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Best throwing axes 2021

The best throwing axes for 2021

In the last few years, axe throwing has become a popular pastime. It is something you can do casually with your friends or on a date, but if you get serious, you can join a league and start competing.

To become proficient at axe throwing takes a great deal of practice and skill. However, equal importance is that an axe is balanced, easy to handle and the right length. For this article, we've chosen a wide variety of throwing axes to spotlight. 

Best hatchet-throwing axes

These versatile axes are lightweight, thin, have a large cutting edge and are the most common type of axes used for recreational throwing.

Best of the best hatchet-throwing axe

WATL The Bad Axe 

Our take: This axe is not a multipurpose item; it was manufactured explicitly for intermediate to advanced axe throwers.

What we like: This is an official World Axe Throwing League model with a thin profile and extremely sharp blade.

What we dislike: Rarely, an ax with a weaker handle slips through quality control.

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Best bang for your buck hatchet throwing axe

Prandi German Style Hatchet

Our take: A well-balanced, affordable axe that is preferred by members of axe throwing leagues.

What we like: This axe is designed for durability with a carbon steel head and an American hickory handle.

What we dislike: For best results, this model may require some sharpening before use.

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Honorable mention hatchet throwing axe

Cold Steel Throwing Axe 

Our take: If you're looking for a durable, competition axe that isn't too costly, this will be suitable for your needs.

What we like: The rugged design of this axe with its patent-pending locking mechanism makes it a wise choice for beginning throwers.

What we dislike: While this is an excellent axe, it may arrive a little dull and need to be sharpened up before throwing.

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Best tomahawk throwing axes

A tomahawk has a longer handle and a smaller cutting edge than a hatchet. A tomahawk is also commonly used for recreational throwing.

Best of the best tomahawk throwing axe

SOG Tomahawk Throwing Axe (3-Pack) 

Our take: The three lightweight axes in this set are a good option for beginners.

What we like: These throwing axes have a complete tang construction, making them a highly durable option. Purchase includes a protective sheath with a belt loop.

What we dislike: While these tomahawks function well, they are smaller than expected.

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Best bang for your buck tomahawk throwing axe

Estwing Tomahawk Axe

Our take: A well-built and affordable throwing axe that is 16.25 inches long, which means it rotates more slowly, so throwers may need to take a step back.  

What we like: This model is lightweight and balanced with a forged steel construction for durability.

What we dislike: If the sticker on this tomahawk is removed, it invites corrosion.

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Honorable mention tomahawk throwing axe

CRKT Woods Chogan Tomahawk Axe

Our take: This model is slightly over 19 inches long, which could pose a challenge for beginning throwers.

What we like: The smooth handle makes this tomahawk easy to grip while the lightweight design helps battle user fatigue.

What we dislike: Because of its length, this is not the ideal model for throwing. If you like a challenge, this will push you to be better.

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Best one-piece throwing axes

In these particular models, the entire axe, blade and handle, is made from one solid piece of metal. These axes are often the most affordable option.

Best of the best one-piece throwing axe

Snake Eye Throwing Axe (2-Pack) 

Our take: These smaller options are best for a thrower who has a smaller hand.

What we like: Snake Eyes throwing axes are one of the more ruggedly designed throwing axes. They are easy to transport, making them suitable for camping needs as well.

What we dislike: While you get two axes, only one sheath comes with this set.

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Best bang for your buck one-piece throwing axe

Perfect Point Throwing Axe

Our take: This budget-priced throwing axe is best for practicing your throwing mechanics.

What we like: This axe is manufactured using stainless steel with a satin finish. The blade is only 4 millimeters thick and it comes with a nylon sheath for safety.

What we dislike: This axe is not the most durable model on our list, but it does feature a low price.

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Honorable mention one-piece throwing axe

Smith & Wesson Throwing Knives and Axes Combo 

Our take: A versatile set of throwing items that includes three axes and three knives.

What we like: Balanced and sharp, these axes fly straight and true. Additionally, the axes feature three sharpened surfaces for maximum sticking surface.

What we dislike: As with other axes in this category, these are not as durable as higher-priced options.

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Best double bit throwing axes

A double-bit axe has two cutting edges: one for cutting and one for splitting. 

Best of the best double bit throwing axe

Estwing Double Bit Axe 

Our take: This type of axe is best for someone already proficient at throwing hatchets and tomahawks.

What we like: The impressive durability of this model is what gives it the edge needed to attempt using it as a throwing axe.

What we dislike: While these types of axes are not ideally balanced for throwing, you can compensate by adjusting your technique.

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Best bang for your buck double bit throwing axe

Sheffield Side Winder Double Axe 

Our take: This affordable model has a large, curved blade to help with sticking your throw.

What we like: The nylon fiberglass handle helps keep the axe lightweight, while the rugged 3.5-inch stainless steel blade makes it a good value for the price.

What we dislike: This axe is on the longer side, which adds a degree of difficulty when throwing.

Sold by Home Depot

Best toy throwing axe sets

If you'd like a safer, kid-friendly way to play, these foam throwing sets are something you can enjoy with the whole family.

Best of the best toy throwing axe sets

HEMRLY Foam Axe Throwing Set 

Our take: A comprehensive set that includes three axes, three throwing stars and a target.

What we like: The blunt, lightweight throwing objects and the bristled board make this a set that can be played indoors by the whole family.

What we dislike: While this is a fun family game, you must take care because it is not a ruggedly designed set.

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Best bang for your buck toy throwing axe sets

Zing Zax Foam Axe Throwing Game 

Our take: This safe version of axe throwing employs soft foam suction cups for sticking power.

What we like: This game is affordable, fun and safe. While it comes with a target, the suction cups stick to several items, so gameplay is adaptable.

What we dislike: The axes have to hit just right, or they do not stick.

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