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Best beach toys 2021

What are the best beach toys for 2021?

Whether you love building sandcastles, chasing the waves or sunbathing, spending time at the beach can be tons of fun. Getting some fun new beach toys for the kids is a great way to keep them entertained throughout the day. There are several water guns, buckets and unique sand molds from which to choose. But which ones are the best?

If you’re planning a fun beach trip with your kids, make sure you review our picks for the best beach toys in 2021.

Which are the best beach toys?

Beach toys for toddlers

Battat B. Toys Water Wheel 

This fun water wheel has eye-catching spinning and tilting elements that engage as you pour water or sand through the top. In addition to being a ton of fun, this water wheel can help toddlers improve hand-eye coordination. The Battat B. Toys Water Wheel comes with a dump truck and owl-shaped sifter that your toddler can use to pour water and sand into their water wheel.

Sold by Kohl’s 

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Seaside Sidekicks Nesting Sand Pails 

These simple numbered pails have vibrant colors and utilize durable material. These pails include molded sea animals that can help your toddler learn how to count.

Sold by Amazon

Battat B. Toys Summer Beach Bag 

This colorful beach toy set features a sifter, watering can, rake, shovel, dump truck, pinwheel, sand mold and more. The durable, BPA-free plastic stands up to whatever your toddler throws at it. This kit includes a mesh bag that makes transporting your toys a breeze.

Sold by Kohl’s 

Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks Funnel Fun Tower 

This exciting beach tower has a convenient handle on the top for easy transport. Your toddler will have a blast pouring sand into the top and watching it make its way to the bottom. At less than $20, this toy is a bargain.

Sold by Amazon

Matty's Toy Stop Kids Multi-Color Sand Scoop Plastic Shovels 

These colorful shovels have large handles that are perfect for toddlers. The shovels are rounded on the ends and have no sharp edges. The durable plastic withstands breaking, even when full of wet sand.

Sold by Amazon

Beach toys for kids

Prextex Beach Toy Set 

These hard-plastic beach toys are durable enough to withstand rough play and versatile enough to keep your kids entertained for hours. This convenient set comes with a mesh bag for short-term storage and a large zippered bag for long-term storage.

Sold by Amazon

Top Race Sandcastle Buckets 

These intricately designed sand buckets allow your kids to make stunning sandcastles without all of the expensive sculpting tools. This set includes four buckets that stack inside one another for easy storage. Although these buckets aren’t too large, they have an 8-inch base that allows your sandcastles to stand firm.

Sold by Amazon

Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks Cupcake Sand-Molding Set 

This fun cupcake molding set is excellent for kids who love to use their imagination. This kit includes four molds, an icing tool and a handy mesh bag for transport. This kit can be great for kids or toddlers, but you may want to keep a close eye on toddlers to ensure they don’t try to consume their creations.

Sold by Amazon

Create A Castle Sand Castle Split Mold Set 

This six-piece building set allows your kids to build sandcastles like a pro. The Create A Castle Mold Set includes three cylinders that range from 6-10 inches, perfect for building multi-layered castles. This kit also includes several multi-functional tools such as a window cutter.

Sold by Amazon

TEMI Beach Sand Toys Set 

This toy set includes everything your kid could want for a fun day at the beach. The TEMI Beach Sand Toys Set comes with a water wheel, dump truck, bucket, shovels, rakes, a watering can, molds and more. The colors may vary from set to set, but you can guarantee these toys will be vibrant and colorful no matter what.

Sold by Amazon

Beach toys for adults

GoSports Slammo Game Set 

Slammo is a fun game that resembles volleyball but with a twist. Players have three hits to try to make the ball hit the net. If they do, it’s in play for the opposing team, who has three hits to serve it back. Slammo folds up into a small bag that makes transporting it back and forth a cinch.

Sold by Amazon

Fun Sparks Jazzminton Paddleball Set 

This game set gives you a convenient new way to play badminton without the net. The entire Jazzminton set fits into a small bag you can easily carry with one hand. The paddles feature a comfortable moisture-wicking grip and durable seven-layer plywood.

Sold by Kohl’s

CoolSand Advanced Building Sand Molds & Tools Kit 

Advanced sandcastle building is a fun way for adults to spend the day at the beach. Teach your kids how to sculpt larger-than-life sandcastles with this great tool kit. The CoolSand Building Kit includes unique molds, scrapers, rollers and more in this incredible 37-piece set.

Sold by Amazon

OgoDisk Mini Disc Set 

This lightweight frisbee set is perfect for a day at the beach. These versatile discs can be tossed back and forth or used as paddles to hit the included ball back and forth. The OgoDisk frisbees use a bouncy material, and the netted portion is much more durable than you’d expect.

Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

Kurala Inflatable Avocado Pool Float 

This 5-foot pool float has a fun avocado shape and bright-green color palette. For added fun, the avocado seed in the middle is a beach ball. Lounge in the water on this comfortable pool float, or set it up at your beach site for a comfortable place to lay.

Sold by Amazon


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