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Fun math games for kids who love Math Playground

Best educational games for Math Playground fans

Math Playground came out in 2002, and has since provided kids of all ages an excellent way to learn new math concepts using fun games. However, some parents may not want their kids to look at a computer screen all day. Luckily, there are tons of fun math games out there that make learning just as fun as the games on the Math Playground website. If you’re in the market for a new math game for your child, it’s a good idea to compare some of the most popular games for the best fit.

Best math games

Learning Resources Sum Swamp Game

This exciting board game asks learners to travel through a swamp, where they solve math problems and meet wacky creatures along the way. Learning Resources designed Sum Swamp for kids five and older, and up to four players can join in on the fun. Rather than using regular dice, the game has a third six-sided-die with three subtraction signs and three addition signs. The players must solve the equation to determine how many spaces they can move forward during their turn. This game offers a fun way to improve addition and subtraction skills.

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Educational Insights 1-2-3 Froggies Game

This math game is perfect for younger children learning how to count. In the 1-2-3 Froggies game, children roll dice and then count the number of flies showing. The first player to find a card with the matching number of frogs wins that round. This easy-to-understand game is an excellent way for children ages 3 and older to learn how to count quickly.

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Proof! - The Fast-Paced Game of Mental Math Magic

In this math game, players race to find equations amongst the nine cards laid out on the table. When a player finds an equation, they shout the answer, show their work and then add the solved card to their hand. The player with the most cards in their hand by the end wins the game. This fast-paced math game is a great way to teach kids to add, subtract, multiply and divide.

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Educational Insights MathShark Electronic Math Game

This electronic game has eight skill levels, making it perfect for kids of all ages. The MathShark displays mathematical equations to your child and gives them the ability to punch in the answer to move to the next round. This fun device helps children learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, fractions and even percentages. Some parents felt that the screen was too dark, while others liked the dimmer screen.

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School Zone Math War Multiplication Game

This reimagined version of the classic card game War gives kids a chance to practice multiplying numbers while trying to beat their opponent. The cards are relatively large, making them easy to see and hold. If you as a parent or caretaker are familiar with the rules of War, this is an excellent game to play with a child.

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VTech PJ Masks Phone

If your child is a fan of the famous “PJ Masks” series, they’ll love this interactive phone. This device provides several educational games, including math. Kids play by either using the buttons on the phone or voice commands. The VTech PJ Masks Phone also includes a photo gallery and allows children to learn more about the various characters in the show.

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Learning Resources Math Mat Challenge Game

The Math Mat Challenge Game is perfect for when you want your kid to get up and exercise their mind and body. In this game, the device says an equation out loud. Players then have to find and step on the correct answer on the mat. If your kid needs to hear the question again, they can step on the question mark to repeat it.

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Math for Love Prime Climb

This stylish math game is great for kids that love a challenge. In Prime Climb, players each have two pawns they use to try to get to the number 101 at the center of the board. Players begin each turn by rolling two 12-sided-dice. They then choose how they want to apply the numbers on the dice to the number to move their piece on the game board. For example, suppose a player rolls a two and a five, and their game piece is currently on the number seven spot. In that case, they could add two to seven and move to the number nine spot on the board. They could also add a five to the seven, multiply the seven by two or five or even subtract or divide. However, because players can’t go past 101, the game really challenges players to develop unexpected ways to get to the center of the board.

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Melissa & Doug K's Kids Fish & Count Game

This unique math toy offers multiple ways for your child to play and learn. One side of the board has numbers, and the other side has shapes, making it perfect for young children learning how to count or match shapes. The end of the fishing line has hook-and-loop tape that attaches to the fish in the pool — once a player catches a fish, they should count to the number noted on the fish, then place it in the correct spot. Some parents felt that the hook-and-loop tape didn’t stick to the fish as well as it should have.

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Educational Insights Math Whiz Electronic Math Game

The Math Whiz Electronic Math Game features three different modes of play and eight different skill levels. Kids can take it slow with simple math equations. If they want to step it up, they can use timed rounds or play the exciting “drill mode,” which becomes more difficult with each round.

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