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Best lawn water slide

Which lawn water slide is best?

In the raging summer sun, sometimes one of the most fun things is going outside and getting drenched. However, sometimes the pool is just too far or too much of a hassle to visit. For those looking to enjoy all of the wonders of water from the comfort of their front lawns, they can look no further than the genius invention of the lawn water slide. 

Lawn water slides are an excellent option for making any patch of grass into your water park. The best water slides are the ones that are affordable, lengthy and durable enough to last throughout the entirety of the summer. Whether it’s for racing your friends or getting soaked under multiple tunnels of mist, there is a water slide suitable for everyone.

What to look for in a lawn water slide


Finding the correct length for your water slide will depend mainly on the amount of space you want to use. Do you intend on using it at the local park where the amount of space is vast, and the hills make the perfect vantage point for water slide mayhem? Or do you intend on using it from the comfort of your front lawn? Whatever the case, it will be essential to note how long the slide is to make sure you will constantly be sliding on grass and not finding yourself heading face-first into asphalt or concrete. 


During the summer, expect to use your lawn water slide a lot. With this in mind, it is essential to pay attention to the water slide materials to ensure it can live up to active use. Some slides can use cheaper plastic, and there is nothing worse than heading down a slide with plastic under you only to find yourself with grass burns thanks to a few pesky holes or tears. 

Age range

Most water slides are for kids ages 5 to 12. However, that does not mean those are the only water slides out there. If you are a parent and have older kids or are looking to partake in the fun yourselves, there are options for slides that can accommodate kids of all ages. 

Popular features of a lawn water slide


Most if not all lawn water slides will come with a sprinkler system that allows for maximum slippage. The positioning of these sprinklers will vary based on the model. Some slides will have archways that shoot water from above, while others will have sprinklers lining the sides for a more continuous stream of water. 

Splash pool

Especially popular in water slides for younger children, splash pools provide a small pool of water at the end of the slide for users to end their water sliding journey. Splash pools provide a fitting ending for any lawn water slide.


Bumpers refer to the sides of the water slide that keep the user from flopping out into the surrounding area. Most often, the bumpers will be inflatable and are high enough to keep children within the confines of the slide. However, some slides do not include this feature. 

The best lawn water slides

Best lawn water slides for kids

Little Tikes Wet & Dry First Slide

Our take: This slide is perfect for toddlers and little ones trying out their very first water slide.

What we like: It comes with a plastic slide to start the fun and is sized perfectly for younger kids. 

What we dislike: The mat is less durable than other options, and only younger children should use it. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Jilong Slip and Slide Waterslide - Icebreaker Water Slide

Our take: This affordable water slide comes with a racing raft and sprinkler archway for added fun.

What we like: It comes with a repair patch in case of any unexpected holes or tears. 

What we dislike: Some users report that the arch is inconsistent, staying up if not correctly and fully inflated. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Wham-O Slip N Slide Wave Rider Double with 2 Slide Boogies 

Our take: This Wham-O Slip N Slide is an excellent choice for parties, get-togethers, and general summer shenanigans with two boogie boards for racing and a splash pad at the end. 

What we like: Available in two and three-lane options for added summer fun. 

What we dislike: There are some reports of the mat tearing or ripping after extended heavy use. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

TEAM MAGNUS Water Slide - Central Sprinkler and XL Crashpad for Backyard Races 

Our take: The XL slide is longer than most children’s slides coming in at 31 feet and has two twin lanes for racing. 

What we like: Heavy-duty PVC construction ensures added durability to last well throughout the summer months. 

What we dislike: Since it is a long slide, it requires higher water pressure to make sliding effortless. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best lawn water slides for all ages

Wow World of Watersports Super Slide 

Our take: This large super slide is excellent for handling kids of all ages, mainly thanks to its extra-thick, heavy-duty PVC design. 

What we like: It has a zig-zag spray sprinkler pattern running the length of the slide to provide excellent water coverage. 

What we dislike: It does not have a bumper or splash pool for the end of the slide. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Jambo Triple Lane Slip, Splash and Slide for Backyards

Our take: Triple the lanes for triple the fun, allowing for fun races and a splash pad at the end safe finishes. 

What we like: It comes with three bodyboards for racing. 

What we dislike: Some users reported tearing after roughly a dozen uses. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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