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Viral TikTok summer products that are actually worth the hype

If you know how to use hashtags, you can find some incredible products on TikTok you may never have discovered otherwise.

Summer products you didn't know you needed

Admittedly, TikTok recommendations can be as trustworthy as an As Seen On TV commercial, but we found a few that just might be worth the hype.  And if you know how to use hashtags, you can find some incredible products you may never have discovered otherwise. Searches like #TikTokmademebuyit and #summerproducts2023 will surface all sorts of goods to make your summer even better.

Why more and more people are turning to TikTok this summer 

TikTok is a way to reach a lot of people very quickly. It's also very good at targeting niche demographics. Whether you're looking for a better bubble gun or a portable misting fan for the beach this summer, TikTok can help.

You can find interesting items on TikTok that you never knew existed. Many of these products may simply spark curiosity and are little more than a novelty. However, a rare few can genuinely make your summer better.

Best TikTok products of 2023 

EJ1 Slushy Cup
Icy beverages are a refreshing treat. Especially in the summer. This TikTok favorite is a flexible cup that you can chill and then add your favorite beverage and squeeze to create a frozen treat in seconds. It comes with a two-in-one reusable straw/spoon so you can thoroughly enjoy your slushie.
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Bubble Machine Gun
This bubble gun has 69 holes, so you can quickly create a wall of fun. It's easy to use and suitable for kids ages 3 and up. For an additional thrill, the lighted feature lets you blast a torrent of colored bubbles after dark.
Sold by Amazon

Reusable Water Balloons 
Let's face it, water balloons are sometimes more trouble than they're worth. They're hard to fill and tie, and they leave behind a mess. But these reusable models split in half and can be filled in an instant. Once used, simply refill them for endless fun and no waste.
Sold by Amazon

Giantex Beach Chaise Lounge
Next time you go to the beach, make it a luxury experience with this chaise lounge. It's lightweight and folds up for portability. When open, you get a removable pillow so you can comfortably lay on your back or stomach. The reclining feature lets you position the top at your preferred angle.
Sold by Amazon

Quik Shade Max Shade Chair
The problem with reading or using your phone outside is sun glare. Even the best anti-glare screens aren't perfect. This comfortable chair features a canopy that keeps the sun from diminishing your fun as it shields you from some of those harmful ultraviolet rays that damage skin.
Sold by Amazon

Solar Buddies Refillable Roll On
This clever product can be filled with your favorite sunscreen so you can apply it as a roll-on. It's kid-friendly, has a replaceable head and keeps the sunscreen out of your eyes. The compact size also makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go.
Sold by Amazon

O2Cool Handheld Water Misting Fan
This summer, you can count on the temperatures going up. To stay comfortable, this portable, battery-powered fan not only provides a cool breeze, but you can also squirt yourself down with a quick cooling mist. If that doesn't cool you down enough, you can always add ice cubes to the mix.
Sold by Amazon

BuzzPatch Mosquito Patch Stickers
Genius. Sometimes that's the best word for a product like this. These fun stickers can go on clothing or skin to keep away pests. They're effective for 6 hours and have a 6-month shelf life.
Sold by Amazon

Other products worth checking out 

  • Use this popular hair curling set to style your hair so you can take those dazzling beach selfies.
  • If you want to tidy up for swimwear season, this complete waxing kit is what you need.
  • One of the downsides to summer is dry, cracked heels. This TikTok favorite heel repair can soften and hydrate your heels back to health.
  • If you have a summer heat headache, TikTok users claim this cold-therapy mask can provide the needed relief.
  • Effortlessly mix up those refreshing summer beverages with this handheld blender.

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