children's Place Halloween One-Piece Pajamas

This snug skeleton onesie is suitable for babies, toddlers and little kids, coming in sizes from 0-3 months to 5T. You can choose from a classic skeleton design, a pumpkin design or a trick-or-treat design.

Sold by Amazon

Shelry Halloween Pajamas

You have a choice of several Halloween designs with these pajamas, so you're sure to find an option that your kid will love. Sizes range from 1T to 16 years, so they're suitable for kids of all ages and sizes.

Sold by Amazon

Carter's Pumpkin and Bats Halloween Top and Pant PJ Set

More cute than spooky, these two-piece pajamas are adorned with smiling bats and jack-o'-lanterns. They are made from 100% cotton and come in sizes ranging from 12 months to 4T.

Sold by Buy Buy Baby

CM-Kid Halloween Skeleton Pajamas

You can choose from four slightly different skeleton designs, all of which glow in the dark. You can buy them in sizes 2T to 9 years.

Sold by Amazon

Burt's Bees Baby Organic Cotton Pajamas

Black with a white spiderweb design, these pajamas are Halloween in an understated way. They are not only available in kids' sizes but also in adult sizes, so the whole family can match.

Sold by Amazon


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