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Best kinetic sand set

Which kinetic sand set should I get?

Letting your kids play with sand indoors sounds like a cleanup disaster waiting to happen. Fortunately, kinetic sand enables children and adults to sculpt, mold and shape sand in a fun and relaxing way, without creating an unwanted mess. 

There are numerous kinetic sand sets on the market, but as a top pick, the Ultimate Kinetic Sand Playset includes more than enough sand and plenty of fun tools to allow for endless creativity. If you want to bring the sensation of playing on the beach closer to home, a kinetic sand set might be perfect for you and your children. 

What to know before buying a kinetic sand set 

First off, what exactly is kinetic sand? It is essentially a mix of natural sand and a small amount of silicon, which gives the sand its unique cool and damp texture and consistency. Kinetic sand is specifically designed to stick to itself but not to your hands or other foreign objects. While it will hold its shape for some time when molded, it is easy to crush and start from scratch. 

Sand texture

Choosing kinetic sand set with the proper texture will ensure that your child has an enjoyable experience. Some kinetic sand has a thicker consistency that is best for building sandcastles or other structures, as it tends to hold its shape better. However, this type of texture may be too rigid for younger kids, who would likely enjoy a softer texture. 

Sand quantity

Every kinetic sand kit includes a different amount of sand. To build sand structures or fill molds, you’ll want at least a pound or more of sand. Some kits contain several pounds, and other kits contain less than a pound, so consider how much sand you need before deciding. You can always purchase extra sand later.  

Set preference 

Different kinetic sand sets have different themes, and the right one ultimately comes down to your child's preference. Some sets feature tools and toys designed for younger kids, while others will include a slightly advanced setup for older children. Whether it’s dinosaurs, castles, baking or bright, fun colors, you’ll likely find a kinetic sand set that suits their interests. 

What to look for in a quality kinetic sand set 

Sand color

Classic tan beach sand is fun, but adding a blue, green or purple color can really enhance your child’s playtime. Having sand in multiple colors is excellent for filling different molds and building individual structures, though specific colors can occasionally leave behind stains. 

Molding tools

Just like those times at the beach where you’d use your shovel and bucket to construct the perfect sandcastle, many kinetic sand kits also come with helpful tools. You can find classic sandcastle molds, as well as others in all shapes and sizes. Some sets will even come with themed toys and accessories. 

Sand storage

While kinetic sand has minimal mess than other sand crafts, it is still essential to keep it properly stored when not in use. Quality sets will come with a storage box or container to keep the sand secure and safe from spilling out. If the kit doesn’t come with storage, you can use any type of spill-proof container. 

Included play area

If you want an authentic sandbox experience, look for a set that comes with ample play space. Not all sets include this accessory, in which case any high-walled box, tray or water table will do the trick, keeping the sand from spilling onto the floor or carpet. 

How much you can expect to spend on a kinetic sand set 

Basic kinetic sand sets start around $10, though the more advanced sets with molds, tools and containers can cost $30. 

Kinetic sand FAQ

Can I use my kinetic sand with water?

A. Kinetic sand does not need water to stick together or form shapes. It is best to avoid getting your kinetic sand too wet, but if it does get soaked, let it dry out completely and it should return to its original consistency. 

Does kinetic sand dry out?

A. Unlike other molding clays, slimes or putties, your kinetic sand should not dry out, making it perfect for extended use. If the texture seems slightly too dry, add just a couple of drops of water and rub them together. 

How do I get kinetic sand out of my carpet?

A. Using kinetic sand over hard surfaces is recommended, but if it does happen to fall onto your carpet, you can usually get most of the pieces unstuck by dabbing them with a larger chunk of compacted sand. If that doesn’t get sufficiently clean, you can always go over it with a vacuum. 

What’s the best kinetic sand to buy?

Top kinetic sand

Kinetic Sand Ultimate Kinetic Sand Playset

What you need to know: Generously includes 3 pounds of kinetic sand designed to resemble natural beach sand. 

What you’ll love: This high-quality kinetic sand holds its shape well and comes with eight different molds and tools.

What you should consider: Though it comes with a sandbox, it is not the most durable. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Kinetic sand set for the money

Kinetic Sand The One and Only Sandcastle Set

What you need to know: A slightly smaller kinetic sand set suited more for younger children.

What you’ll love: The beach-themed molds and fun color options make it a great gift option.

What you should consider: It may not be enough sand for everyone.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

National Geographic Play Sand 

What you need to know: This set comes in a variety of colors and quantity options, and is made from fine-grained, soft-textured, non-toxic sand. 

What you’ll love: With six fun pyramid and castle molds, along with an appealing texture, kids of all ages will enjoy this set. 

What you should consider: The colors have been known to stain.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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