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Best 'Peppa Pig' toy

Which 'Peppa Pig' toy is best?

The "Peppa Pig" cartoon series is a globally popular British offering aimed at toddlers and younger children about the titular Peppa and her family. It might seem easy at first to pick a good "Peppa Pig" toy, but it's actually fairly complex thanks to the huge range of toys that the "Peppa Pig" brand has to offer. 

One of the best of many options is the Peppa Pig Shopping Mall with Family. A big part of the fun with this toy is how easy it is for children to put it together themselves before they get to mess around with all the included figures and play with the many moving pieces.

What to know before you buy a 'Peppa Pig' toy

Types of 'Peppa Pig' toys

There are as many "Peppa Pig" branded toys as there are types of toys in general. Some of the most common are:

  • Figures: Available in both small and large varieties, "Peppa Pig" figures can be used for anything as extra toys in playsets or stand-alone dress-up dolls with plenty of accessories.
  • Playsets: Playsets are another common option, featuring Peppa and company in all manner of locations or even vehicles.
  • Stuffed toys: Otherwise known as plushies, this range of "Peppa Pig" toys also come in small and large sizes and are perfect for children who love to cuddle up with their toys at night.
  • Other: To give you an idea of the variety of "Peppa Pig" toys available, here are other options: jigsaw puzzles, doodle pads, shape sorters, rideable cars, fake phones, Play-Doh, interactive books, headphones, video and board games and much more.

Educational value

Admittedly, not many "Peppa Pig" toys contain much, if any, educational value. But options available like shape sorters, interactive books and craft or color sets do help teach children, so if your child is resistant to other similar educational toys, trying a "Peppa Pig" version just might get them over the hump.

What to look for in a quality 'Peppa Pig' toy

Age range

"Peppa Pig" toys are meant for very young children to match the targeted audience of the show. Nearly all "Peppa Pig" toys are meant for those younger than 3 years old but a small number of "Peppa Pig" toys have a minimum age of 3.

Additional features

Most "Peppa Pig" toys are made in the bright colors small children love. Some make sounds or display flashing lights, which can engage them, and there are a few musical "Peppa Pig" toys available. 

How much you can expect to spend on a 'Peppa Pig' toy

There are tons of "Peppa Pig" toys, which can make it difficult to try and pinpoint a price range. That said, you can find most small plushies for around $10 while many playsets or figurines reach up to $30. "Peppa Pig" toys rarely reach or exceed $100 unless they are very large, or rare or discontinued.

'Peppa Pig' toy FAQ

Are 'Peppa Pig' toys suitable for boys as well as girls?

A. Absolutely. "Peppa Pig" is widely enjoyed by both boys and girls and so are the many toys. Young boys and girls generally play in the same manner, which means as long as they like the toy they're playing with it doesn't matter if it's a Peppa Pig or a G.I. Joe.

Do 'Peppa Pig' toys make for good birthday or holiday gifts?

A. Undoubtedly, especially if you know the child in question is a big fan of the show. Even if they aren't a fan, a good "Peppa Pig" plushie they can squeeze  and play with is still likely to be a big hit come present-opening time.

Are 'Peppa Pig' toys that contain small parts a choking hazard?

A. Unfortunately, yes — if a toy set of any kind contains small parts, it constitutes a choking hazard. But there are tons of "Peppa Pig" toys that contain absolutely no small parts, intended for children 2 years of age or younger. There are also plenty of toys that do contain small parts; they're almost always meant for older children who have gotten well past the mouthing and teething stage. 

What's the best 'Peppa Pig' toy to buy?

Top 'Peppa Pig' toy 

Peppa Pig Shopping Mall With Family

What you need to know: A fun and functioning little shopping mall, it will provide hours of entertainment.

What you'll love: The shopping mall can be assembled by your child on their own for extra fun before the actual playtime begins. There's a four-figure family to play with, as well as a boat, pizza table and working elevator.

What you should consider: Many of the detachable parts and moving pieces come off a little too easily.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top 'Peppa Pig' toy for the money

Peppa Pig Talking Dress Up Peppa

What you need to know: This "Peppa Pig" toy is a top option, especially for those who like to play dress-up.

What you'll love: The talking portion of this "Peppa Pig" toy is quiet enough not to annoy the parents but loud enough to be clearly heard by the child.

What you should consider: Batteries are not included and many owners report that it's a toy best suited to kids over than toddler aged.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Peppa Pig Peppa Pig and George Squeeze & Squish Plush Set

What you need to know: This pair of plushies are perfectly suited to children who need a little comfort from their toys.

What you'll love: The material of these plushies' construction is very stain resistant and quite easy to clean.

What you should consider: The head isn't as squeezable as the body and the overall size is smaller than many were expecting.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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