Updated January 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Spirit Halloween 24" Chucky Doll
Spirit Halloween
24" Chucky Doll
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Most Realistic
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This frighteningly accurate horror doll has scars and stitches all over its menacing face.


An officially licensed Chucky doll that doubles as a Halloween decoration. The doll's tattered skin, thin red hair, and signature outfit are pulled straight from the movies. Customers praise the design quality and attention to detail.


Doesn't talk or come with a doll stand.

Best Bang for the Buck
NECA Chucky 8" Scale Scale Action Figure
Chucky 8" Scale Scale Action Figure
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Portable Fun
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A detailed and fully posable action figure with several weapons to choose from.


A scary 5.5-inch action figure based on the original 1988 film before the signature battle scars. Doll comes equipped with a baseball bat, 2 knives, and a Good Guy hammer. Fabric, clothing, and rooted hair add an air of miniaturized authenticity.


A fragile doll, may work better as a decoration than a child's toy.

Spirit Halloween Talking Chucky
Spirit Halloween
Talking Chucky
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Most Comprehensive
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He talks, smirks, and wields a scary knife like in the movie, but this version isn't going to chase you down.


This battery-operated Chucky doll has a slash across his face and red hair. Mouth moves when it says 1 of 7 different phrases from the films. Animatronic features make it a spooky decoration for your home. Includes AAA batteries and a removable knife.


Doesn't stand up on its own.

Chucky Bride of Chucky Talking Tiffany Doll, 10 inches
Bride of Chucky Talking Tiffany Doll, 10 inches
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Here Comes the Bride
Bottom Line

What's Chucky without his ever-popular partner in crime and life? This realistic doll looks like the movies!


Talking Tiffany, looks just like she does in the movie, from the clothes to the hair to the tattoos and nails. She quotes 6 lines straight from the franchise. There are 9 points of articulation and glass-like eyes.


The mouth doesn't move when she speaks. Somewhat smaller than some expect.

BendyFigs Good Guys Chucky Doll
Good Guys Chucky Doll
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Great Details
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This bendable figure makes up for what it lacks in size with stunningly impressive details.


This small doll is great for shelves that don't have room for the life-size Chucky dolls. It's bendable and posable and comes with crafted overalls and accessories. It's made specifically for collectors with precise details for all.


It's smaller than other options.


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Buying guide for Best Chucky dolls

Child’s Play isn’t the first movie, TV show, or story about a killer doll, but it’s definitely the best known. The franchise’s main character, Chucky, has frightened horror and non-horror fans for years, so many Child’s Play devotees want their very own Chucky doll to keep the scares going.

Chucky dolls are available in a wide array of styles and sizes. Some closely resemble the doll from the first film, while others depict the scarred, battle-worn Chucky of the later movies. You can find plush and action figure Chucky dolls. Some other characters from the films also have dolls, so you can complete the set if you so desire. These dolls are all excellent display items or collectibles for fans of the Child’s Play movies, but they can also make fun Halloween decorations, even if you aren’t a fan.

Start by deciding which Chucky character you prefer, as well as what type of doll you want. You also have to choose the right size and special features, such as the accessories that come with the doll. This shopping guide can help you better understand your options, while the included product recommendations make it even easier to identify the best Chucky doll for your collection. 

Best Chucky Dolls-Bride of Chucky
The Child’s Play franchise was created by Don Mancini, who wrote the first seven movies and directed several of them. He also created the Chucky TV series. 

How to buy the best Chucky doll

Who is Chucky?

Chucky is the main character and villain from the Child’s Play franchise, which includes eight films and a TV series. Since the first movie Child’s Play in 1988, Chucky has been one of the best-known horror icons, alongside Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise, Jason Voorhes from the Friday the 13th series, and Freddy Kreuger from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. 

The character is introduced as a notorious killer who transfers his soul into a doll in the first film. Chucky then spends the rest of the movies and series trying to transfer his soul back into a human body. The doll that Chucky’s soul inhabits is a fictional “Good Guy” doll, based on the Hasbro “My Buddy” dolls from the 1980s. As a result, Chucky has a similar look. He is known for his shaggy red hair, large blue eyes, and freckles. In addition, he usually wears a long-sleeve striped T-shirt, blue overalls with red buttons, and tennis shoes. 

Chucky character

When shopping for a Chucky doll, you can choose from a few different versions, as well as other characters from the Child’s Play franchise.

The most common Chucky Doll options include: 

  • “Good Guy” Chucky: These Chucky dolls resemble the version of Chucky from the first film when he’s still an unblemished “Good Guy” doll. He has the trademark red hair and overalls and T-shirt outfit. His face is entirely smooth and unmarked. Most “Good Guy” Chucky dolls have a sweet, innocent expression, but you can find some with a more vicious look on their face. 
  • Killer Chucky: These Chucky dolls have the classic red hair and overalls outfit, but they’re designed to look like Chucky in the later films when he’s been on his rampage. As a result, the faces of these dolls feature dramatic, jagged scars. Some also have a bulging eye. 
  • Tiffany: Tiffany is Chucky’s love interest in the films, who also has her soul transferred into a doll. She has blonde hair and large green eyes. The character first appeared in the Bride of Chucky film, so these dolls usually wear a wedding dress and a leather jacket. Some Chucky and Tiffany dolls come as a set. 
  • Glen: Another doll character from the Child’s Play franchise, Glen is the child of Chucky and Tiffany. He has red hair like Chucky, though it’s slightly darker. He wears a long-sleeve black shirt with a purple T-shirt over it and baggy black pants. 

Some Chucky dolls are extremely high-quality and resemble movie props. These dolls are the most expensive ones you can buy. 


What features do Chucky dolls have?

Chucky doll types

Depending on the look you prefer, Chucky dolls are available in several different types.

  • Partially articulated Chucky dolls: These Chucky dolls usually only feature one set of functioning joints. If only their hips move, they can sit or stand without help. If only their shoulders rotate, their arms can move, but they can’t sit or stand unaided. These dolls all usually have a head that rotates, however. 
  • Multi-articulated or fully articulated Chucky dolls: Multi-articulated Chucky dolls have functioning shoulder and hip joints, so their arms move and they can sit and stand unaided. Fully articulated dolls not only have moving shoulder and hip joints, but they can also have a movable waist, elbows, and ankles. Both these types of Chucky dolls feature moving heads. These are most similar to the Chucky doll from the movies. 
  • Stuffed Chucky dolls: These dolls are stuffed like teddy bears and other plushies. They have a soft, pillow-like feel and make excellent decor in addition to collectibles. 
  • Action figure Chucky dolls: These are small figures made of plastic and feature moving heads, arms, and legs. 
  • Bobblehead Chucky dolls: These dolls are usually made of plastic or resin and have a head connected to a solid body by a spring. When you move the head, it wobbles back and forth to look like the head is bobbing.


Chucky dolls vary in size based on the type and style. Action figures, bobbleheads, and stuffed dolls are typically on the small to medium side, with action figures usually the smallest. 

Partially articulated, multi-articulated, and fully articulated Chucky dolls are generally the largest, but there's a significant range in sizes. The tallest Chucky dolls that resemble those used in the movies are usually about 25 to 30 inches tall. Some of these dolls are meant for Halloween decor, so they’re smaller, measuring as short as 10 inches tall. 


Some Chucky dolls are equipped with a battery-powered voice box. They usually repeat famous lines or phrases from the films and make an excellent gift for Child’s Play fans. 


Many Chucky dolls come with accessories that complete the character’s look. In most cases, this includes a small plastic knife or another weapon. 

Best Chucky Dolls-Chucky doll puppets
Did You Know?
The Chucky dolls used in the first three movies were actually puppets that required nine people to operate. 

How much do Chucky dolls cost?


The most affordable Chucky dolls are action figures, bobbleheads, and small stuffed dolls. These dolls generally don’t have many special features, but some come with accessories, such as a knife and/or other weapons. These Chucky dolls cost $15 to $49. 


Mid-range Chucky dolls are partially articulated and multi-articulated Chucky dolls. These dolls can be as large as 25 inches tall and often come with accessories, including a knife and other weapons. These Chucky dolls cost $50 to $170.


The most expensive Chucky dolls, ranging from $170 to $599, are usually multi-articulated or fully articulated Chucky dolls. They may be as tall as 30 inches and come with accessories like weapons. Some of these dolls also have special features, such as the ability to talk. 

In addition to Chucky dolls, you can purchase empty boxes akin to the “Good Guy” boxes from the movies. 



  • Store your Chucky doll out of natural or fluorescent light. Sunlight can fade your doll’s clothing and the material that makes up stuffed dolls. Fluorescent light can damage vinyl dolls, giving them a greenish tint over time. If you want to light your Chucky dolls as part of a display, use LED lights, which don’t give off as much heat as other lighting types. 
  • Keep your Chucky dolls in a closed cabinet. If your dolls are collectible items, keeping them in a cabinet protects them from dust, light, insects, and other potential hazards. You can still show them off using a display cabinet with glass doors. 
  • Dust your dolls regularly. If you don’t keep your Chucky dolls in a cabinet, dust can quickly accumulate on them. Over time, it can cause yellowing of your doll’s clothing and form a layer of dirt that’s difficult to remove. Use a duster, handheld vacuum, or a can of compressed air to gently remove the dust. 
  • Use your Chucky doll as part of your Halloween decorations. Even if your Chucky doll is a collectible, its menacing look makes it the ideal addition to any spooky decor. Avoid placing the doll outdoors where it won’t be protected from the elements, or it may get damaged. 
Best Chucky Dolls-Chucky movies
In the first seven movies and the Chucky series, Chucky was voiced by actor Brad Dourif. Actor Mark Hamil voiced the character in the 2019 film reboot.


Q. What ages are Chucky dolls appropriate for? 

A. It varies from doll to doll. Some come with small pieces that may be a choking hazard for small children. It’s also important to consider that Chucky is a character from a series of R-rated horror films. As a result, you may not feel comfortable allowing children to play with them. These dolls are usually meant for adults who are fans of the Child’s Play movies and want to keep them as collectibles. 

Q. Are Chucky dolls easy to clean?

A. It depends on the type of doll you choose. Dolls made of vinyl or plastic can be wiped down with a damp cloth if they’re dirty, as can cloth and stuffed dolls. If dust accumulates on the dolls, use a duster, hand vac, or a can of compressed air to remove it. 

Q. What’s the best way to display Chucky dolls? 

A. It’s a matter of personal preference. Some fans like to keep them out on their desk or bookshelf, where they can enjoy the collectibles on a daily basis. If you want to keep your dolls in the best condition possible, you probably want to keep them in a display case. Cases with glass-paneled doors protect the dolls from dust, dirt, and other debris, but you’ll still be able to see and enjoy them.