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Updated June 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for best women’s wakeboards

Whether you’re seeking recreation on the water or chasing intense acrobatic feats, wakeboarding offers plenty of fun and excitement. Wakeboarding is a water sport in which the rider is towed behind a boat on a board, maneuvering between waves and wakes with the potential for high speeds, explosive jumps, and big air.

While in most ways, women’s wakeboards are similar to men’s wakeboards, there are key differences. Women’s wakeboards tend to be more flexible, offering better control, and they are made in relatively smaller sizes. They may be designed and endorsed by prominent women in the sport. What’s more, they often showcase more female-oriented designs and styles.

Buying a wakeboard requires attention to detail, as every aspect of the board is crafted for a specific intent. It’s important to know your skill level, strengths, and desires. Our women’s wakeboard buying guide will help you understand what options and attributes are important so you can make a splash in the best possible way when you get out on the water.

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You may come across so-called “blem” wakeboards (blem is short for blemished). These are boards that have been dented or marred during production but are still fully functional, a bit cheaper, and unique.

Key considerations


Determining the right size wakeboard for your needs is the first and most crucial step to finding fun and success on the water. If a board is too large, it may be hard to turn and lift, especially when trying to get up the first time. If a board is too small, you will struggle to maintain balance and control.

Your weight affects the length of wakeboard you should buy. In general, shorter boards are best for lighter folks, while longer boards are ideal for those with more weight. Most sellers provide a sizing chart that offers a range of board lengths that correspond to different weights.

For beginners, it’s best to stay within the recommended length range. However, some of the more advanced wakeboards may be shorter or longer than the general guidelines, depending on the style of riding they’re designed for. Overall, wakeboards shorter than your ideal length tend to be slower, as they have less surface area. That also means landings will be somewhat harder. On the other hand, a shorter board will also be easier to maneuver, turn, and lift.

A longer board is faster and offers more comfortable landings, but it also requires more strength to control.

Shape and edges

Wider boards are harder to turn and carve through the waves, though they allow for faster speeds and bigger jumps. Conversely, narrow boards can cut through wakes easily and allow for better control, but they won’t jump off the water with ease.

The edges of the board also influence control and cutting. Beginners tend to opt for more blunt edges, which offer increased stability. Advanced riders often look for smooth, rounded edges, which make it easier to perform tricks.


The fin is located on the underside of the board toward the back and helps give the rider steady direction. Most beginners use deeper fins, which provide greater balance and control but make it more difficult to perform tricks or jumps. Advanced users tend to opt for shallower fins, which require the user to know how to maneuver the board.

More fins, especially those near the edge of the board, offer increased stability. Fewer fins translate to less traction and thus higher speeds and higher jump heights. Advanced wakeboarders sometimes ride boards with no fins at all.

Fins will either be molded-in, which means they are permanent fixtures on the board, or removable. Removable fins offer flexibility when it comes to how you want to ride, particularly if your skill level rises quickly. Molded-in fins are generally more durable, however.


The shape of the underside of the board is referred to as the rocker. There are two main types.

  • Continuous: A continuous rocker features a smooth curve from the tip of the board to the tail. This design allows for faster speeds, easier turns, and smoother rides. These are often preferred by beginners or those who do their boarding on calmer waters.
  • Three-stage: This type of rocker has two distinct bends on either end that level off to a flat bottom. The three-stage rocker allows for higher jumps but slower speeds. It also feels like it pushes into the water instead of slicing through it. Three-stage wakeboards tend to be for more advanced riders interested in aerial tricks and an intense workout.
  • Hybrid: Some wakeboard makers offer unique designs that combine these two basic rocker styles.
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Did you know?
An offshoot of wakeboarding is wake surfing, which usually features a longer board and bigger towing boat. Once up to speed, wake surfers drop the tow handle and navigate the boat’s wake like an ocean surfer carving up waves.


Color and design

Wakeboarding isn’t just about feeling good — it’s about looking good, too. Wakeboards come in a variety of colors and designs, from the dark and brooding to the bright and exuberant. A wakeboard’s visual design is meant to show off your personality and attitude, adding some style to the substance of a board.


Bindings are essentially wakeboarding boots. They fit your foot snugly and attach to the board to allow you to lift, jump, and twist in the air. Some women’s wakeboard packages include matching bindings, which is especially beneficial for female riders, as these boots are designed to support the subtle differences that exist between men’s and women’s feet. Buying your bindings in combination with the board will likely be slightly cheaper than buying the items separately and will also guarantee their compatibility.

Single-tip vs. twin-tip boards

If you know your boarding style, you may want to invest in a board that caters to you. If you’re a skier, you’re likely to have a preferred front leg and a preferred back leg when boarding. As a result, many wakeboarders who transition from skiing prefer a single-tip board — a board that features one rounded-off tip in front and a squared-off back.

For those who prefer to frequently change their front and back legs, as snowboarders often do, symmetrical twin-tip boards are often preferred, as they don’t have a predetermined front and back.

"As wakeboarding began to take shape in the 1970s and 1980s, it went by different names. Some called it “ski boarding,” while others dubbed it “skurfing.”"


Life jacket: Onyx MoveVent Torsion Life Jacket
Any time you’re on the water, it’s imperative to wear a life jacket. That’s especially true when engaging in a rigorous activity like wakeboarding. We love this lightweight jacket from Onyx that allows for easy mobility.

Women’s water shoes: Dreamcity Water Shoes
While you won’t be using them on the board, water shoes are useful when walking around a boat and navigating the dock or shore. This pair from Dreamcity is light, comfy, and offered in a variety of colors.

Wakeboard tower speakers: MCM Marine Speakers
Wakeboarding and surf sports in general are about exuberance, fun, and style. So why not deck out your boat with a pair of marine water speakers to blast your tunes? This set from MCM are durable and potent, perfect for bouncing along the water.

Women’s wakeboard prices

Inexpensive: For under $225, you’ll find a few quality women’s wakeboards. They will likely cater to beginners at this price range and include features that aid less-experienced riders. This price range may also feature factory-second boards that were nicked during production but are still functional.

Mid-range: Most boards tend to fall in the range between $225 and $350. These will be from trusted brands and include a variety of features and styles from which to choose.

Expensive: For over $350, you’ll find durable boards well-suited to experienced boarders. These women’s waterboards may include various advanced features and showcase unique designs in a broad choice of colors.

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Did you know?
While early wakeboards were hard and stiff, newer technologies allowed for the creation of the flex board, which is now more popular.


  • Be prepared to fall. If you’re a beginner, however perfect your board is for you, you’ll still fall, and that’s okay. Every sport takes time to learn.
  • Double-check your fins. If your wakeboard has removable fins, make sure they are secure and stable before heading out on the water. Fins and screws do not float!
  • Look for concaves, channels, and spines. These are designs on the base of the board that affect speed, lift, and control. These specialized features are geared towards advanced riders looking to enhance a specific style.

Other products we considered

We like the Vogue women’s wakeboard from CTRL, which caters to beginners and experienced riders alike with a three-stage rocker, hybrid core, and eye-catching design. It’s also one of the cheaper boards available.

Also noteworthy is the Maiden by Hyperlite, which includes a pair of bindings. It features a continuous rocker, a tapered fin, and a design that suits all skill levels.

Finally, the Ronix Limelight is perfect for those advanced riders looking to go higher and faster with this lightweight, stylish board.

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Wakeboards can be a large investment, especially if you’re not sure how far you’ll take the activity. It may be worth pooling funds with friends when getting your first board or renting a board until you’re ready to commit.


Q. How do I maintain my wakeboard?
When not in use, keep your board out of the sun. Like other water sports equipment, it should be stored in a cool, dry place. A cover will help prevent scratches and dents during transport and storage. After use in saltwater, rinse your board with fresh water to keep the salt from corroding the board.

Q. What’s the most important feature of a wakeboard?
The number of features and options on boards — such as various channels, fins and edges — can seem overwhelming. In actuality, when starting off, just ignore all that and find the right size board. There’s plenty of time to dive into all the other complexities once you’re more experienced.

Q. Is wakeboarding dangerous?
Wakeboarding is an outdoor sport that, like any physical activity, requires a certain level of caution. Always wakeboard in your comfort zone, especially when you’re just starting out. While the water may seem peaceful and friendly at first glance, hitting the water at high speed can be hard and hurtful. Beginners may want to invest in helmets as they practice. As with any intense physical activity, make sure to stretch before and after.

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