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The best LEGO Marvel Superhero sets

LEGO Marvel Superhero sets

Marvel movies are larger than life. That’s why they command an impressive audience of loyal fans. Are you one of them? Get a front-row seat to all the action in the palm of your hand with a LEGO Marvel Superhero set.

These LEGO sets recreate scenes, ships, and infamous battles from the big-screen features. In addition to mini figurines and accessories, many of them feature movable parts and multiple build projects. Best of all, if you prefer open-ended play, LEGO Marvel Superhero sets can be used along with other LEGOs.

To join your favorite Marvel superhero on their next adventure, take a look at our buying guide on these unique LEGO sets. We’re including our favorite one, LEGO Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge, which boasts intricate details, such as a moveable roadway and hidden lairs.

Considerations when choosing LEGO Marvel Superhero sets

Age range

LEGO makes a concerted effort to display the recommended ages for each kit. While the movies are fun for all ages, your best bet is to choose an age-appropriate set. This means the piece count and instructions are designed to be just right for young Marvel fans to successfully complete their building project without too much help from an adult.

Piece count

Generally speaking, smaller LEGO sets tend to have fewer piece counts. These sets are often the most affordable and, in some cases, are intended to be quick-building projects for younger kids. These sets are usually less than 500 pieces.

For older kids and adults, there are more detailed LEGO Marvel Superhero sets with between 1,000-3,000 pieces. These usually have unique bricks and more involved instructions, so it’s no surprise they take longer to assemble.

Types of LEGO Marvel Superhero sets

Recreated scenes

If you have a favorite battle or scene from a Marvel movie, look for LEGO sets that recreate those scenes. These revolve around specific buildings, lairs, or locations and include accessories pertinent to the scene. As Spider-Man frequently hangs out around New York City, his LEGO sets feature tall buildings and bridges.

Ships and vehicles

For those who marvel at ships from the movies, there are LEGO sets featuring these battle-ready vessels. Many of these sets have a variety of movable parts, such as rotating wings or pop-up hatches. Some popular sets feature Captain America’s motorcycles or the ship used by the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Action figures

There are LEGO Marvel Superhero sets that build action figures between 6” and 14” tall. These focused sets typically build a single character and select accessories. Iron Man inspires a number of these sets, as well as villains like Molten Man and Thanos.

Features of LEGO Marvel Superhero sets

Interactive features

The majority of LEGO Marvel Superhero sets have at least one or two interactive features, from simple gears that rotate platforms to complex spring mechanism catapults. Doors and windows are also common, as they allow mini figurines to evacuate ships or seek shelter in hidden places.

Multiple-build projects

While most LEGO Marvel Superhero sets have a singular focus, there are certain sets that build multiple creations. These sets stay true to the character and theme. Generally speaking, though, they can’t be built simultaneously. Rather, when you complete one build, you can disassemble and start all over again for the next project.

Price of LEGO Marvel Superhero sets

Budget-friendly LEGO Marvel Superhero sets cost $50 or less. For a set with a piece count closer to 1,000, expect to spend between $75-$150. If you’re willing to shell out over $250, you’ll find collectible sets with as many as 3,000 pieces.

LEGO Marvel Superhero sets FAQ

Q. Are there any LEGO Marvel Superhero sets geared toward girls?

A. In short, LEGO as well as Marvel has universal appeal to both boys and girls. If you’re looking for a specific superheroine, there are sets that contain their mini figurines and revolve around scenes in which they appear.

Q. How much space do I need to build a large LEGO Marvel Superhero set with over 1,000 pieces?

A. Seek a surface that is available long-term, such as a card table or dining room table. These sets can take several weeks or even months to build, depending on how much time you can dedicate.

LEGO Marvel Superhero sets we recommend

Best of the best

LEGO Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge

Our take: Enjoy over 1,000 pieces in this detailed bridge-building set.

What we like: Hidden compartments, trap doors, and mechanical features. Ideal for a budding architecture enthusiast.

What we dislike: Pricey, involved set that can be a bit overwhelming.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best bang for your buck

LEGO: Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum

Our take: Budget-friendly set that impresses with detail and functions, such as levitation effects.

What we like: Portal beast with moving tentacles and rotating teeth. Three mini figures and broad range of accessories.

What we dislike: Set can be built and completed rather quickly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

LEGO: Infinity War: Thanos Ultimate Battle

Our take: Build the Guardians’ ship and enjoy all its moving parts with this 674-piece set.

What we like: Comes with mini figures of characters featured in Infinity Gauntlet battle. Brightly colored pieces.

What we dislike: Design isn’t as detailed as other Marvel sets.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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