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The best golf cart battery charger

Which golf cart battery charger is best?

You’ll find quite a few different uses for golf carts. Whether you live on some sizable acreage, have a sprawling business property, or just like to golf, you may have a need for a golf cart.

The key to keeping your electric golf cart in tip-top condition is its battery. And to keep the battery from dying, you need a high-quality golf cart battery charger.

Our favorite golf cart battery charger is the Accusense Charge Series 36V Battery Charger. It’s easy to use, and it works with many different golf cart models. (There’s also a 48V model available.) Keep reading for tips on choosing the golf cart battery charger that’s right for you.

Considerations when choosing golf cart battery chargers

When shopping for a battery charger for your golf cart, you need to match the voltage of its battery system. You’ll have either a 36V or a 48V system inside your golf cart.

If you don’t know the voltage in your golf cart battery system, you can figure it out quickly. Calculate the number of batteries in the system. Then count the number of holes in all of the batteries. Multiply the two together, and then multiply that number by two. (You should end up with 36 or 48.)

Another important consideration is the type of charging plug used on the charger. (This is a different plug from the one that you’ll connect to the wall outlet.) It needs to match the receptor on the golf cart battery system. Golf cart plug heads can have two or three prongs. These heads can be shaped differently, too.

Golf cart battery charger features

Once you’ve worked through the items we listed above to find the exact chargers you can use with your cart, you can focus on the features. They will help you choose a charger that simplifies the process of keeping your golf cart in top running condition.


Golf cart battery chargers that can deliver a high level of amps will charge the battery system faster than one with a low level of amps. If your charger only can deliver five to eight amps, it may require several hours to fully charge the golf cart. High end golf cart battery chargers will deliver 12 to 18 amps, which reduces charging time to a few hours.


Certain models of chargers will have an LCD screen that alerts you to the progress of the charging process. Other models will use indicator lights to let you know the charging status and alert you to any errors. Some older models may use a gauge with an arrow to show you the charging status.

Cord length

With longer cords, you can use the battery charger in a variety of different locations. The charger will have an electrical cord that plugs into a wall outlet and a charging cord that connects to the battery. If the cords are short, you will need to move the charger closer to the golf cart and use an extension cord.


If you must carry the charger to different locations, you will want a lightweight unit. Heavy chargers will be difficult to move easily.

Golf cart battery charger prices

The least expensive golf cart battery chargers start at about $75, but they will run slowly. For a faster charging process, you will want to spend between $175-$400.

Golf cart battery charger FAQ

Q. How do I create a faster battery charge?

A. Select a golf cart battery charger that can deliver a large number of amps for a fast charge. A new battery system will charge faster than an old battery system.

Q. Why can’t I just use jumper cables to charge my golf cart battery?

A. A golf cart battery system operates far differently from an automobile battery. Attempting to jump start the golf cart will greatly shorten the life of the battery system or could cause it to burn out and fail.

Golf cart battery chargers we recommend

Best of the best

Accusense Charge Series 36V Battery Charger

Our take: Easy to use and delivers the high level of performance that you expect.

What we like: Has a collection of safeguards to prevent overcharging problems. All parts are clearly labeled, which simplifies usage.

What we dislike: Unit is a little heavy, so you don’t want to have to carry it too far.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best bang for your buck

Golf Cart King MODZ Max36 Battery Charger

Our take: For the price, this one offers a good mixture of charging power and portability in one 36V charging unit.

What we like: Unit has plenty of indicator lights, so you can understand what’s happening. Will shut off automatically to prevent overcharging.

What we dislike: Compatibility limited to golf cart models with a D-style plug.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Courkay 48V Battery Charger

Our take: Good price for a long-lasting charger that includes advanced features like trickle mode and overcharging prevention.

What we like: Airflow through the unit is excellent, keeping the charger cool. Charger is lightweight and portable.

What we dislike: Limited to certain golf cart brands, such as EZ-GO.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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