Take Two's Eddie Cibrian reveals 5 things a TV detective must have

Last Updated July 2020

Take Two is ABC's newest offering in the crime drama genre. It's an upbeat romp from Terri Edda Miller and Andrew W. Marlowe, the creator and executive producers of the hugely popular Castle. The series airs Thursdays at 10/9c and stars Eddie Cibrian (CSI: Miami) as Eddie Valetik, a lone-wolf PI, and Rachel Bilson (Hart of Dixie) as Sam Swift, a beloved actress who suffered a very public breakdown.

Desperate to restart her career after rehab, Sam talks her way into shadowing Eddie for an upcoming role. The uneasy partnership was only supposed to last for a day, but due to a parole violation, Sam becomes Eddie’s responsibility. The two begrudgingly remain partners and work together to solve cases.

Besides Take Two and CSI: Miami, Cibrian co-starred as Captain Ryan Slade in FOX’s crime drama Rosewood. With that résumé, it pretty much makes him an expert on the subject. So, we asked Eddie what are five things a TV detective must have.

#1: Lock pick

"TV detectives have to be able to access buildings, offices, storage lockers at a moments notice and without anyone knowing. Lock picks are a must."

OUR PICK: If Eddie is a master lock picker, Master Lock's Set Your Own Combination Padlock would be our choice. This heavy-duty padlock is perfect for storage lockers or other places you don't want nosy PIs snooping around. The resettable 4-dial combination allows thousands of hand-picked codes to make picking this lock nearly impossible.

#2: Non descriptive vehicle

"Since a lot of the job requires surveillance or tailing someone, a vehicle that blends in with others is very helpful."

OUR PICK: Instead of a non descriptive vehicle, we'll opt for a dream car that we can cover with Leader Accessories' Car Cover. No one will be able to ID a car that's hidden beneath a moisture repellant, environmentally friendly cover that protects the vehicle from dust, dirt, UV rays, and even bird droppings.

#3: Notepad

"You need to be able to write everything down. TV detectives have short term memory."

OUR PICK: Northbooks' Softcover Bullet Journal is better than others. It has a simple yet elegant cover with 144 acid-free pages that are sewn and glued together to give the journal increased durability. Beside lined paper, this notebook is also available with blank pages, dot grids, or graph paper.

#4: Coffee

"Since TV detectives rarely sleep, coffee 24/7 is a life saver."

OUR PICK: We can't argue with Eddie on this one. Coffee is life. And Death Wish Coffee Company's Ground Coffee is the brand we choose. It has a smooth but robust flavor, yet it still manages to deliver a pretty hefty caffeine kick.

#5: Partner

"Being a solo detective can get lonely, so having a partner to bounce off ideas, and sometimes having a partner to annoy you, makes the day go by a lot faster."

OUR PICK: If you have a partner you like to bounce ideas off of, BaoFeng's UV-5R Dual Band Two Way Radio will let you stay in constant contact. Depending on obstacles, this handy little communication device has a 6 to 12 mile reach. It also has a hands-free voice operated mode for times when you're a little busy picking locks, tailing suspects, taking notes, and drinking coffee.

More about Eddie Cibrian

After landing a Coca-Cola commercial on his very first audition when he was 12 years old, Eddie soon appeared in numerous other national commercials. But it was a college football injury that ultimately motivated Cibrian to focus his efforts on acting.

He quickly landed a role on The Young and the Restless and went on to appear on Baywatch Nights, Beverly Hills 90210, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, and Saved by the Bell: The College Years. Shortly after Aaron Spelling offered him the starring role of Cole Deschanel on NBC's Sunset Beach, TV Guide named Eddie one of “Daytime’s 12 Hottest Stars.”

Cibrian has two sons, Mason Edward and Jake Austin, and he is married to country singer, actress LeAnn Rimes.

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