Updated December 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Amope Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry Rechargeable Foot File
Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry Rechargeable Foot File
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Easy operation, durability, and effectiveness make this waterproof foot file a must-have.


This electronic file comes with everything you need for baby-soft feet: a rechargeable foot file, a coarse roller head, 2 bonus roller heads, and a charging station complete with a wall plug. We love the dual-speed settings and soft-touch handle.


Will stop rolling if you apply too much pressure while using it.

Best Bang for the Buck
Clio Automatic Foot File
Automatic Foot File
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A simple to operate, highly portable battery-operated foot filer. Small and comfortable to use at an affordable price.


No need for a docking charger because this takes batteries, making it an ideal companion if you're on the move. Includes 2 batteries, roller head, and bonus extra roller head. Offers excellent value for the money.


Roller head dulls quickly.

UTILYZE Electronic Foot File
Electronic Foot File
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Durable and powerful electronic foot filer with power-boost mode to effectively remove dry skin and calluses.


Stands out for its convenient charging method via AC adapter, which means no need for docking bay. It's water resistant, making it easy to clean under the tap. Includes 2 extra-coarse rollers and 1 fine-coarse roller.


Some users found the battery life shorter than other models.

Own Harmony Electric Callus Remover & Rechargeable Pedicure Tools
Own Harmony
Electric Callus Remover & Rechargeable Pedicure Tools
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A smooth operator, this foot file features convex curved rollers to really get in there and roll with the curvature of your foot.


This long-lasting foot file can run continuously for up to 45 minutes. Its ergonomic grip is comfortable to hold and control the amount of pressure applied. Pressure sensitive technology saves it from going in too deep. It's also water resistant, making it easy to clean.


Rollers dull quickly, so keep some replacements on hand.

Care Me Powerful Electric Callus Remover
Care Me
Powerful Electric Callus Remover
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Lightweight and easy to handle, this electric foot file has an extended operating time compared to other filers.


Approximately 40 min. of operating time. Includes 1 coarse roller and 1 super-coarse roller, both of which cover a larger surface area. Applying heavy pressure stalls the motor, which prevents you from filing too much and causing soreness.


Product is not water resistant.


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Buying guide for best electronic foot files

It’s usually fairly easy to maintain healthy, glowing skin on your body. A little moisturizing cream and exfoliating scrub are typically all it takes to keep skin soft, supple, and smooth. But areas of the body with thick skin – like your feet – can present a serious challenge. Moisturizing and scrubbing alone often aren’t enough to give your feet the TLC they need, which is why an electronic foot file is such a handy tool for your next at-home pedicure.

The constant friction from shoes can easily cause rough and sometimes painful calluses on your feet, and sometimes it takes an abrasive file to buff the thickened skin away. But using a manual file to smooth your feet can be time-consuming and exhausting. With an electronic file, you can finish your pedicure in half the time – and get better results, too.

But first you have to choose the right electronic foot file. With so many options on the market, shopping can certainly be difficult. Our handy guide makes the process much easier. It has all the tips you need to choose the ideal electronic foot file for your next pedicure. If you’re still a little confused, check out our top picks.

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An electronic foot file allows you to smooth your feet more quickly and with much less effort than a manual file.

Key considerations

Cordless vs. corded

Most electronic foot files are cordless devices that run on batteries, so they can be used anywhere. Some models run on replaceable batteries (AA and AAA are the most common). However, many electronic foot files use a rechargeable battery. You simply place the file in a docking station that’s plugged into an outlet to recharge the battery.

There are also some corded electronic foot files that must be plugged into an outlet for operation. That can limit the rooms or areas where you’re able to use the file, but it also means you’ll never need to charge or replace batteries when it’s time to give yourself a pedicure.


The roller may be the most important component of an electronic foot file because it’s the part that files away the dead, rough skin on your feet. The roller must be abrasive so it can buff away dry, hardened skin, but it shouldn’t be so rough that it’s painful to use.

Some electronic foot files include multiple rollers with a few different textures, such as extra-coarse, coarse, and fine. For skin on your feet that’s especially dry and hard, you’ll likely need an extra-coarse roller. For skin that’s only a bit dry, a fine roller may be sufficient.

For the most versatility, opt for a file that comes with multiple rollers that are easy to swap in and out, so you won’t waste time changing the roller in the middle of a pedicure.

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Did you know?
Calluses are caused by the friction and pressure that result from walking or running in your everyday life.

Electronic foot file features

Removable head: An electronic foot file is much easier to clean if the head comes off. That way, you can rinse the head in the sink and not worry about getting the file’s motor wet. A removable head is also easier to replace if it wears out. Some files include different heads designed for wet or dry filing.

Speed adjustability: Many electronic foot files have only one speed, but some models have two or more. With different speeds, you can treat calluses or harder patches of skin on your feet more aggressively. With a slower speed, you can file more gently on spots that don’t require intense exfoliation.

Portability: Depending on your needs, you might prefer a foot file that’s easy to take with you when you travel or are away from home. Cordless models that run on disposable batteries are the most portable because you don’t have to worry about finding an outlet to file your feet or recharge the file.

Battery life: If you opt for an electronic foot file with a rechargeable battery, it’s important to consider how long the battery lasts on a single charge. Some models provide up 20 minutes of continuous use, while others can run for as long as 45 minutes. If you’re going to travel with the file, the longer the battery life the better.

Waterproof: If you prefer to file your feet while they’re wet, choose a waterproof electronic foot file. These models are also easier to clean because you can simply rinse them under the faucet.

Electronic foot file prices

Electronic foot files vary in price based mainly on the power source and features. Most cost between $8 and $60.


The most affordable models are usually those that run on disposable batteries, and these range from $8 to $17. They may not have a removable head, but they’re usually waterproof, making them easy to clean, and they can be used in the shower.


Corded electronic foot files are generally a bit more expensive, costing between $17 and $34. They aren’t waterproof and aren’t as convenient for travel as cordless models, but you never have to worry about being caught without a charged or working battery.


Cordless electronic foot files that run on rechargeable batteries are usually the most expensive, ranging from $34 to $60. These are waterproof, travel well, and usually offer more than one speed.

"Replace the roller head on your electronic foot file once it starts to look worn out and doesn’t feel as textured."


  • Soak your feet first. While your feet don’t necessarily have to be wet when you use an electronic foot file, soaking them for a bit beforehand helps soften calluses so they’re easier to file away.

  • Place a towel beneath your feet. It will catch the dead skin particles as they’re filed off.

  • Use the coarsest roller first. If your electronic foot file includes rollers of different grit levels, use the coarsest roller first on all the calluses and hardened areas of skin. Then switch to a less coarse roller to smooth out the skin.

  • Apply a moisturizing foot cream after using an electronic foot file. It helps hydrate the dry skin on your feet and prolong the smooth results.

  • Wash your electronic foot file thoroughly after each use. The feet can harbor bacteria, which you don’t want to spread around if you can help it.
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Many electronic foot files can also be used to smooth calluses that form on the hands.


Q. Does it hurt to use an electronic foot file?

A. Unlike metal foot files or pumice stones, electronic models are designed to be extremely gentle on the skin. While they can effectively buff away dead skin cells, they don’t require any sharp edges to remove calluses or other hardened areas of skin. However, you should avoid using the file on skin with any type of wound, burn, or other irritation. If you do experience any pain while using an electronic file, stop using the device immediately.

Q. How often should I use my electronic foot file?

A. It depends on the condition of your feet. If your feet are only slightly dry, using an electronic foot file once every two weeks is usually sufficient. However, if you have severely dry, cracked feet, you might want to file them at least once or twice a week.

Q. How do I clean my electronic foot file?

A. Always consult the user’s manual for your particular model. In most cases, you should remove the roller head and rinse it under running water. Wipe the roller down with a clean, dry cloth before replacing it on the file.

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