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LEGO’s really showing off with its summer releases

The hottest LEGO releases for Summer 2023


Summer is right around the corner, and while that means it’s almost time to hit the parks and beaches for fun, there are several new LEGO releases you won’t want to miss out on. LEGO is known for its high-quality block-building sets for adults and children alike.

LEGO has impressed fans with this summer’s releases, including nifty sets such as the 3,981-piece Batcave Shadow Box. Whether you want something minimal or a comprehensive set with over 1,000 pieces, LEGO offers many innovative sets as part of its Summer 2023 lineup.

The best LEGO summer releases to look out for

LEGO has dropped several impressive building sets ahead of Summer 2023. A few Disney sets are excellent for fans of all ages, but other neat sets include a Land Rover, Tales of Space, and “Harry Potter” set. However, one of the more impressive sets is the Pac-Man Arcade, which recreates the look of the retro 1980s cabinet. These are the latest LEGO sets, but keep an eye out, as you never know if LEGO decides to drop a few more before summer kicks off.

Best LEGO releases for Summer 2023 

Pac-Man Arcade

This nonfunctional gaming system recreates the magic of one of the most popular 1980s arcade games. The details are expertly designed so you can simulate the actual game’s chasing mechanics by rotating the handle on the side to have Pac-Man run away from the villainous ghosts.

Sold by LEGO

Batcave Shadow Box

Fans of the caped crusader will love the Batcave Shadow Box. It’s a 3,981-piece set with seven minifigures of popular characters such as Alfred Pennyworth, Catwoman, The Penguin and two versions of Batman. The Batmobile has two concealed launchers, and there are several mechanisms for experimenting with the Batcave’s features.

Sold by LEGO

Disney Villain Icons

Disney films wouldn’t be the same without our favorite villains, making this 1,540-piece set a must-buy for any Disney fan. It comes with four minifigures of popular villains: Maleficent, the Evil Queen in Disguise from “Snow White,” Gaston and Jafar Genie. It also features neat toy accessories such as two VHS cases and a poison apple.

Sold by LEGO

100 Years of Disney Animation Icons

This is an excellent gift set for younger Disney fans as they can create collages of their favorite characters. It has 12 picture frames for placing tiles, an instruction booklet featuring 72 designs, a hanger and an exclusive Mickey Mouse minifigure holding a brush and palette.

Sold by Amazon and LEGO

The Little Mermaid Royal Clamshell

With the recent release and success of “The Little Mermaid” live-action remake, plenty of young fans will want to collect merchandise such as this 1,808 Royal Clamshell set. You can build King Triton’s throne rock, Ariel’s treasure cave and Ursula’s lair. Plus, it comes with Ariel, King Triton, Karina, Indira and Ursula minifigures.

Sold by LEGO

Land Rover Classic Defender

One of the more affordable LEGO summer releases, this 150-piece Land Rover Classic Defender set features awesome details. It boasts a roof rack, headlights, a Land Rover badge and side-view mirrors. It comes with a driver minifigure you can place behind the wheel or outside the vehicle for posing.

Sold by LEGO

Tales of the Space Age

Those with a vivid imagination of life beyond Earth can explore endless possibilities with this Tales of the Space Age LEGO set. It features four connectible brick-built 3D postcards inspired by sci-fi movies and myths, and you can build colorful images to create a cosmic observatory featuring different constellations.

Sold by LEGO

“Harry Potter” Expecto Patronum

Capture the magic of the world of “Harry Potter” with this 754-piece set. It comes with minifigures of Harry Potter and Professor Remus Lupin, and you can also use the same bricks to build Harry’s stag Patronus and Lupin’s wolf Patronus. Plus, you can use the LEGO Builder app to zoom in, rotate models in 3D, track progress and save sets.

Sold by LEGO

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