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Updated March 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for best Dell monitors

Dell is a trusted brand name and a leading maker of consumer electronics. Dell monitors come in a bounty of styles and price ranges, from budget-friendly monitors for daily use to specially designed devices for niche users.

Dell monitors vary in size, resolution, and power, and a variety of features are available to make your computer use comfortable, easy, and efficient. Perhaps you need a fast, powerful monitor to enhance your gaming endeavors. Perhaps you’re looking to upgrade your home office from a laptop to something more substantial. Or maybe you simply want a secondary entertainment platform beyond your regular TV. Regardless of your desire, there is a Dell monitor for your needs.

As monitors have evolved fairly quickly, there is much to consider when shopping for a new one. Our guide takes a look at the possibilities and offers specific product suggestions from the wonderful line of Dell monitors.

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Your monitor should always have the most up-to-date software installed. Register your device, and check the Dell website for the latest updates so your monitor is secure and effective.

Key considerations


Most monitors fall into one or more of three categories: work, gaming, and entertainment. These categories are broad, and much overlap may occur. Still, considering your primary use is a good place to start when shopping for a Dell monitor.


Dell’s Ultrasharp series is geared toward people involved with graphic design, photos, and video. The monitors are slim and stylishly designed with faithful color recreation. Thin bezels allow you to connect multiple monitors without seeing a noticeable separation.

For those who collaborate online or use frequent word processing and other office programs, Dell offers business-oriented monitors that streamline efficiency and comfort. These typically incorporate features to ease eye strain, save power, and connect easily to other devices.


Dell’s Alienware monitors are a series of high-power gaming monitors for serious gaming enthusiasts. They range in size, with most from 25 to 35 inches in length. There are some large-scale options, too, including 55-inch monitors with processors, high refresh rates, quick response times, and a variety of ports to connect multiple devices.

As an alternative to high-end Alienware options, Dell also offers budget-friendly gaming monitors. These still feature impressive refresh rates and response times, though not as high as Alienware. Fewer ports and size options are likely.


A monitor can take the place of a smart TV, providing connection to streaming service apps and other content online. These monitors don’t call for extra features that professionals and gamers require and therefore tend to cost less. If you’re looking at a Dell monitor for entertainment purposes, first consider its size, resolution, and accessibility.


The size of a monitor is measured in inches on a diagonal from one corner to the opposite corner. Dell monitors can be as small as 20 inches and as large as 35 inches; some gaming monitors may run larger. The average Dell monitor size is 24 or 27 inches, which will likely offer you a much larger screen than a laptop without taking up too much space.

Consider where you will be placing your monitor. Its distance from the user and how much space it will occupy are important factors. Notably, some Dell monitors have extra-wide screens. These are often preferred by professionals, particularly those involved in design or the arts.


Dell monitors are offered in highly detailed 4K resolution, common HD resolution, and the less-common Quad High Definition. For people who use their monitors as a primary hub for high-end content, such as brand new video games or blockbuster films, 4K resolution is ideal. For people who primarily use their monitors for browsing and working, an HD option would likely be adequate. QHD, or 2K resolution, is typically found on gaming monitors and design-focused monitors.

Notably, Dell offers one more resolution: 8K. However, there is little content being made in 8K, which means that for now, there isn’t much use for it, and it does come at a premium price.


Before purchasing a new monitor, investigate the ways in which you can connect your device to it. HDMI is a popular choice because it offers fast hookup for audio and visuals. DisplayPort is another powerful option that is increasingly popular and also offers audio and video data transfer. Some inexpensive monitors may feature DVI, while newer options feature high-speed USB ports.

Take note of any audio-only ports as well, including a headphone jack, if you want to isolate sound. In particular, gamers who enjoy hooking up a headset to communicate with others online may prefer these.

Most Dell monitor stands allow some degree of tilting and turning so you can set up your monitor to suit your needs. This option is especially useful if you don’t intend to mount the monitor. 



Curved display

Some monitors are curved to provide a more immersive visual experience. Curved monitors are often preferred by gamers, though they have some merit with graphic designers and other artists as well. Curved monitors do not work well when paired with other monitors or when mounted, however, unless the mount is stationary.


Dell offers a touchscreen monitor that essentially allows you to use the device like a large-scale tablet. Those who like the tactile interaction of a touchscreen enjoy the convenience and efficiency. However, the extra function (and subsequently higher price) may be unnecessary for most.


Some business-oriented Dell monitors include an HD camera for video conferencing purposes. These cameras provide a wide-viewing angle, noise-reducing microphone, quality speakers, and security for peace of mind.

Platinum finish

While most Dell monitors are black, some have a silver stand that adds a bit of shimmer and shine. The finish doesn’t affect quality, but it may be a welcome style option.

Built-in speakers

A handful of Dell monitors, particularly those geared toward business usage, have built-in speakers with decent sound. However, if you’re keen on enjoying high-quality content, you may want to invest in separate speakers.

dell monitor2
Response time, measured in milliseconds, is the time it takes a monitor to respond to the content or activity on the screen. While gamers want the lowest response time possible (1ms is ideal), most users find 5ms sufficient.


HDMI cable: Monster 4K HDMI Cable
You’ll need a powerful and reliable HDMI cable to connect the monitor to your device. We recommend this durable cable from Monster that transmits high-quality 4K information.

Ergonomic keyboard: Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard
If you are upgrading your home office, we recommend investing in this wireless ergonomic keyboard from Logitech. In addition to comfort, it offers a backlight and a fast charge.

Dell monitor prices

Inexpensive: You can find a quality Dell monitor for work or casual entertainment for $400 or less. These monitors feature HD or QHD resolution at a decent size and with fast processing.

Mid-range: Monitors between $400 and $800 are likely to have a noteworthy feature, such as faithful color recreation or 4K resolution.

Expensive: Dell monitors over $800 are typically geared toward dedicated uses who stream high-quality content, play video games, or work with graphics. These premium monitors are fast and powerful.

Most Dell monitors incorporate a handful of eco-friendly features, such as utilizing recycled packaging, implementing energy-saving technology, or adhering to rigorous environmental standards for efficiency.



  • Check your cables. Most Dell monitors come with one or two cables, providing you a high-quality connection. Still, you’re likely to need to connect other devices, so be sure to have compatible options available.
  • Invest in comfort. Consider an ergonomic keyboard and mouse, a swivel mount, and a comfortable chair to enhance your setup.
  • Watch out for redundancies. A monitor can improve efficiency and convenience in a lot of areas, but it makes sense to avoid doubling up on extras. For example, you may not need a 4K monitor if you already own an impressive smart TV. Similarly, you may not need a swivel stand if you’re investing in a mount.
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Gamers and collaborators may wish to choose a monitor with a wide viewing angle so others can watch content without distortion.


Q. How should I clean my Dell monitor?

A. Use caution whenever you clean a screen, whether it’s a monitor or a TV. First, wipe away dust and fingerprints with a microfiber cloth. If marks remain, you can add a bit of water to the cloth to dampen it, but do not use a wet cloth on any screen. Turn off and unplug the device before wiping the screen with the cloth. Run it gently across the surface to remove excess residue. Never use chemicals or harsh substances on a screen.

Q. Should I mount my monitor?

A. Lots of users find mounting the monitor offers a better viewing experience while also saving space. Some mounts allow for a variety of movements so you can tilt, swing, and pivot your monitor in various directions. Check if the Dell monitor you are considering is mountable; not all are. VESA is the universal mounting standard, and any monitor able to be mounted will be VESA compatible.

Q. What is a bezel?

A. A bezel is the frame between the screen and the edge of the device, whether that device is a smartphone, TV, or monitor. Many consumers prefer bezels that are exceedingly thin because they offer highly immersive visual engagement. This may be particularly valuable for gamers and people who connect multiple monitors for seamless engagement.


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