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Best billiard cue racks

Which billiard cue rack is best?

Billiard cue racks don’t just provide a safe and practical way to store your cues, they add to the entire ambiance of the room. Many also feature dedicated places for drinks, chalk, balls or a ball rack.

When choosing a cue rack, there are several things to consider, including how much capacity you need, what build material you prefer and what finish will look best in your game room. You’ll also need to determine a budget.

Those in search of a reasonably priced option with a high-end look will definitely be interested in the Hathaway Classic Floor Billiard Pool Cue Rack. Though not too expensive, it is handmade from solid wood and can hold up to 10 cues, along with a full set of balls and some drinks.

What to know before you buy a billiard cue rack


Depending on the model, billiard cue racks are either freestanding or wall-mounted. Freestanding options come in several shapes, including rectangles, squares and circles. There are also L-shaped racks designed for corner placement. The main benefit of freestanding models is that they don’t require any installation. You simply assemble them and then place them in the desired spot.

If you don’t have a lot of extra floor space and don’t mind putting a few holes in the wall, you may prefer a wall-mounted pool cue rack instead. These start as the basic two-piece models that are common to bars with pool tables, but can be rather elaborate with shelves and drawers.


The style and materials of a billiard cue rack determine its aesthetics. Plastic models are often the cheapest, but they are often the least attractive. Conversely, wood racks are more expensive, but better cultivate a high-end ambiance. Both materials are available in a variety of colors and finishes, with mahogany, black and walnut being the most common.


Before deciding on a pool cue rack, consider how many cues you’ll need to store. If you have only a few cues, it may be best to choose a rack that can accommodate five or six. Players with a large collection of cues may need to opt for a model that can hold 10 or even up to 20 cues. Ideally, choose a rack with a few more spots than the current number of cues you have. This leaves you with the freedom to expand your collection or to easily host games with friends who bring their own cues.

Features of a quality billiard cue rack

Cue holders

Billiard cue racks hold the sticks in one of two ways. They either have pinched clips that hold the cues in place, or they’ll feature a shelf with holes that you slip the cues through. Many players may find the former to be more convenient, but they are rarely found on freestanding models.


Playing pool involves more than just a couple of cues. You’ll also need a set of balls, a ball rack, some chalk and, of course, a billiards table. Those who want to keep all of their pool accessories together can find a cue rack with shelves, drawers and even hooks to accommodate everything.

Drink holders

No matter what beverages that players might enjoy during a game of pool, you’ll want to keep them far away from the felt. Not only can spilled drinks cause stains on the table, but they can potentially warp the playing surface below if not soaked up quickly. For these reasons, many billiard cue racks feature built-in drink holders. This provides you and your guests a convenient spot to place beverages that is safely away from the pool table.

How much can you expect to spend on a billiard cue rack

Basic two-piece wall racks can be found for as little as $10-$20. If you want a more elaborate rack, expect to spend anywhere from $30-$100. There are also some premium options with eye-catching styles or that are made from expensive materials; these can cost up to several hundred dollars.

Billiard cue rack FAQ

Is it difficult to mount a cue rack on the wall?

A. Mounting a billiard cue rack is no more difficult than hanging a picture or mounting any other decoration or piece of furniture. Just make sure to use anchors strong enough to support the rack’s weight. It is also recommended to use a level to ensure a straight mount.

Do billiard cue racks require assembly?

A. The majority of billiard cue racks ship in pieces and thus require some assembly, but usually the job isn’t too complicated or time-consuming. That said, you can opt for a basic two-piece wall rack if you don’t want to have to deal with any assembly.

What is the best billiard cue rack to buy?

Top billiard cue rack

Hathaway Classic Floor Billiard Pool Cue Rack

What you need to know: This sturdy rack is handmade from solid wood, making it an attractive addition to any game room, yet it still comes with a reasonable price.

What you’ll love: It holds up to 10 cues and a complete set of balls. Plus, it’s very stable and has spots for four drinks.

What you should consider: Some buyers have received units that are missing pieces.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top billiard cue rack for the money

Iszy Billiards 6 Cue and Ball Wall Rack

What you need to know: Though affordable, this Iszy Billiards rack has a high-end look and can organize cues, balls and a ball rack.

What you’ll love: It is made from solid wood and comes in three finishes, including mahogany and oak.

What you should consider: The included instructions are confusing, which complicates assembly and mounting.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Wayfair

Worth checking out

Outlaw Standard 6 Pool Cue Stained Wood Wall Rack

What you need to know: The Outlaw Standard is a no-frills option that’s a reliable place to keep some cues, but little else.

What you’ll love: Its plastic clips hold cues tightly, so they won’t fall out if accidentally bumped. The two-piece design allows some freedom regarding placement.

What you should consider: The included hardware for installation isn’t the best, and you’ll be better off replacing it with your own.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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