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Best kids’ paint brush set


Finding activities to keep your little ones busy and help them develop essential skills is always a good thing. Art activities like painting not only allow children to have fun and express themselves creatively, but they also encourage them to develop motor skills and learn to work independently.

If your children are interested in painting, they need the proper supplies to create their own works of art, and few supplies are as important as a kids’ paint brush set. You can find brushes in an array of sizes and shapes that can work for children of any age or skill level.

Our buying guide is packed with tips to help you find the best kids’ paint brush set for your budding Picasso. At the end, we’ve included a few specific product recommendations, like our top choice from Crayola, which features brushes that contain paint like a pen to eliminate the need for a paint set.


Number of brushes

Not all kids’ paint brush sets contain the same number of brushes. If you’re only shopping for one or two children, a simple set with four to eight brushes is probably all you need.

However, if you’re buying brushes for a classroom, a large family, or have kids who may go in a little hard on the brushes, try a larger set. You can find some with as many as 100 brushes, which can save you from having to buy brushes for a while.

Brush sizes

Kids’ paint brushes vary in size depending on your child’s age and the type of painting they’re doing. Larger brushes work well for younger kids or more basic painting projects, while small brushes are suitable for older children and detailed artwork.

You get the best value if you opt for a brush set that offers brushes in a few sizes. This allows kids of varying ages to use them and enables your children to work on different types of painting projects.


In general, kids don’t have the gentlest touch, which means they can be pretty hard on paint brushes. Make sure any set you choose contains sturdy, durable brushes that hold up well to regular use. Check out online reviews, and avoid any sets with brushes prone to breaking in half or losing bristles. 


Brush shapes

Like professional brushes, kids’ paint brushes are available in different shapes. Most feature either round or flat bristles. Round brushes work best if your kids are working on detailed paintings that require more precision and control, while flat brushes work well for covering large areas quickly.

Some kids’ paint brush sets feature brushes in a single shape, while others offer a mix of shapes. It’s best to choose a set with various shapes to allow for more versatility.


Professional brushes usually have bristles made of animal hair, but kids’ brush sets use synthetic materials for their bristles, with nylon a common option. You can also find some kids’ brushes with sponges at the end rather than bristles, which may be fun for some projects.


Kids’ paint brushes typically have handles made of wood or plastic. Wood is more durable, but plastic-handled brushes are less expensive.

Make sure the handles are comfortable and easy for your child to hold. Most kids have an easier time using brushes with wide handles.

Storage container

High-end kids’ paint brush sets may include a container for storing the brushes. Most come with just a simple plastic tub or pouch, but this can be an important feature to help your kids keep track of the brushes.


You can pay between $5-$15 for a kids’ paint brush set. Sets with fewer brushes and less variety go for $6 or less, while a set made with higher-quality materials and a larger number and variety of brushes can cost between $7-$12. Sets that cost $13 and up are generally meant for kids who are serious about painting and do it often.


Q. How should I clean my kids’ paint brushes?

A. Paint for children tends to be water-based, which means you can use warm water and mild dish soap to clean the brushes. Massage the mixture into the bristles well to remove all the paint, and rinse them thoroughly. Squeeze the excess water out of them, smooth the bristles into shape, and lay them out flat to dry.

Q. What type of paints should my kids use?

A. Water-based paints are best for kids because they’re nontoxic. They’re also easier to clean than oil-based paints. Acrylics, watercolors, and tempera paint are also suitable for kids.


Top kids' paint brush set

Crayola Paint Brush Pens

Our take: These brush pens are filled with washable paint, making them much easier and less messy for kids to use.

What we like: Contains nontoxic, washable paint, so there’s no need for separate paints. Paint flows smoothly without any drips. Offers five colors: red, blue, green, yellow, and purple.

What we dislike: Some users wish more colors were included.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Top kids' paint brush set for the money

Creativity Street Round Brushes, Pack of 144

Our take: The large number of brushes for an affordable price make this set perfect for a classroom or large family.

What we like: Contains 144 brushes. Includes a plastic container for storage. Bristles don’t shed and pair well with acrylic paint.

What we dislike: Doesn’t offer different brush sizes and shapes.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Worth checking out

Melissa & Doug Jumbo Paint Brushes, Set of 4

Our take: Large brushes with jumbo-size handles are ideal for toddlers and young kids.

What we like: Easy-grip handles are perfect for tiny hands. Nylon bristles are easy to clean and don’t shed. Includes a resealable pouch for storage.

What we dislike: Some users complain the bristles are too stiff to effectively spread paint.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon


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