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Which dog travel bowl should I get?

Choosing the right travel bowl for your dog

Sometimes getting a pet out the door can be a production. In addition to an overexcited pup dancing around your feet, you have to remember leashes, harnesses, poop bags, food, water and something from which your dog can eat or drink. That's where travel bowls come in. You want them to be easy to transport, compact and sturdy enough that they don't leak. 

How big is your dog? 

It’s essential to consider the size and number of dogs you’ll be nourishing with these bowls. A 20-pound dog needs about 2 cups of water per day. A 50-pound dog needs a little over 5 cups. Make sure you are getting a bowl that will suit your dog’s needs based on the dog’s size and how long they’ll use the travel bowl. 

Will you be using it primarily for food or water?

Short trips require water, but longer trips may demand both food and water for your pup. Collapsible bowls are relatively versatile and used for either food or drink, while bottle/bowl designs are structured exclusively for water. 

Collapsible bowls 

Prima Pets Collapsible Travel Bowl with Carabiner

This lightweight silicone bowl comes in two different sizes, one which holds 1.5 cups and another holds 5 cups. It also features a carrying clip and comes in a variety of colors. You can wash it on the top rack of the dishwasher.

Sold by Amazon and Chewy

Ruffwear Bivy Dog Bowl

This is a big bowl for big dogs that holds up to 7 cups of food or water. The lightweight bowl won't fall over easily, and it even features a reflective strip around the edge for better visibility as it gets dark outside. However, this bowl is a little on the pricier side and hand-wash only.

Sold by Amazon

Bonza Large Collapsible Dog Bowl

This is a tear-resistant dishwasher-safe travel bowl available in large (5 cups) and extra-large (6.8 cups). It's very sturdy and works well for large dogs.

Sold by Amazon

Outward Hound Port-A-Bowl Pet Bowl

A durable, foldable nylon bowl that holds 6 cups. It is not designed for extended use but just for water breaks a few minutes at a time. It is hand-wash only but dries fast.

Sold by Amazon

Bottle water bowls

Highwave AutoDogMug Portable Dog Water Bottle & Bowl

A BPA-free 2.5 cup water bottle/bowl combo where all you have to do is squeeze the water up from the bottle into the bowl attached at the top. It's dishwasher safe and can be attached to a belt or backpack for easy transport.

Sold by Amazon and Chewy

lesotc Pet Water Bottle for Dogs

This BPA-free bowl/bottle combo holds a little over 2 cups of water and comes in a few different colors. It's small and compact but make sure you screw the top correctly, so it doesn’t leak.

Sold by Amazon

KONG H2O Stainless Steel Dog Water Bottle

A stainless steel bottle with a plastic bowl that also serves as the lid, this bottle is very compact, but that also makes it pretty small. It holds a little over a cup of water and is best suited for smaller dogs.

Sold by Amazon and Chewy

PETKIT Dog Water Bottle with Filter

Available in several colors, this travel water dispenser filters the water you put inside it. The bottle holds 1.75 cups of water at a time. You should change the filter every 2-6 months.

Sold by Amazon

Food/water combo sets

Awakelion Collapsible Portable Travel Dog Bowl Kit for Food and Water

The great thing about this set is that it comes with two collapsible canvas bowls that can hold up to 8 cups of food or water. The set also comes with a canvas pouch to keep up to 25 cups of food stored away. It’s a durable set great for the outdoors.

Sold by Amazon

Gamma2 Travel-tainer Complete Dog & Cat Feeding System

This compact, airtight container set holds about 8 cups of food and features two blue plastic bowls. Best for smaller dogs, this unit is conveniently priced. However, users should be aware that it is hand-wash only.

Sold by Amazon and Chewy

COMSUN Collapsible Dog Bowl (Set of 2)

This is an affordable set of two collapsible silicone bowls in green and blue that work nicely for smaller dogs. Each bowl holds 1.5 cups. Some users have put it in the dishwasher, but the manufacturer does not list the set as being dishwasher safe. This option does not include food storage.

Sold by Amazon

Healthy Human Portable Dog & Pet Travel Bowls with Lid

These bowls come in sets of two, three or four bowls and three different colors. The bowls themselves are stainless steel. The water bowl holds 2 cups and includes a lid that vacuum-seals shut. All additional bowls hold 2.5 cups of dry food. Each bowl is dishwasher safe.

Sold by Amazon

Full travel and dining sets for dogs  

PetAmi Dog Travel Bag

Functional for airline travel and beyond, this set comes with plenty. The polyester tote organizer is available in two sizes and nine different colors and includes two food container storage bags, two collapsible silicone bowls, plus additional space and storage for any dog toys you might want to bring along.

Sold by Amazon

Overland Dog Gear 7-Piece Dine Away Bag in Black

This set is great for big dogs. It comes with two food carriers with 15 cups plus two collapsible 5 cup bowls, a feeding mat, a food scooper and a pouch to pack it all away in. It's very durable and functional for activities like camping.

Sold by Bed Bath and Beyond

Top Dog Travel Bag in Gray

This is an airline-approved travel bag that includes two collapsible 8 cup silicone bowls that are dishwasher safe and two food storage containers that can hold up to 13 cups of food each. There's a water bottle holder on the side of the bag, though the water bottle itself is not included. There's also a zip-up storage section to tuck away grooming or care extras.

Sold by Amazon


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