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Best disc golf bags

Which disc golf bag is the best?

Disc golf is a great way to get active, have fun and spend time outside. Unlike regular golf, most disc golf courses are free to use without a membership. All you need to play are discs and a bag to carry them.

If you’re in the market for a new disc golf bag, there are several things you’ll need to take into account, such as size, comfort and durability. By taking the time to review the most popular models, you’ll be able to pick the bag that’s right for you easily.

What to know before you buy a disc golf bag

How many discs will you carry?

Knowing how many discs you intend to carry is the most crucial factor in deciding which disc golf bag to buy. For many players, their collection of putters, drivers and mid-range discs grows substantially over time, and they want to carry their entire collection with them on the course. If you have an extensive collection of discs, you may want to consider a bag that you can carry — like a backpack or one with wheels.

If you plan to carry just a few discs, a smaller, over-the-shoulder bag is a more affordable option.

How much does your bag weigh?

Depending on how many discs you intend to carry, your bag can get pretty heavy when fully loaded. With that in mind, you’ll want to ensure that you get a bag that is lightweight to begin with. If your bag is too heavy for you to carry easily, you might run out of steam before you’re done playing, especially if you intend to throw a full 18 holes.

What else will you carry with you?

Most disc golf bags have a cup holder on their side, a helpful feature to stay hydrated while outside. Some bags have convenient loops that allow you to clip on a towel to dry your hands while playing. If your hands tend to sweat while you play, you may want to consider a disc golf bag with a chalk bag to improve your grip.

What to look for in a quality disc golf bag


When playing disc golf, you’ll set your bag down on dirt, grass and concrete, which can wear down weak materials. Some bags are waterproof, extending the bag’s life if you often play on wet or dewy grass. The bag’s strap needs to be durable enough to consistently handle the weight of your discs as well — especially if you carry a lot of them with you.


You must get a bag that doesn’t hurt your back while in use. Many bags have padded shoulder straps and designs meant to distribute the weight of your discs evenly. Some bags have a backpack-like design for added comfort and support, and others even have wheels that allow you to pull the bag behind you. Be sure to avoid overloading any bag with more discs than you can comfortably carry.

Stylish design

In the past, disc golf bags all had the same neutral aesthetic, but nowadays, there are a range of unique options and styles to choose from, including sling bags that can fit a large number of discs while staying slim. Some bags also have unique patterns and designs for added flare. There are plenty of options available to suit any style. 

How much you can expect to spend on a disc golf bag

A simple bag that can carry 10-15 discs can cost as little as $15. On the other hand, bags with backpack straps or wheels made to carry 30 discs or more can cost over $100.

Disc golf bag FAQ

What do you need to pack in your disc golf bag?

A. You’ll want to at least have a putter, driver and mid-range disc in your bag. It’s a good idea to pack water, sunscreen, a snack and a towel.

Do they make disc golf bags for kids?

A. Although there aren’t many bags designed specifically for children, most small disc golf bags can be comfortably used by kids as long as you keep them lightweight.

What’s the best disc golf bag to buy?

Top disc golf bag

Dynamic Discs Trooper Disc Golf Backpack

What you need to know: This comfortable bag has two large compartments that fit over 20 discs and several others that you can use for your wallet, keys and more.

What you’ll love: This model includes a limited lifetime warranty that covers any material flaws or defects. Although it isn’t its intended use, many users found that the top compartment is great for keeping drinks cold. This bag is also quite affordable, considering its durability and features.

What you should consider: The zippers tend to get stuck.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best beginner disc golf bag

Dynamic Discs Cadet Disc Golf Bag

What you need to know: Dynamic Discs makes an affordable, comfortable bag that can hold up to 12 discs at a time.

What you’ll love: This bag includes a cup holder and a pocket for your valuables. This is a very durable bag at a low price point. The convenient putter pocket is perfect for quickly accessing one or two of your favorite putters.

What you should consider: Some users felt the bag’s cup holder is too small.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Innova Adventure Pack Backpack

What you need to know: This model is a lightweight, stylish bag made by a trusted disc golf equipment brand.

What you’ll love: This comfortable backpack-style bag can fit up to 25 discs. The shoulder straps are supportive and comfortable, even when the bag is packed full of discs. 

What you should consider: The clasps that hold the straps are not as durable as the rest of the pack.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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