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Updated July 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for best leg warmers

Leg warmers: you can wear them to make a fashion statement or simply to keep your legs warm. Regardless of your purpose, you’ll want to find the perfect pair. Over the decades, different variations of leg warmers have come to light. Manufacturers continue to get creative with material and style. You can find leg warmers made of silk, wool, cotton, and acrylic. You can find above-the-knee and below-the-knee styles. The color, design, and overall look of leg warmers varies almost as much as the people who wear them.

Perhaps your first consideration will be how you intend to use the leg warmers. Are you aiming for a certain look? Are you trying to stay warm? Do you participate in a particular activity, such as dancing or cycling, in which leg warmers serve a specific purpose?

In this buying guide, we explore the various reasons why you might want a pair of leg warmers for yourself or someone close to you. We provide ideas and tips to guide your search.

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Leg warmers make great gifts. If you’re tired of giving plain old socks for holidays or birthdays, consider a gift box that contains several pairs of trendy leg warmers.

Key considerations



If you’re searching for knitted or crocheted leg warmers, they will most likely be made of wool or a fabric that includes a percentage of wool. Wool holds in heat and repels cold; it’s excellent for cold-weather wear.


Lacy leg warmers, with their eye-catching patterns, can add elegance to an outfit. However, they will not keep your legs warm. They are strictly a fashion accessory.


Many basic, low-cost leg warmers on the market are 100% acrylic or contain a large percentage of acrylic fabric. Acrylic is easily washed, but it’s not durable. After numerous wears, acrylic leg warmers can become ripped or torn. If you’re wearing them as a short-term fashion accessory, this may not matter to you, but if you plan to keep your leg warmers for years to come, consider a material other than acrylic.

Thermal fabric

Leg warmers designed for wear during sports, particularly outdoor sports, are made from thermal fabric designed to keep you warm, dry, and protected from the elements. They may also contain a fleece inner layer to increase your warmth.



Fashion leg warmers are trendy and usually made from acrylic, wool, lace, cotton, or some combination of those fabrics. You’ll find different colors and styles to match different looks and outfits. Fashion leg warmers do not tend to be as thick as those worn for warmth alone.

How should you wear your fashion leg warmers? The choice is yours. Often, fashion leg warmers are paired with a skirt or shorts to highlight the look of the leg warmers. They can also be worn with fashion boots.


If you’re looking to stay warm, a pair of wool leg warmers may be in your future. In fact, the greater the percentage of wool in the warmers, the cozier you will be, especially in cold temperatures. Acrylic and cotton leg warmers won’t necessarily keep you comfortable in frigid weather.


Leg warmers designed expressly for wear during sports will be thicker than fashion leg warmers but thinner than wool leg warmers. Many of these leg warmers are made of thermal fabric with wicking properties to avoid sweat buildup.


The traditional length of leg warmers is 15 to 17 inches from heel to top. For most people, they land just below the knee. This length works well for keeping the calves and ankles warm.

Some leg warmers are longer, stretching between 17 and 25 inches and reaching above the knee. Ballerinas are often seen wearing this length.

Leg warmers from 25 to 36 inches are considered thigh-high leg warmers and are often worn for cycling or as a fashion accessory with a skirt or shorts. Choose the length based on the look you’re going for.

Open-toe vs. closed-toe

Some leg warmers are “open-toe” and some are “closed-toe.” Open-toe leg warmers have open ends on either side. They slide on and off easily and can be adjusted to sit higher on the leg, if you so choose. They can also be worn to fit slightly over the top of the shoe for a trendy look.

Closed-toe leg warmers are like tights that aren’t connected and don’t go above the waist. They are basically extended socks. If you’re wearing them for extra warmth, consider wearing them along with your regular socks.


Buttons and bows

Fashion leg warmers may feature buttons or bows for added texture and pizzazz. The buttons and bows won’t be functional; they’re simply there for decoration.

Handmade look

Knitted or crocheted leg warmers are popular items available at craft fairs. They are sought after for their uniqueness and handmade look. You can also find leg warmers that have a handmade appearance, although they may not have been made by an artisan.

Zippered ankle

Some sports leg warmers feature a zippered ankle. This makes it easier for the wearer to get them on and off, especially since sports leg warmers are often made of tight-fitting fabric.

Leg warmer prices

Inexpensive: The bulk of leg warmers available on the market today are fairly inexpensive. For $10 to $15, you can find lots of great-looking acrylic leg warmers for sale. This price point is ideal if you want to purchase several pairs to rotate with different outfits.

Mid-range: If you want something a little more durable and authentic-looking, consider investing $15 to $30 in your leg warmers. Many of these are made of wool or a hardy wool blend. The more intricate the design, the more the leg warmers will cost.

Expensive: Leg warmers designed for sports purposes tend to cost more. Plan to spend above $30 and perhaps as much as $60 for a pair of sports leg warmers. Why? The tight-fitting, sweat-wicking materials with which many of these leg warmers are made tend to cost more.

If you opt for a multi-pack of acrylic warmers, you might spend $30 or more for several pairs. Some people prefer to stock up on leg warmers the same way they stock up on socks. If leg warmers are a fashion staple in your closet, a multi-pack may be the most economical choice.


  • Fit matters. Your leg warmers should fit tightly to your leg, but they should not cut off the circulation. You should be able to comfortably place a finger between the top band and your leg.
  • Elastic holds them up. If you find that leg warmers often slide down your legs, look for a pair with elastic tops and bottoms. The elastic will help keep them in place.
  • Style is easy. Looking for a quick style boost? Wear leg warmers underneath a pair of long boots, so the tops of the leg warmers peek out over the boots. It’s an easy way to amp-up an outfit.
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If you find a favorite pair of leg warmers, purchase them in several colors. That way, you’ll have a color-coordinated pair for every outfit.


Q. Is wearing leg warmers better than wearing thick pants?
Not necessarily. If you’re using them for warmth, leg warmers are usually worn as a complement to another piece of clothing, not instead of another piece of clothing. If you’re wearing them as a fashion accessory, consider wearing them with shorts or a skirt rather than pants.

Q. Do leg warmers come in small, medium, and large sizes?
Most leg warmers intended for adults are one-size-fits-all accessories. If they are custom-made or from certain brands, however, they may come in specific sizes. There are also leg warmers made for children. These are smaller to accommodate a younger person’s size.

Q. Should I wear socks and leg warmers at the same time?
That’s completely up to you. If you’re looking for additional warmth, it’s possible to wear both at once. That said, some people become uncomfortable with too much fabric on their feet.

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