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Updated August 2020
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for best men’s ice skates

From leisurely gliding on a frozen backyard pond to competing in an action-packed ice hockey game, taking to the ice is both a hobby and a sport that many enjoy. Not only do you need skates that provide a comfortable fit while offering exceptional performance,  also want them to look stylish. With the many options of men’s skates available on the market today, there’s no reason a man who wants to pursue skating can’t find a pair he will love, regardless of his skill level and budget.

The right pair of ice skates will provide an exceptional fit that will allow your to make the most of whatever activity on the ice one chooses to pursue. While some prefer a smooth, steady movement, others need skates to help them hone various skills, such as jumps, spins, and speed. Though it can be challenging to find the perfect pair of men’s ice skates, BestReviews is here to help with reliable information and research to make the task easier.

Above, we’ve listed some of the most important features of several top-selling men’s ice skates. We’ve already done the research so all you have to do is consider your needs with the skates we reviewed to help you pick the perfect pair. You can count on our product analyses to be thorough and unbiased, and direct you to the best items to fit your needs and price range. Read on to learn more about ice skates for men.

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Ulrich Salchow won the first gold medal in men’s figure skating during the 1908 Summer Olympics in London.

Types of men’s ice skates

Basic figure skates

Men who are just learning to ice skate, only skate every once in a while, or take to the ice as a leisure activity don’t have to spend a lot on skates. Basic styles often made of synthetic materials aren’t very expensive – typically around $40 to $100 – and are suitable for light use.

Professional-level ice skates

Whether training to compete to just ready to advance to pro-level skates suitable for jumps, spins, and twists, men in this category may want to considering ice skates made for advanced skaters. They are typically pricier, but built to last, have more rugged ankle support, and made of leather. Since quality is priority, the price typically starts around $100 and goes up from there.

Ice hockey skates

Built for the sport, these skates offer substantial ankle support and a outer shell for added foot protection. The blades are shorter than those of other ice skates for precise movements on the ice. The price of these specialized skates vary, for men who likes to chase a few pucks around to those who are competition-ready. Depending on your needs, expect to pay around $70 dollars for a basic pair, and up to $1,000 for professional grade skates.

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Did you know?
The “quad” is one of the most difficult ice skating jumps to master. It requires four rotations before landing back on the ice, and is commonly performed by top male figure skaters during various competitions.

Men’s ice skates considerations

Activity and skill level

Some men like to spend time on the ice with family and friends, enjoying the atmosphere and company – which doesn’t require expensive skates made for speed or competition. Others dabble in figure skating similar to the competitions held during the winter olympics with varying degrees of skill.

Ice skates with precise workmanship and substantial support are available to suit almost all men, from those who are new to the sport to those on a competitive level. Ice hockey is in a category by itself and requires ice skates with specific features made for fast motion on the ice, such as shorter blades and thicker padding.

Fit and comfort

Finding the perfectly fitting ice skates can be challenging for some men, because there is more to finding the right fit than simply their usual shoe size. Performance on the ice, especially during activities that require agility and speed, depend on a snug fit. Too much extra space probably indicates that a skate is too large.

Some ice skates don’t fit exactly true to size, but this isn’t necessarily a bad feature. Tightly-fitting skates often loosen up with wear, while those that are a bit too loose may be “fixed” by simply adjusting the laces for a more secure fit.

It’s also important that you realize there is a break-in period with most ice skates. This is particularly true of skates that are built for performance which often have stiffer material. Though the time frame varies, it’s part of getting use to a pair of new skates and learning how to maneuver in them on the ice.

"Falling is the highest risk for beginning ice skaters. Wearing extra gear while learning basic skills is vital. Learning to relax as much as possible for an impending fall and making every attempt possible to catch yourself with your hands will also help reduce the likelihood and seriousness of injuries."

Fashion sense

Though the appearance of ice skates have little to do with performance, most men want to look cool on the ice. From sporty designs with bold colors and materials to traditional figure skates with laces to the top of the ankle, there are numerous types of skates available to fit each male ice skater’s preferences when it comes to aesthetic appeal.


Men’s ice skates come in synthetic materials or leather, and there are pros and cons to both. While leather tends to be more durable and offers more support, synthetic materials are usually more comfortable and flexible. Leather skates also fall on the higher end of price range, and suited for serious ice skaters and those planning to wear them to compete.



  • More durable than synthetic material. Leather has the tendency to hold up to extensive use while synthetic material often shoes wear sooner.

  • Offers superior support. The build is typically more substantial than synthetic materials, which is beneficial for more active skaters.

  • Often designed for pro-level skaters, thanks to the wearability and support leather ice skates provide.


  • Tends to be somewhat stiff, and requires a longer break in period than skates made of synthetic materials.

  • Leather skates are also somewhat pricey due to the quality of the material.



  • Ice skates made of synthetic materials are often more flexible, and provide a more comfortable fit that’s suitable for beginners.

  • Affordability is also a bonus to basic ice skates crafted off synthetic materials, as they typically fall well below the price of leather ice skates.

  • Shorter break in period.


  • Synthetic materials are prone to wearing out quicker than leather.

  • Not always suitable for frequent or competitive skaters who need materials that offer optimum support and provide long-term wear.

Interior materials

Ice skates also vary when it comes to their interior material, which consists of padding and lining. It’s a matter of preference, as some men like added cushioning and warmth. However, those who tend to have sweaty feet may prefer less padding, and they can wear socks to suit their warmth and cushioning needs.

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Winning in ice hockey depends on speed. Professional players have been known to race on the ice at speeds around 30 mph.


Q. I’ve heard that ice skates need to fit snug but not too tightly. What’s the best way to ensure I get the right size?

A. It’s true that you don’t want too much wiggle room in ice skates to maximize control. When you try on a pair of skates, the best fit will leave about a finger’s width of free space at either the toes or the heel. Don’t forget to try them on with socks, as this can make a difference in the fit.

Q. I had a pair of ice hockey skates that was quite uncomfortable around the ankles. How can I prevent this with my next pair?

A. Ice hockey skates are more likely to chafe and rub because of the movements involved in the sport. Look for a pair that feels supportive around the ankles, and that offer soft but sturdy support. Pass on any that feel flimsy or lack padding if you are prone to ankle discomfort.

Q. Style is important to me. What should I be looking for in the latest styles in men’s ice skates?

A. While traditional ice skates often look basic, they are still sleek and attractive. However, contemporary styles often include sporty details, angled cuts, and patterned lines that look great on the ice.

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