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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for Best car seat protection bags

A car seat is easily one of the bulkiest — and most expensive — pieces of baby gear you'll ever need to lug around on a family trip. The idea of traveling with one can be intimidating, but if you've decided to bypass the added cost and potential safety risks that go hand in hand with renting a car seat, it's a necessary evil. Whether your primary concern is navigating the airport or keeping your car seat clean, a car seat protection bag can help. Designed to shield your investment from spills, stains, and airport grime, most car seat protection bags also come with ergonomic straps or wheels for improved maneuverability.

If you're in the market for a car seat protection bag, you'll have a wealth of options at your disposal, but finding the right one can be a challenge. Size, carrying style, and padding all require careful consideration. And if you travel often, you'll want something that will see you through more than just a couple of trips.

Luckily, we're here to help. Our buying guide is packed with all the information, tips, tricks, and product recommendations you need to find the best car seat protection bag for your travels.

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Most car seat protection bags are made of nylon, but that doesn't mean all of them are created equal. For superior durability and protection, look for bags with a denier of 600 (600D) and over.

Key considerations


Car seat protection bags typically fall into one of two categories: basic and padded. Both can help keep your car seat clean and hygienic, but the level of protection offered by each varies somewhat. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of each.

  • Basic: These car seat protection bags have a simple design that consists of a single layer of fabric. While basic car seat protection bags can certainly help keep dirt and moisture off your car seat, they aren’t typically substantial enough to prevent dings and scrapes.

  • Padded: If you’d like to avoid cosmetic damage at all costs, a padded car seat protection bag is your best bet. A layer of foam padding can help keep your car seat safe from light scratches, scrapes, and dings caused by rough handling and haphazard packing. However, it’s important to note that although padded bags can minimize the risk of surface damage, they won’t prevent internal harm if your car seat is dropped or tossed.


While some car seat bags are roomy enough to accommodate any car seat, not every model offers a universal fit. Before you buy, remember to check your car seat's dimensions. Compare these to each prospective car seat protection bag's measurements to establish whether or not it's a good match. A snug fit isn't necessarily a deal breaker and can even help prevent shifting, but keep in mind that a particularly tight squeeze will also place excessive pressure on seams and zippers.

Carrying style

Car seat protection bags with padded backpack straps are arguably the most comfortable and convenient to travel with. However, you'll also come across a handful of models with long sling-style straps that are meant to be worn over the shoulder. While a single strap might allow for speedier on and off, this style doesn't typically deliver optimal weight distribution. If you happen to have a particularly heavy car seat or are unable to strap a bag to your back for whatever reason, consider a wheeled bag that can be rolled through the airport.


For superior protection from moisture, dust, and grime, look for bags that close tightly without leaving any noticeable gaps. Zippered car seat protection bags are hands-down the most secure, closely followed by those with flap and buckle closures. Certain car seat protection bags offer nothing more than a drawstring closure, leaving ample opportunity for rain water, spills, or debris to enter through the top.


Car seats tend to be heavy, bulky, and awkwardly shaped, all of which can place pressure on fabric and seams. Factor in all the pulling and tugging your car seat bag will have to endure during travel, and you'll quickly realize why a robust construction is so important. A thick shell, reinforced seams, and double stitched handles can go a long way towards preventing product failure halfway through the airport.

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Did you know?
If germs and bacteria are a major concern, a car seat protection bag with an antimicrobial coating will go the extra mile to ensure your seat remains clean and hygienic throughout your travels.


Extra handles

There’s bound to be plenty of lifting and shifting in between actively carrying your car seat. A well placed carry handle or two will minimize strain on both your primary carrying straps and your back. Some car seat protection bags offer multiple handles in different positions to allow for quick and easy lifting at all times.


Frequently overlooked, feet are a small detail that can make a huge difference when it comes to durability and cleanliness. Feet will ensure that your car seat stays well off the floor should you be forced to put your bag down in a spot that's wet or dirty. They’ll also reduce scuffing and scraping along the base of your car seat protection bag, increasing its shelf life.

ID windows

At a glance, many car seat protection bags appear to be identical to others and, of course, there’s always a chance that someone on your flight will have the same bag as you. An ID window or customizable name tag will allow you to quickly spot your car seat in a crowd and eliminates the need to open the bag before you leave with it to check the contents.

Storage bag

Some car seat protection bags come with pre-attached storage bags sewn directly onto the fabric. These designs provide a convenient storage solution that will help keep your bag in tip top shape between use.

Car seat protection bag prices


Car seat protection bags priced between $12 and $20 tend to be fairly basic. Most are unpadded and many at the lower end of this price bracket have simple drawstring closures. It’s worth noting that some models in this price range only offer carry handles and not straps, so you might want to pay extra attention to carrying style before you buy.


For around $20 to $30 you’ll find a varied selection of car seat travel bags, most of which come with ergonomic carrying straps, secure closing mechanisms, and reinforced seams. While many of these are sturdy enough to handle some abuse, this price umbrella doesn’t usually cover padded models.


Within the $30 to $60 price margin, you’ll come across a range of top-notch padded car seat protection bags with comfortable carrying straps. Wheeled varieties generally also start out somewhere in the middle of this price range.


  • Take advantage of any unused space in your car seat protection bag. The concave interior of your car seat leaves you with plenty of unused room within the bag. Make the most of it and save space in your suitcase by placing bulky items like diapers, towels, or blankets in there along with your car seat.

  • Gate check your car seat. It can be tempting to simply check your car seat at the counter with the rest of your baggage and be done with it. However, doing so also means that your car seat may be left at the mercy of ham-fisted baggage handlers for much longer than if you gate check it.

  • Check for adjustable straps. Straps that can be adjusted to fit your frame will boost carrying comfort. If you’ll be pulling shifts with a partner, customizable strap length will ensure that you’re both able to achieve a decent fit.

  • Try to choose an option that carries nice and high. Navigating the airport with a child in tow can be tough enough without the added aggravation of having a car seat hitting the backs of your legs with each step. A sturdy base can minimize sagging while backpack straps positioned near the middle of the bag will help keep your car seat up and out of the way.
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Don’t overlook the importance of water-resistance. Rain, spills, and splashes can cause staining and might even lead to mildew growth.


Q. Does checking a car seat incur additional baggage fees?

A. In most cases, no. All American airlines and most well known international airlines allow parents to check up to two baby items completely free of charge. However, baggage policies vary from airline to airline, so it's wise to check with yours beforehand.

Q. What's the best way to clean a car seat protection bag?

A. Most manufacturers recommend spot cleaning with a cloth and soapy water. However, heavy messes that require more than a wipe can be a bit trickier to clean. While most basic, unpadded car seat protection bags will likely hold up just fine with a gentle hand wash in cold or lukewarm water, padded models should never be submerged. Wringing can damage delicate foam fibers and thoroughly air drying padded bags may prove to be a challenge.

Q. Will a car seat base fit in a car seat protection bag?

A. The vast majority of car seat protection bags are designed to accommodate both a base and a car seat. However, bag dimensions differ from model to model, so don't forget to check your car seat's measurements before you buy.

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