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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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UGG Women's Tasman Slipper
Women's Tasman Slipper
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Practical & Comfortable
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UGG's Tasman slippers offer warmth and style without sacrificing functionality.


Composed of thick leather that insulates heat for a cozy feel. Layered with sheep fur for additional interior padding. Collar adds style and keeps your feet sturdily in place. Available in multiple colors and sizes.


Some users report that the wool starts to fall out.

Best Bang for the Buck
HomeIdeas Women's House Slippers
Women's House Slippers
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Bargain Pick
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Memory foam slippers that are a simple and comfortable choice for around-the-house activities.


Knit style is cute and cozy. Memory foam is comfortable and inviting. Easily slip in/out during errands or household chores. Sole made from anti-slip rubber. Breathable and lightweight. Quiet footsteps when worn. Available in different colors.


Not true to size; users recommend sizing up.

Sorel Women's Nakiska Bootie
Women's Nakiska Bootie
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Durable & Rugged
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These booties might come with a higher price tag, but their comfort and durability make it worth it.


Great for doing chores around the house and running errands without worrying about changing footwear. The bootie style makes them cozier than other options. These slippers offer a 1/4-inch heel and a platform height of 1/2 inch. Suede outer with faux fur interior.


Not as quick to put on/take off as other styles.

Columbia Women's Minx Omni-Heat Slipper
Women's Minx Omni-Heat Slipper
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Most Versatile
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A versatile choice equipped with extra grip on the sole that's perfect for cold, snowy winters.


Made of genuine leather with a non-marking rubber sole. Omni-grip traction outsole allows for brief use in slippery snow or on wet ground. Thermal reflective inner lining keeps feet warm regardless of the temperature outside. Designed to stay on better than traditional slip-ons.


Some of the seams may not be comfortable for delicate feet.

Dearfoams Women's Chenille Bootie Slipper
Women's Chenille Bootie Slipper
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Soft & Cozy
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A soft and fluffy slipper made from chenille that's breathable yet warm.


Knit chenille material with velour trim. Insole cushioned with memory foam for added comfort. Rubber sole prevents slips or falls, and allows for use outside. Keeps feet warm but still able to breathe. 4 color options available.


Not as durable and long-lasting as some users would like.


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Buying guide for best indoor/outdoor slippers for women

Fall weather conjures up all sorts of memories, from apple picking to enjoying the colorful foliage to drinking hot beverages around a warm fire. It’s also time for a change of footwear, from strappy sandals and flip-flops to comfortable, cozy slippers.

During this changeable season, indoor/outdoor slippers for women take on special appeal. You can quickly shift from padding around the house on a cool autumn day to sweeping leaves off the porch without having to change into shoes. Keeping an extra pair near the door for longer jaunts to the garden or mailbox is routine for women in the chilly Northeast, Midwest, and Northwest regions of the United States.

What makes a slipper truly indoor and outdoor? In this buying guide, we go over some key features of this popular footwear, including the variety of styles that have developed over the past few years. There is truly an indoor/outdoor slipper for everyone, so read on to get the facts about these slippers for women and learn the important elements you need to know before purchasing. Don’t forget to check out our favorites too.

indoor outdoor slippers for women
Indoor/outdoor slippers are constructed in much the same way as shoes, with the uppers stitched or glued to the soles.

Key considerations

What makes slippers indoor/outdoor?

Indoor slippers, sometimes called house shoes, are meant to be worn only indoors. While they might have lots of cushioning, they have thin outer soles that don’t hold up for long against rough surfaces, dirt, or moisture.

Indoor/outdoor slippers can be worn outside. They have tougher, thicker soles to protect the slippers from water and the feet from gravel, rocks, ice, snow, or burning-hot pavement.

Here are features that define indoor/outdoor slippers:

Sturdy soles: While they may be thinner than the soles on shoes, the soles on indoor/outdoor slippers can stand up to uneven surfaces and wet conditions, and they’re thick enough to prevent small pebbles or other debris from hurting the foot.

Defined uppers: Sturdier stitching and materials, such as boiled wool, canvas, and leather, help support the foot so wearers can maintain their balance on uneven surfaces.

Water resistance: Wearers shouldn’t have to worry about raindrops ruining the sueded leather of their indoor/outdoor slippers.

Do you need indoor/outdoor slippers?

Indoor/outdoor slippers are so versatile that everyone can think of a reason to need them. They are cozy and warm while supporting the feet, which makes them great for quickly slipping on to run outside and grab the paper or a grocery delivery.

But there are also times when you shouldn’t wear indoor/outdoor slippers.

Extreme weather: Blizzards, downpours, and hurricanes, and other extreme weather events are not the times to wear indoor/outdoor slippers (but you know that already).

Deep snow or mud: Folks in the rural Northeast who love their indoor/outdoor slippers leave them on the porch when the snow is deep or the ground is very muddy. (When both of these conditions happen at the same time it’s called “March.”) Mud or snow will quickly soak the uppers and permanently ruin the slippers. Instead, opt for rugged boots or shoes or rubber boots when heading outdoors in these conditions.

Scratch-prone floors: While it’s less common these days, lugged soles on indoor/outdoor slippers might scratch or mar certain wood floors or finishes. Read carefully through the product description and user reviews to see if there are any warnings about risks to flooring. If you’re still unsure, put the slippers on and test them in an inconspicuous corner of the floor to make sure they don’t leave any marks.

A slipper’s upper may include several pieces stitched together that support each other, such as the quarter (sides), vamp (top), and toe cap.



Indoor/outdoor slippers are more than just sturdy footwear for grabbing the mail. They can also be a fashion statement. They can keep your feet warm, cool, or just comfortable. There’s a version for just about everyone, and here are a few popular features and styles.


Nonslip outsole: Outsoles with treads help defeat slippery surfaces.

Cushioning midsole: Added cushioning in the midsole between the sole and the footbed is common in everyday shoes but not always present in slippers.

Massaging insole: Some indoor/outdoor slippers have insoles studded with massaging nubs or pebbles to relieve tired, achy feet.


Antibacterial: Some slipper materials, such as wool, are naturally antibacterial. Other slippers include a fabric lining that resists bacterial growth.


Water resistance: While thicker, warmer materials help resist splashing water, if you encounter very wet conditions like puddles or slush, a water-resistant or waterproof upper (including slippers made of molded rubber or plastic) will keep your feet dry and warm.

Material: Faux versions of fur, sheepskin, and leather are available in nearly every slipper style.


Indoor/outdoor slippers can have open heels, a heel strap to keep the foot from sliding out, or a fully closed heel.

Flat or low heels (less than 1 inch) are the standard for indoor/outdoor slippers, but you can also find styles with medium to high heels (2 to more than 3 inches).


Moccasins: Perennially popular moccasin-style indoor/outdoor slippers feature sturdy leather uppers, molded soles, and a cozy wool or fur lining. Faux leather and lining options are available.

Crocs: Weather-resistant, bacteria-resistant, nearly indestructible, yet lightweight and easy to slip on and off, Crocs are a go-to slipper for those concerned with comfort over fashion.

Clogs: This stylish precursor to Crocs combines the sturdiness of traditional wooden clogs with warm wool and an arch-supporting cork footbed.

Sandals: Warm slippers aren’t always what you need, especially in hot climates, but a sturdy sole and weather resistance are still appreciated. Indoor/outdoor slipper sandals that quickly go on and come off are a great choice.

High-tops: Often lined with cozy felt, wool, or faux fur, these keep your ankles warm during those quick trips to the mailbox.

Boots: Puffy and soft inside and weather-resistant outside, boot-style slippers are perfect for quickly warming up feet at the campsite or while tailgating.


For those who like to wash their slippers occasionally, you can find sturdy indoor/outdoor slippers that can stand up to the washing machine.

indoor outdoor slippers for women
Slippers have been around since at least 4700 BC.


Shoe care kit: UGG Shoe Care Kit
UGG slippers are as much fashion as function, and this kit cleans, freshens, and protects the suede uppers.

Socks: Loritta Fuzzy Animal Socks
Add a little extra warmth and cute style in the winter by wearing these fuzzy socks with your indoor/outdoor slippers.

Insoles: ABUSA Sheepskin Insoles
If a favorite indoor-outdoor slipper doesn’t come with cozy, fuzzy insoles, you can add these cut-to-fit accessories in an instant.

Wool detergent: KnitIQ No Rinse Delicate Wash
Use this lavender/citrus-scented biodegradable detergent to gently clean wool indoor/outdoor slippers as well as scarves, hats, and sweaters.

Shoe deodorizer: NonScents Shoe Deodorizer
Pop a nontoxic pack into each slipper for molecular-level deodorizing that lasts for months.


Inexpensive: Indoor/outdoor slippers with minimal structure and weather protection are available for $11 to $23. These are fine for chilly days in warmer climates.

Mid-range: You’ll find a great range of slipper styles and quality at the $24 to $49 price point, ideal for those still hunting for their forever slipper.

Expensive: Molded cork footbeds, prescriptive arch support, and top-quality materials are found in indoor/outdoor slippers in the $50 to $79 price range.

Mules are backless indoor/outdoor slippers with closed toes. They were once popular with French noblewomen who often wore them to parties.



  • Wear insulated shoes or boots outside in extreme conditions. Indoor/outdoor slippers are not meant to protect the feet in freezing temperatures for an extended period of time.
  • Check the label for water resistance. Make sure those fashionable suede slippers are water resistant. Check the care label, and treat them with a suede protectant if necessary.
  • Clean indoor/outdoor slippers. Use a soft nylon brush to clean off sand, dirt, or snow as soon as possible. Slippers that can’t be machine washed can still be spot cleaned with a lint-free cloth dipped in water and a gentle soap like wool-friendly laundry detergent. If you use a shoe cleaner to tackle stubborn dirt, check the label on the cleaner to make sure it won’t damage the slipper material.
  • Air out your slippers. After you wear your indoor/outdoor slippers, let them air out in a well-ventilated spot to deter bacteria growth and odor buildup.
indoor outdoor slippers for women
Switch into a clean pair of indoor/outdoor slippers on your next airplane or train trip to keep your feet comfortable and cozy.


Q. Is an open-heel slipper safe to wear outdoors?

A. Proper fit is important to keep open-heel or mule slippers securely on the foot. Slipper sizes match shoe sizes, so if you wear a women’s size 8 shoe, then a size 8 slipper should fit. However, slippers may be slightly looser than shoes because they’re made to be comfortable and let the foot relax. (The exception is leather slippers, which tend to be a little tighter when they’re new until they stretch to fit the foot.) Try new slippers on bare feet and with socks to see how they feel. If your foot slips out of an open-heel slipper, try a half size down to see if the material grips the foot better. Otherwise, consider a slipper with a strap or closed heel so you can walk confidently outside.

Q. What’s the best way to clean wool indoor/outdoor slippers?

A. Double-check the manufacturer’s website or the care instructions to find the recommended methods for cleaning. For example, boiled wool, which is tight, stiff, and structured, can be spot cleaned or washed in cold water. Felted wool or wool knit can be washed in cool or cold water with a detergent made specifically for wool, but the slippers may lose more of their shape or structure with each wash.

Q. Is it true that leather indoor/outdoor slippers can’t be washed?

A. Leather, especially sueded leather, requires a specific cleaning solution; soap and water can stain or mat the suede permanently. But a non-suede, smooth leather can be spot cleaned when needed. Some smooth leather slippers can be treated with mink oil every few months to help repel water and prevent water stains. The oil also softens stiff leather.

Q. Can I wear my indoor/outdoor slippers on a camping trip?

A. Sure! Insulated, boot-style indoor/outdoor slippers are popular with hikers and campers because they keep feet warm and cozy while schlepping around the campsite. Pick a slipper that can be easily wiped clean to remove any mud, ash, or soot.


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