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The best Callaway iron

Which Callaway irons are best?

Callaway is one of the strongest and most respected brand names in golf despite only existing for roughly 40 years. To put that in perspective, golf has been recognized as a sport for almost 300 years. Even better, Callaway isn’t only for the pros; it also makes excellent entry-level irons.

The best Callaway irons is the set for the professionals: the Callaway Apex Pro Set. These irons are designed to enhance and stabilize performances already set by experience, so if you’re new to the sport, this probably isn’t the right set for you.

What to know before you buy a Callaway iron


Irons deliver higher precision at the expense of distance (the reverse of what woods achieve). Irons accomplish this by utilizing clubheads with large, flat faces at an angle that send the golf ball into a high loft.

Originally, they were made from iron, which gave them their name. These days, however, “irons” are usually made from zinc, titanium, stainless steel and various other metals.

Clubhead designs

Cavity back: A cavity back has a hollowed-out area on the back of the clubhead. The hollowed-out design gives the edge of the clubhead more weight. The effect of this is twofold: It makes it easier to keep the iron on a straighter swinging path, and it helps keep the trajectory of the golf ball more narrow. For these reasons, cavity-back irons are intended for new and learning golfers.

Muscle back: Also sometimes called a blade iron, there is no cavity in this clubhead; it’s a solid chunk of material. The evenly distributed weight along the clubhead gives the experienced golfer an opportunity to greater control both the spin of the golf ball and its overall trajectory. A novice golfer using this clubhead style could quickly grow frustrated.

What to look for in a quality Callaway iron


There are two areas of importance when discussing the shaft of an iron: the length and the material.

Length: The length of the shaft affects two elements of your swing: its speed and the resulting control of the golf ball. The shorter the shaft of your iron, the less speed you can generate in your swing but the more control you have over your golf ball’s trajectory.

Material: The construction of the shaft of an iron is typically made from steel, graphite or a combination of the two. Steel shafts are better for novice golfers as they have very limited flex and give you less overall speed, which makes them easier to control. Graphite shafts are very lightweight and allow a more experienced golfer to generate the extra speed and precision they need to reduce their stroke counts. Different combinations of these materials allow for personal preference on the flexibility of the iron.


Every clubface has grooves in them, which serve to pull dirt and water away from the surface to give you a cleaner contact with your golf ball. This gives you more control over the shot, so keep those grooves clean.

Loft angle

Each iron has a different angle of its clubface, which is the driving force behind that iron’s lofting ability and maximum distance. Sharper angles loft the golf ball the highest while sending the golf ball the shortest distance.

How much you can expect to spend on a Callaway iron

Golfing is not a low-cost sport, and the cost of Callaway irons reflects that. An entry-level/low-quality Callaway iron is available for less than $100 but if you’re serious about the sport, expect to spend around $200 per iron. Keep in mind that a complete set of irons generally runs between $500-$1,000. For more information, check out the Callaway iron buying guide from BestReviews.

Callaway iron FAQ

Do Callaway irons maintain their value?

A: Yes. Many golfers purchase used Callaway irons for not much less than they would pay for them new. This also means you can get a great deal of your money back if you decide to look for a different iron and sell the old ones.

How long does a Callaway iron tend to last?

A: Most golfers get a minimum of five years of excellent performance out of their Callaway irons. That said, if you properly care for them, they could last you for at least a decade if not longer.

What’s the best Callaway iron to buy?

Top Callaway iron

Callaway Apex Pro

What you need to know: Purchase this set if you want the best; there just isn’t a better set of irons Callaway offers.

What you’ll love: The sound of the tungsten head on an excellent stroke is fantastic.

What you should consider: This is not an iron set for the newly initiated, so stay clear unless you really know how to golf.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

Top Callaway iron for the money

Callaway 2018 Rogue Iron

What you need to know: These individually sold irons are available at great prices without sacrificing performance.

What you’ll love: If you’re looking for an iron between sizes 3 and 9, this line of Callaway irons has you covered.

What you should consider: This iron limits your achievable distance.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

Worth checking out

Callaway Big Bertha OS Iron

What you need to know: The latest model in the Big Bertha line of Callaways, this iron is all about maximum performance.

What you’ll love: A consistent swing is easy to achieve with this iron without sacrificing distance.

What you should consider: This iron is best for those with low handicaps.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

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