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January 20, 2023  |  Apparel

10 leg warmers that are as stylish as they are cozy

Fashion has never known a style that didn't come back after fading away. One style slowly making a comeback is leg warmers, coming all the way back to us from the 1980s. These comfortable pieces of outerwear aren't quite the rage they were, but they can still be an excellent addition to the right outfit. Or they can just be used as their primary function dictates: to warm your legs on icy days and nights.

In this article: Marino Avenue Long Leg Warmers, Pole Tribe Thigh-High Leg Warmers and Winterlace Leg Warmers.

Why wear leg warmers?

There are three main reasons to wear leg warmers:

  • Fashion: Leg warmers worn for this reason tend to be the thinnest, as the designs are more focused on looking the best they can rather than providing enough warmth. This means you can often wear them comfortably even on warm days. This category has the most design options by far.
  • Sport: Leg warmers worn for sport are in the middle, thickness-wise. This is to keep you warm without adding bulk that could affect your performance. Sport leg warmers also tend to hold tighter to your legs, and often have sweat-wicking properties.
  • Warmth: Leg warmers worn for warmth are the thickest and comfiest. Look for wool ones for the most warmth.

Open vs. closed

  • Open leg warmers are essentially a tube with holes at both ends. You can wear these at any location on your leg, though they might be too tight to go too high up. However, there are some that have a strap or stirrup at one end that wraps underneath the arch of your foot and leaves your toes and ankles hanging out.
  • Closed leg warmers are essentially just big knee- or thigh-high socks. These are perfect for wearing over your regular socks for extra warmth.


Most leg warmers are made of one or a mix of four materials.

  • Acrylic: Most basic leg warmers are acrylic since it's cheap and easy to color. Acrylic isn't the most durable and likely won't last you longer than a year or two with moderate use.
  • Lace: This material offers no warmth whatsoever. However, it's arguably the most eye-catching material, making it hard to beat for fashion purposes.
  • Thermal: This material is commonly used for sport leg warmers. It's durable, good for holding body heat and helps keep you dry.
  • Wool: This material is unbeatable when it comes to keeping you warm. However, it can be expensive, so many leg warmers are only partly wool, though this can actually be a positive. You can find leg warmers with more or less wool for colder or not-as-cold weather, respectively.


Leg warmers come in many lengths to best fit both a wide range of legs and for achieving different fashions or levels of warmth. Most are 15 to 17 inches long and cover just the shins and calves. Others can be up to 25 or even 36 inches long to extend comfortably above the knee or to engulf most of the thigh.


Leg warmers always come in pairs, with most being sold as single pairs. Some are sold in sets. These sets usually include two, three or four pairs, though sets as large as six or more can also be found.


Leg warmers come in a surprisingly large range of designs, though most essentially look like big socks in various colors. Aside from that, you can find them in various knitted patterns, with designs printed on them or with decorative buttons and bows added on.


Low-end leg warmers typically cost $10-$15. Better ones cost up to $30. The best individual pairs or large bundles can cost $60-plus.

Best leg warmers

Body Wrappers Extra-Long Stirrup Leg Warmers

These warmers cover most of the foot and stretch all the way up to cover most of the thigh, too. The sizing is one-size-fits-most. They come in five colors.

Sold by Amazon

Debra Weitzner Leg Warmers

These warmers come in four sets of six pairs. One pair is all white, one is all black and two are assorted colors. They're acrylic and can be left below the knee or stretched to the thigh.

Sold by Amazon

Kayhoma Extra-Soft Over-the-Knee Leg Warmers

This brand offers two types of leg warmers: one a standard size that can stretch to cover some of the thighs, and one that's extra-long to cover almost every part of the leg.

Sold by Amazon

Loritta Leg Warmers

These leg warmers have a charming knit design and come in a set of two pairs. There are seven sets of two and each contains two colors. They're acrylic with some elastic.

Sold by Amazon

Marino Avenue Long Leg Warmers

These leg warmers are 35% wool for plenty of warmth on cold days, with the rest being acrylic. They can stretch to be 18 inches long and come in four colors. 

Sold by Amazon

Nufiwi Leg Warmers

These leg warmers come in a staggering 71 designs. Some are short to leave bunched around the shins, while others are long to provide more warmth. They're made of a cotton blend.

Sold by Amazon

Pole Tribe Thigh-High Leg Warmers

These leg warmers are meant for hearty exercise, thanks to the internal grip to keep them from slipping and high elasticity so they can move as you do.

Sold by Amazon

Satinior Leg Warmers

This three-pair set of leg warmers has open heels and toes for more comfort, and they have enough stretch to reach up and over the knee. One pair is gray, one is white and one is black.

Sold by Amazon

Ueerdand Leg Warmers

This four-pair collection has a knit design and comes in two sets, each containing four different colors. They're roughly 16 inches long with some stretch and are made of acrylic, nylon and spandex.

Sold by Amazon

Winterlace Leg Warmers

This six-pair set has five collections to choose from, with each having different colors and different knitting styles. They're 16 inches long and made of acrylic.

Sold by Amazon


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