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15 best dog Halloween costumes

Which dog Halloween costumes are best?

Dogs are part of the family. When it’s time to celebrate Halloween, you can include them in your festivities with costumes. There are many dog Halloween costumes to choose from, ranging from simple ones, such as lion's mane wigs, to complex ones that involve suits, hats and shoes. That said, some costumes are uncomfortable for dogs. Plus, your dog will feel differently about any given costume than another dog. If your dog seems unhappy, immediately take the costume off and try a different one.

What to know before you buy a dog Halloween costume


The most important aspect to consider is the fit. If it’s too tight, your dog will be uncomfortable at best or have its circulation affected at worst. A properly fitted costume should be tight enough not to shift around — which can cause balance issues or rub uncomfortably — but loose enough to be easily put on and taken off without a struggle.


When buying a dog Halloween costume, consider your climate. Dogs can’t cool off as fast or as well as humans. It’s dangerous for them to get overheated, something a full-body costume can cause — especially if you live in climates that are hot during the Halloween season. In these places, it’s best to go with basic costumes, such as strap-on wings or hats, rather than something more complex. Additionally, don’t put costume boots on your dog if you live in hot climates; dogs cool off by releasing heat through their feet.

How much you can expect to spend on a dog Halloween costume

Basic one-piece or small-sized costumes typically cost $10-$20. More complex, better-built and larger costumes can cost up to $30. The most complex, best-built and biggest can cost up to $40 or more.

What are the best dog Halloween costumes to buy?

California Costume Collections United States Postal Service Dog Mail Carrier Costume

This costume includes a USPS uniform that covers the dog’s upper body, plus a hat. It also includes a USPS shipping box that attaches to two stuffed arms via hook-and-loop closures. It comes in four sizes.

Sold by Amazon and Chewy

California Costume Collections Spider Pup Costume

This costume transforms your dog into a spooky spider. The legs are sewn to the body so they won’t come off, plus the stuffed hood has a hook-and-loop strap that goes under the chin to keep it from sliding down. It comes in four sizes.

Sold by Amazon

Cppslee Lion Mane For Dogs Costume

This lion’s mane is meant to fit medium and large dogs with neck circumferences from 13 to 32 inches. The mane secures using a drawstring so as not to be too tight or loose. It also includes a tail tip.

Sold by Amazon

Delifur Cowboy Rider Dog Costume

This costume transforms your dog into the next great Wild West steed. The cowboy on top can raise and lower its bandanna and can put on and take off its hat. It comes in four sizes.

Sold by Amazon

Kzhareen Halloween Dog Bandanna Four-Pack

If your dog hates wearing everything else or it’s too hot to bundle them in something, these Halloween-themed bandannas let them take part in the dress-up festivities. It comes in small or large, each bandanna is a different design and there are two sets to choose between.

Sold by Amazon

Legendog Dog Bat Wings Costume

These bat wings fit any animal with neck and chest circumferences of 11 to 15.7 and 14.5 to 27.5 inches, respectively. The neck and chest straps keep it firmly in place, plus it includes two pumpkin neck bells and a leash to attach the D-ring on the back of the wings.

Sold by Amazon

Mogoko Shark Dog Costume

This cute shark costume is the perfect look for poolside parties. Just don’t let them swim, or they could scare someone. It comes in blue or gray and in eight sizes.

Sold by Amazon

Nacoco Pumpkin Dog Sweater

This sweater is great for cold climates, as it keeps your dog from getting a chill and gets them in the festive spirit. It comes in two designs and in seven sizes.

Sold by Amazon

Rubie’s Superman Dog Costume

Dogs are already heroes, so it’s nice to put them in a costume to celebrate that. Plus, it’s adorable seeing the cape flutter as they run. It comes in six sizes, and the cape is detachable if the dog dislikes it.

Sold by Amazon

Rypet Bat Wings Dog Halloween Costume

These simple bat wings are great for taking your dog on your trick-or-treat walk, thanks to the D-ring on the back. It comes in three sizes and uses hook-and-loop straps to be secured.

Sold by Amazon

ElevenThirteenENT Condiments Dog Costume

These slip-on sweater costumes are perfect for not only Halloween but also for events such as Super Bowl parties. You can choose between ketchup, mustard, mayo and relish and it comes in nine sizes.

Sold by Etsy

Icecreamtreestudio French Look Dog Costume

This is a cute way to dress up your dog without getting too complex. It includes a black-and-white striped shirt and a red bow tie, and you can order it with or without a red beret. It comes in eight sizes.

Sold by Etsy

K9Obsession Demodog Demogorgon “Stranger Things” Dog Costume

This costume’s Demogorgon “petals” can be popped up to make a big impression and folded down to give your dog a break from scaring trick-or-treaters. Pair it with your own “Stranger Things” costume and don’t forget to blast “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God).”

Sold by Etsy

ShakespearesWorkShop “Lord Of The Rings”- Inspired Pet Hood And Cape

“The Lord of the Rings” has never been more popular, thanks to Amazon’s prequel series airing now. These elven capes make an excellent accompaniment to your own “Lord of the Rings” costume.

Sold by Etsy

WoofStudio Yoshi Hoodie

Mario-loving households can complete their group costume ensemble by dressing up their dog as Yoshi. It comes in green or yellow and in five sizes.

Sold by Etsy


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