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The best cat allergy medication

Which cat allergy medications are best?

Allergies aren’t restricted to humans — your cat can suffer from allergies as well. Sometimes these symptoms are easy to recognize, and other times they’re harder to spot or are misdiagnosed, but once you know what to look for, you can make sure to get your pet the proper treatment. 

You have a lot of options when purchasing cat allergy medication, but one excellent choice is Atopica Oral Solution for Cats.

What to know before you buy cat allergy medication

What causes cat allergies?

There are multiple types of allergies your cat can suffer from. You first want to figure out the cause so your pet can be properly treated.

  • Food allergies: These are not extremely common in cats, but it's usually recommended to do an elimination diet. If you find the culprit, no further medication is required. 
  • Contact allergies: These are allergies caused by substances that your cat comes in contact with and can show up as skin irritations. These substances can include cat litter, flea medication or certain fabrics. If you’re unable to find or remove the source of the allergy, feline allergy medication is a good option.
  • Inhalant allergies: This is a more common cat allergy and stems from something your cat breathes in, such as grass, pollen, flowers, smoke, mold or cleaning products. This can result in sneezing, coughing and itching. Allergy medications are recommended if the source can’t be found, and seasonal allergies could require long-term allergy medication.

Drug interactions

Make sure you consult your vet before giving your pet any allergy meds, as negative interactions could occur with medications, supplements or vitamins. 

What if my cat allergy medication isn’t working?

Just as with humans, not every medication is going to have the optimal results for your cat, but don't give up hope. You may need to work with your vet and try different products and treatments before you can alleviate your cat's symptoms.

What to look for in a quality cat allergy medication

Pills vs. liquid cat allergy medication

Cat allergy medication typically comes in tablet, capsule or liquid form that can either be mixed in with your cat’s food or squirted into their mouth with a syringe. 

Cat allergy medication fillers

You never want to make the problem worse, so make sure the medication you purchase doesn’t contain any fillers or binders your cat might be allergic to. 

How many doses come in cat allergy medication?

Some medications allow you to determine the exact quantity, and others are only available in a pack with a certain number of pills or doses. 

How much you can expect to spend on cat allergy medication

Cat allergy medication can range from $0.10-$4 per dose. The total cost for medication for your cat depends on the amount of medication they need and how long they’ll be on it. There are many safe and reputable medications if you’re shopping on a budget.

Cat allergy medication FAQ 

How do I know if my cat has an allergy that needs medication?

A. Some signs and symptoms of a cat allergy are similar to an allergy in humans, such as sneezing, coughing, wheezing and runny eyes. However, others are more specific to cats and harder to identify like itching, paw chewing and excessive grooming. If your cat is showing any of these symptoms, you should bring your pet to the vet.

How do I get my cat allergy medication? 

A. While many allergy medications for humans can be picked up over the counter, cats require a prescription from a vet. Veterinary practices can provide the prescription, but this tends to be more costly than using the prescription to purchase the medication online from a reputable seller.

Can I give my cat a human allergy medication? 

A. You should not give your cat human allergy medication unless told to by a vet. Misuse of allergy medication or the wrong dosage could be harmful to your cat.

What’s the best cat allergy medication to buy?

Top cat allergy medication

Atopica Oral Solution for Cats

What you need to know: This clinically proven liquid formula is used to treat allergic dermatitis and can provide short- or long-term relief without needing to use steroids.

What you’ll love: This allergy medication targets the root of the problem that causes red, scaly and itchy skin. It offers relief, so your pet will no longer scratch, rub and lick. Many cat owners say their pet shows signs of relief in 1 day.

What you should consider: This medication should not be used with other immunosuppressive agents. Customers have found it difficult to get their cat to swallow the liquid.

Where to buy: Sold by Chewy and PetSmart

Top cat allergy medication for the money

Chlorpheniramine Maleate Tablets

What you need to know: This oral tablet medication is prescribed to manage allergy symptoms, such as sneezing, itchy throat, itchy eyes and other skin reactions. It can offer relief within just 1 hour.

What you’ll love: This tiny miracle pill is easy to get your feisty cat to swallow and offers almost immediate relief to a multitude of allergy symptoms. The low cost of this medication makes it a great option for long-term care without breaking the bank.

What you should consider: This medication is FDA approved for humans but is often used by vets for animal allergies. This medication should not be used on pregnant or lactating animals, or animals with urinary, stomach or intestinal obstructions, high blood pressure or hyperthyroidism.

Where to buy: Sold by Chewy

Worth checking out

Prednisolone Oral Solution

What you need to know: This adrenocortical steroid medication is used for multiple issues for cats, including severe allergy problems, and comes in an easy-to-dispense liquid form.

What you’ll love: This treatment is a great solution for cats with severe allergies and who were not able to find relief from other products. This medication is used for many conditions that cause swelling in the body and can ease multiple ailments.

What you should consider: This medication is flavored cherry or raspberry, which is not always well-liked by cats. 

Where to buy: Sold by Chewy and Amazon

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