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Best putting mat

Which putting mat is best?

The putt is one of the trickiest and most important strokes in the entire game of golf. Sure, you need to be able to get your golf ball to the green itself, but that usually boils down to hitting it very hard and as straight or hooked as needed and through the air to boot. A putt has to take into account the shape of the ground, the water concentration of the grass and any other number of complicating factors.

The best putting mat to practice your short game so it’s ready for the big leagues is the Shaun Webb Golf Putting Green. Not only is it more affordable than many top-of-the-line putting mats, but it also has plenty of space to practice longer putts and has multiple holes for honing your precision.

What to know before you buy a putting mat

Coverage size

The most important aspect to consider before purchasing a putting mat is where exactly you plan on placing it. If you have a limited amount of space, you should purchase a smaller putting mat so it actually fits. You should also consider where you want to store it and how it folds away when not in use.

Mat markings

Mat markings are especially helpful for those learning the basic arts of the putting stroke and for those who generally have a rough short game. There are markings that provide a clear line to the hole or perhaps grid lines for assisting in spatial reasoning. If you prefer not to have any markings at all, there are plenty of putting mats without markings as well.

What to look for in a quality putting mat

Ball speed

Some putting mats have something called a stimp rating, which is a measurement of how fast a golf ball will roll on the surface of the mat. Real golf courses have stimp ratings for their various greens, so if you’re trying to improve your short game for a specific course, you can match up your putting mat to your local course’s greens.

Varying breaks

If you have an excellent short game on perfectly straight greens but struggle once uneven surfaces rear their ugly heads, you can purchase a putting mat with uphill and/or downhill breaks to get a feel for those course conditions.

Multiple holes

If you’re someone who detests doing the same things over and over again with no variation, you can purchase a putting mat with multiple holes to break up the repetition and give yourself some extra challenges.

Ball return

Some putting mats have methods of returning your ball to you to expedite setting up for your next stroke. Most will only kick the ball back to you if you get it in the hole, so practice, practice, practice!


If you want to take a putting mat with you to the office or on vacation, you’ll need one that’s easy to roll up. Seek out a high-quality mat so that repeated rolling won’t damage any part of its construction.

How much you can expect to spend on a putting mat

While you can find inexpensive putting mats for less than $30, you’ll probably want to spend at least $80 to ensure a quality and long-lasting putting mat. There are even putting mats that can reach upwards of $250. For a more detailed breakdown of putting mat price and quality ranges, you can visit the putting mat buying guide from BestReviews.

Putting mat FAQ

How do putting mats compare to the actual conditions of a real grass green on a course?

A. That depends on the putting mat, but most manufacturers try to get as close to real-world course conditions as they can. You won’t be able to practice things like a green logged with water and dew, but you can rest assured that your putting mat practice will be valid when used on a real grass green.

Can you use a putting mat anywhere you want?

A. Some putting mats are designed to be used indoors and outside, but you’ll find just as many that should only be used inside. Pro tip: place your putting mats on flat, firm flooring like tile and concrete; surfaces like plush carpeting can create an inconsistent put.

What’s the best putting mat to buy?

Top putting mat

Shaun Webb Golf Putting Green

What you need to know: There are plenty of different practicing options with this top pick putting mat.

What you’ll love: This putting mat is more affordable than many other mats.

What you should consider: The foam can tear in enough time and there’s a bump on the incline that can be difficult to get rid of.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top putting mat for the money

Putt-a-Bout Golf Putting Mat

What you need to know: There’s no need to walk back and forth with this mat; you can place holes at each end.

What you’ll love: This 11-foot-long mat allows you to practice plenty of different putting techniques.

What you should consider: This mat tends to wear down faster than most would like.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

MESIXI Indoor/Outdoor Putting Mat

What you need to know: The balls come straight back to you with an automatic return so you can focus on your putting game.

What you’ll love: This mat comes with three bonus balls, so you don’t have to invest in extras.

What you should consider: The holes of this putting mat are smaller than standard, which can be better for developing aim but can be frustrating.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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