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The best robot dog

Which robot dog is best?

Robot dog toys have a great variety of possible uses. They can keep the elderly company, help a child get ready for a new puppy, or entertain small children. As many uses as there are for robot dog toys, there is an even wider range of models of robot dog toys available.

The best dog toy for almost any need is the Joy for All Companion Pet Golden Pup. While this robot dog toy is on the pricier side, its range of features and beautiful, realistic design are top notch.

What to consider before you buy a robot dog

Age group

Robot dog toys are generally designed for three different age groups: preschoolers, school-age children and the elderly.

Preschoolers: Robot dog toys for preschoolers are designed to be simple. They are often operated by remote control and typically have little to no features other than their resemblance to living dogs.

School-age children: Robot dog toys meant for school-aged children are more complex. They are often capable of being trained by responding to voice-commands.

Elderly: A robot dog for the elderly is less of a toy and more of a companion. These robot dogs are the most realistic and respond to various stimuli, in addition to voice. Some even have “heartbeats.”

Interactivity level

Robot dog toys have a wide range of interactivity. Advanced models can respond to voice and touch, learn commands and even track movement with various sensors. The lowest interactivity level for robot dog toys effectively makes them remote control dog-shaped cars.


Some robot dog toys are trainable and can make effective substitutions for living dogs or can even help prepare a child to take care of a living dog. For these situations, find a more advanced model that can learn commands.

Robot dog features


Robot dog toys are usually either highly realistic or designed in a mechanical, futuristic way.  


Robot dog toys can have a variety of sensors. Some can respond to touch and to voice, while others can track movement or even move about your home without crashing into obstacles.


Typically, the more expensive the robot dog toy, the longer it lasts. There are some models specifically built for either very hard or very gentle use.


Some robot dog toys are only controllable by remote, while others can only respond to voice, touch or other stimuli based on their sensors.

Robot dog cost

The cost of robot dog toys falls within a large range. The most basic, remote-controlled dog-shaped dog toys can cost as little as under $20, but as the need for more features and more advanced realism grows, so does the cost. The highest-end robot dog toy can cost $200.

Robot dog FAQ

Why do so many robot dog toys have wheels instead of working legs?

It is very difficult for a robot to utilize legs as they work for living beings. It is far easier, and more importantly cheaper, to develop a robot dog toy that places wheels on the bottom of leg-looking appendages for movement.

Is a robot dog toy a good companion for the elderly?

While it depends on the individual in question, robot dog toys can help with isolation.  Loneliness is an important issue for the elderly population. While there is no true replacement for human connection and companionship, robot dog toys can be effective supplements, especially in nursing homes where pets aren’t allowed or for those who are unable to take care of a living pet.

How long does it take to train a trainable robot dog toy?

This entirely depends on the model. Usually, it shouldn’t take more than a few days for a robot dog toy to learn a few patterns of speech and respond to commands consistently. However, cheap robot dog toys can be much more frustrating to train than higher-priced models. If you want to purchase a robot dog toy mainly to train it, it is worth spending a bit more for a higher quality model. 

Which robot dog should I get?

Best of the best robot dog

Joy for All Companion Pet Golden Pup

What you need to know: Though expensive, this robot dog toy is the perfect companion for all ages.

What you’ll love: Its realistic design, soft coat and lifelike movements make the Joy for All Companion Pet the closest you can get to the real thing.

What you should consider: This robot dog toy is expensive at $130.

Where to buy: Amazon

Best bang for your buck robot dog

Westminster Chi-Chi Chihuahua

What you need to know: Chi-Chi the Chihuahua actively barks and moves, entertaining everyone around it.

What you’ll love: This model is an affordable and classically designed robot dog toy.

What you should consider: This chihuahua doesn’t have the same range of features as more expensive robot dog toys.

Where to buy: Amazon

Honorable mention robot dog

FurReal Friends Jake, My Jumping Yorkie

What you need to know: This ultra-plush robot dog toy is the perfect cuddle companion for kids.

What you’ll love: A motion sensor activates Jake’s tricks, including sitting and standing. 

What you should consider: The included batteries need replacing almost immediately.

Where to buy: Amazon


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